Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Pattern Emerges

To those who might question the relevance of two year old Internet posts from ‘’ to Darp’s recent case of solicitation to murder, old Victor must stress the importance of establishing a character profile.

In the case of Darp there is ample evidence to prove a lengthy track record of Darp as the agent provocateur, consistently instigating third party intervention in his (perceived) conflicts with others.

The actions of this profoundly disturbed individual must not be judged in isolation but instead viewed within the wider context of a lengthy career of incitement and provocation. This was no accidental “slip of the tongue”, a “momentary lapse of reason” or “tongue in cheek” joke. This was deadly serious and coolly calculated stuff. Ultimately though, whether or not this can be attributed to long term, serious underlying psychological problems will be for the courts to determine.

There was also his immediate resort to involving the CFMEU in his personal campaign to crush the Patriotic Youth League when they were unfortunate enough to put posters up in “his” neighbourhood. So we had the shameful situation of Trade Unionist thugs “roaming the streets at night with their lumber jackets and Eureka Flag belt buckles” hunting for young teenagers to bash for their supposed misuse of the Eureka Flag.

There are innumerable examples available on the record if one has the patience to trawl through the tedious and turgid ramblings of the idiot called Darp which prove conclusively and incontrovertibly that he is a rabble rousing, shit stirring, provocateur extraordinaire with a peculiar specialty in the field of bully baiting or getting thugs to do his bidding.

The following extract displays perfectly his peculiar specialty as dobber and provoker as he (unsuccessfully this time) attempts to incite the bashing of a lone White man by a group of (his homoerotic heroes) Pacific Islanders. Always the sneaky little dobbing coward, whispering in the ears of the bullies to fool them into doing his dirty work for him. So when the deed is done he can hold his hands up and innocently proclaim “It wasn’t ME! I merely pointed them in the right direction.”

From Thursday 23rd September 2004:

“There used to be a poster advertising the Goodwill Games in the men’s changeroom. Apparently BB produced an artline from his bag and drew a target over Aboriginal sprinter Patrick Johnson’s head and wrote a few unsavoury comments alongside. He likewise tagged up an Everlast ad which featured Sugar Ray Robinson lying flat on the canvass. Bill wrote “black cunt knocked out suck shit”.
Ray Leonard, Ray Robinson or Shane Mosley no one fucks with my sugar and gets away with it.I reported this act of vandalism to the big Islander boys who took it upon themselves to quietly inform Buffalo Bill that his opinions on dark skinned folk are best kept to himself unless he wanted to be in a position where he’d be legitimately able to procure steroids. In other words, they’d cut his nuts off.
Bill must have been tapering off a gear cycle because he didn’t react as I thought he would, by going buck wild and trying to take on the combined might of NZ, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. He put on a blank face and declared his innocence of any acts of racial vandalism.I had a chat to Sonny my Samoan mate in the car park afterwards. This guy is CFMEU and has told me a few stories of being called out to deal with white supremacist groups who dared use the Eureka flag as a part of their propaganda.”

All the way up to the current outrage where he attempted several times to goad “Daphne” to murder two high profile White Nationalists with a military assault weapon!


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