Friday, June 02, 2006

Smells like...

Nup! Sorry Darpy boy.

No second prizes.

You're BUSTED!!!


From the FDB Forum:

Darp Hau


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Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia. Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:23 am Post subject:

It's just Kromlek spouting his usual crap.

Apparently by highlighting the hypocrisy of someone who would prefer to threaten non-Zionist Jewish housewives for daring to partner up with the Aussie Chomsky (Loewenstein), I am soliciting the murder of neo-Nazis by (tongue-in-cheek) suggesting this person should campaign against them instead.

Darp, the gutless worm, will wriggle and writhe for all he’s worth but THIS time he is going to be squashed. “Campaign against”??? my White Irish arse! Darp was literally flogging his tossle at the mere thought of “Daphne”, or any other Left Wing lunatic for that matter, killing Thompson and/or Hodges whilst leaving HIS hands uncontaminated with their blood.

The most sickening thing about Darp’s choice for FDB approved 'targets’ is that they are ALL family Men with wives and three or more children living under their roofs. Any gutless Lefty Anarchist attack on Kromlek, Stug, Thompson, Hodges etc would also almost certainly result in “collateral damage”!!!

Yeah! It’s quite okay for Darp and ‘Thirty something’ cronies to incite violence against decent law abiding family Men while THEY’RE still dossed down at mum’s place, smokin’ spliffs and collecting welfare benefits. Beneath contempt is barely adequate to describe this slime. We've all scraped better from the soles of our boots.

Darp’s posts read as they READ and they are what they ARE. A stupid act of gross culpability at the very LEAST but with any fair and reasonable analysis of the facts, a clear cut case of INCITEMENT TO MURDER!!!

Oh yeah! It was all just “tongue in cheek” eh? Just more of the standard issue “argie bargie” eh?


Even IF the Zionist extremist “Daphne” WAS “only joking” (which has certainly not been conclusively established) DARP could not possibly have known at the time of his inflammatory and inciting statements whether or not this was the case.

To then proceed to goad and tease “Daphne” to PROVE his/her/its hardcore political activist bona fides by taking up a challenge and attack two individuals whose full names and details were then provided is a loathsome act of cowardice and spite, the likes of which is TOTALLY unprecedented to date in this ongoing conflict between the FDB criminals and the White Nationalists.

Also, who is to say, leaving “Daphne” aside for a moment, what OTHER Left Wing Lunatics might have been inspired to commit violence following Darp’s emotive and rabble rousing diatribes.

NO, this is the end of the road for Darpy boy. He's had a pretty good run but now it's GAME OVER!


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