Thursday, June 08, 2006

The trouble with Darp

I think it’s fair to claim that Old Victor’s stumbled quite accidentally upon the key to Darp’s sociopathic tendencies and the root cause behind his relentless pursuit of anyone with White Nationalist sentiments. We already established long ago that he is genetically challenged (he even alludes to this himself) but now the other pieces of the jigsaw are falling in to place.

It also makes sense now why his main Australian political hero is/was Mark Latham. He can genuinely identify with Latham and his problems. Both have “issues” in Spades. Darp, like his hero, has severe anger management problems and suffers from uncontrollable fits of rage. But more importantly these posts reveal he has simplistically interpreted any activity “on HIS turf” (which now extends beyond Eastwood to encompass Australasia, no less) subsequent to these “incidents” as personal affronts.

This explains his vendetta-like pursuit, stalking and harassment of the PYL lads and then on to the ANFY, the NZNF, the WPCA and the Australia First party. This entire affair of the past couple of years was triggered that night, developing into a very personal crusade, when after years of being a total social misfit, he (in his own tiny mind) validated his own existence by anointing himself the Multi-Cult Grand Inquisitor of Eastwood.

His opening statement is unambiguous:

“I am ready to fucking kill.”

Here he openly admits his anger is uncontrollable and he is basically capable of anything.

“I did snap and god knows what I would have done to any of those pricks if they’d been on foot.”

He even has a slight Freudian slip here and admits, after fantasising about breaking bones, to the genetic imperative underlying his erratic and violent behaviour.

“I would have broken eye-sockets, rib cages, kneecaps and then some, such was my rabid bloodlust. When these genetic “Incredible Hulk” rages subside I usually find myself curled up in a ball crying my eyes out, such is in the intensity of emotion and the somewhat legitimate fear that one day, I may not be able to control it. And bawl my eyes out I did.”

So there you have it folks, a creature who is so consumed by his uncontrollable “genetic” urges of hatred and violence that if he can’t break someone’s bones he is reduced to a blubbering mess in a foetal position! Yes, Darp is a tormented entity who, if he were a Dog, one would declare him a mad mongrel and have him put down. Sad but true.

These are truly devastating confessions and most people would probably die of embarrassment upon their exposure but don’t expect anything more than supreme arrogance and more bluff and bluster. Darp is way beyond embarrassment. He truly believes himself infallible.

The most telling statement is his admission that, shortly following his so-called “berserker rage”, he came face to face with one of the suspects. Darp made a wise decision, when faced with a REAL knuckle merchant, that discretion was indeed the better part of valour
“the party offsider guy had a real “thug for hire” air about him, I backed off and let them cycle away.”

SURE you did Darp, SURE you did. You “LET” them cycle away.

You see, like all bullies, Darp was perfectly happy to bash some geeky looking, pencil-necked kids on pushbikes but when confronted with someone who looked like he might actually put up a decent fight, Darp wet his pants in fright and retreated like the gutless blowhard he really is.

Result? He went home and cried his eyes out in his shame and humiliation at the realisation that when the moment of truth had arrived and he had the opportunity to fight his most hated enemy (read: anyone who doesn’t unconditionally love Multiculturalism) he had backed down. Oh that must have burned. Imagine the self-loathing he must have felt. No wonder he cracked up.


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