Saturday, June 10, 2006

Utility Nation?

The “Kennards Hire” thread over on the FDB Forum has revealed much more about the average FDB'ers mindset and politics than might have initially been expected. When faced with the arguments of people from the so-called “Ute Driving, Rodeo, Redneck” scene, most of whom explode the myth of them all being knuckle dragging morons by being able to string a few (albeit poorly spelt) sentences together, the FDB’ers expose the weakness of their own politics.

These “Ute” people are like any other of a special interest group in that their loyalty and feelings of identity focus firstly and foremost on those within their own sub-group. Then, as their chosen lifestyle reflects what many perceive as essentially “Aussie”, their ultimate loyalty is to the perpetuation of the values of the wider but traditional Australian community, regardless of whether they are White Europeans or not.

Let’s face it, Arabs seem to have a fetish for Subaru WRX’s and Mazda Rotaries, Asians seem to gravitate toward Honda Civics and other fast Jap cars. If these predominantly White Aussies want to drive Utes then that is THEIR business. Old Victor has personally witnessed cars driven by Arabs with gigantic logos painted on their cars with messages such as “Leb Power”, “One Hundred Percent Arab”, “Jihad!” and even “Powered by Allah!”

So where are FDB, the ever vigilant arbiters of social standards, when THESE clowns drive about with such provocative statements? For FDB there is simply no escaping their hypocrisy. They are all as phoney as three Dollar notes.

These Blokes (and Sheilas) don’t (seem to) have any problem with Chinese or Black “Cowboys” because it’s essentially the LIFESTYLE they are enthusiastic about and NOT the Racial aspect. It’s not a consciously contrived thing that ninety percent of them just happen to be White.

This sets them light years apart from the FDB Anarcho-Internationalists with their Hare brained, Utopian Global Village, One People, One World Government, blended Brown Rainbow, no borders, ship the so-called Refugees in by the boatload, mentality.

It also exposes the intrinsic flaccidity of their insipid political credo and how easily and swiftly it alienates anyone who doesn’t unconditionally embrace, with meekly myopic acceptance, the Multiculturalism Industry’s twisted dream of an Anarchic melting pot.

Essentially these “Ute” people are Non Racially conscious “integrationists” and most reasonable people would not see this stance as particularly confrontational or offensive but the FDB’ers reveal their true agenda by attacking them with as much vigour as they would a Nazi or a Klansman.

It also gives the lie to FDB’s claim that their views are consistent with the general Australian population. You see it’s not enough to be “Non Racist” or even, in principle, Pro-Multicultural. To avoid the wrath of FDB one must also be Pro-(so called) Refugee, Pro-Open Borders, Pro-A Multilingual Australia, Pro-Guilt, Pro-Sorry, Anti-Howard, Anti-Conservative and most importantly of all Anti-White.

The ultimate irony of course is that this was a golden opportunity for FDB to ply their propaganda on a more (excuse the pun) middle of the road group and come to some sort of compromise with these “Rednecks” who are clearly NOT so-called “Racists”. But this is simply not in the nature of a group of misfits who define themselves by what they are AGAINST rather than what they are FOR.

No, being the consummate reactionaries they are, they launched into these people, boots and all, from the get go. Alienation, conflict and trading insults are their stock in trade. No brains, no class.

If you should go looking there now for the thread you will be greeted with the following rather blunt message:


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What does this prove? Well, for one thing, it shows what happens when FDB have absolutely no answers and when they become inundated with opposition to their ludicrous politics they simply shut it down like the gutless twerps they are. Oh, but it was a very different attitude to “Free Speech” when they make total arseholes of themselves by spamming White Nationalist sites like the old WPCA Forum.

They paid out big time on the White Nationalists for wanting to keep the idiots out. Now when a bunch of contrary voices challenge them with quite pertinent questions they can’t stand the heat and gutto out like big girls’ blouses!

Oh, and by the way, Old Victor copied the entire thread prior to its deletion. It’s no good trying to hide the evidence, Darpy boy. The truth will always come out.


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