Saturday, June 03, 2006

The World according to Darp…

According to Mathew ‘Hit List’ Henderson-Hau AKA Darp it’s quite fine and okay for him, his fellow FDB criminals and other extreme Left Wing lunatics to issue clear instructions to have specific individuals killed for their political stance but it’s apparently NOT okay for White Nationalists to even make critical generalisations about entire ethnic groups they consider dangerous or unsavoury. Can everyone say “Hypocrisy”?

Let us get hypothetical for a moment. A White Nationalist, just for example, might assist in the dissemination of a leaflet critical of the influx of Black African ‘refugees’ and point out the irrefutable facts of their negative impact upon his community including a sudden spike in the advent of street crime, muggings, rape, bashings etc.

He is immediately threatened with litigation by a cynically organised network of Multi-Cult advocates including The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, the Catholic Social Justice Commission, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Fight Dem Back etc. The complicit and compliant Media vilifies him in the newspapers telling outrageous lies about him, including ludicrous claims that the leaflet in question has inspired gangs of balaclava clad thugs and even mysterious men in bed sheets and pointy hats to attack the ‘refugees’, assaulting them and firebombing their houses.

Long after the lurid claims in the newspapers are shown to be false they are still quoted as a reliable source and even more lies are built upon this phoney foundation to the point where the White Nationalist is portrayed as a cartoon-like image of evil incarnate. Yet still there are those who not only believe the lies but actually embellish them further by the day to advance their own agenda.

Attempts are also made, with threatening letters and other means, to have him rendered unemployed and expelled from various community groups of which he is a long standing and well respected member. His Social Security files and other confidential information on various Government department data bases are illegally accessed by the agents of this network.

In short, all stops are pulled out to utterly destroy his life merely for having the temerity to defend his community and to want to preserve traditional White Australian values. Can everyone say “He struck a nerve”? The sheer amount of time and energy expended on this operation and the ferocity of the attacks on his character appears, on the surface, to be disproportionate but is actually more indicative of how protective the Network is of its ‘assets’ and how important their ‘project’ in his neighbourhood really is.

Now Mathew, ‘please explain’ how one scenario is a hateful and ‘Racist’ crime which should be prosecuted with extreme vigour, and the other is just a jolly jape which should merely elicit guffaws of side splitting mirth from the reader. After all, you even said yourself that there is nothing funny about making death threats.

Even ‘Daphne’, the gun toting Zionist herself, is somewhat startled by Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp’s intense, masturbatory and rather kinky obsession (we are all aware of his indulgent fascination for violence) as the post below, reproduced from Tim Blair’s Blog, indicates:

“fightdemback (Read: Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp) fantasises to the imagined rhythm of my F88 Steyr—he just can’t get it out of his system. He is now obssessed (Sic) with me as well as Nazis. Guess he can’t can’t (Sic) handle a girl with weapon skills, and he certainly can’t deal with the fact that I may well be a normal functioning person.”

Posted by daphne on 2006 05 29 at 10:34 AM •

Victor can only imagine the frantic attempts currently being made by Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp to now contact ‘Daphne’ via E-Mail, P.M., MSN or whatever to “make a deal” and to “get their stories straight” and to help dig him out of this mess he’s talked himself into.


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