Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just HOW clever are our Coppers?

Old Victor fell about laughing when he heard the Police Officer interviewed on Television today immediately following the riot in Western Australia where the Prime Minister’s car was attacked by around 200 shrieking Islamists and assorted Leftist swill. He commented, in seeming bewilderment, at the violence “It was supposed to be a PEACEFUL demonstration.” Has this poor, confused sod been living on another planet for the past twenty years?

Just what type of behaviour did he honestly expect from a crowd comprised of mad Arabs and Left Wing lunatics? Have he and his leadership learned absolutely NOTHING from Redfern, Macquarie Fields and Cronulla, Maroubra, Brighton etc? If our Law enforcement agencies do not get very swiftly up to match fitness we are ALL, as law abiding, tax paying citizens, in very serious danger.


The utter waste of “education” (read: Indoctrination)

There is no good reason why, once the basics of reading, writing and ‘rithmatic are attained, an able bodied youth should not be a fully contributing member of society. All learning subsequent to this should be informal and gained through the University of Life. This contribution must be made of course before any entitlements, rights and privileges are bestowed upon him or her. To extend voting rights, for example, to people still in the grip of academics and “curriculum facilitators” is politically suicidal for any Culture.

Cynically exploiting the natural tendency for young people to be rebellious and challenging to the status quo, these Left Wing “teachers” (read: Marxist Commissars) merely advance their own specific political agendas through their young charges. They insidiously manipulate the young minds and steer them toward the permissiveness and “inclusiveness” of Internationalism and the concept of the no borders, One World Order.

Nationalism, Cultural and Racial pride are all presented as intrinsically evil and oppressive and a Pavlovian reaction is imprinted which prevents them, like an electric cattle prod, from challenging this perceived politically correct “wisdom”.

Inculcated with Leftist dogma and useless “information” they are poorly equipped to deal with reality and instead spend their days sneering at the real World and ridiculing the Nation State as the great evil rather than identifying the real villains who make the average person’s life little more than serfdom.

Even a total waster like the mongrel Darp might have proven to be a functionally useful member of society had he left school at sixteen years of age and took on an honest trade rather than wasting taxpayer’s money by goofing off through high school and university, taking illicit drugs, while getting more stupid and politically indoctrinated by the day. He is living proof of the folly in indulging our youth with access to a taxpayer funded endless “academic” fun ride.

The result of this nonsense known generically as “education” is NOT a generation of greatly enlightened and intelligent young people but the exact opposite. The more worthless stuff and nonsense crammed into the heads of the young the less room there is for truly useful life skills and experience based knowledge and wisdom. The Marxist indoctrination process stifles any opportunity for free thought and as a result most of our youth have not had a truly original thought in their entire life.

This is dismally reflected in the almost total absence of creativity and originality in what passes today as “Art”. Visual “Art” for example has been reduced to a sad parody which relies more on primitive, scatological graffiti than the glorification of Humanity.

The whip of political correctness ensures no troublesome Cultural or Racial awareness comes to the fore of their consciousness and the lies of today’s pseudo science which claims such ridiculous concepts as “no such thing as Race” guarantees the true culprits behind the New World Order tyranny are never identified. For the first time in many years we have a generation or two of young people who are not, on the whole, more capable and proficient than the preceding generations. Despite their apparent “skills” in coping with the wonder toys of new technology, they have regressed in the areas of basic personal communication, common sense and free thought departments to the point where they are now little more than robots, easily programmable receptacles for the Leftist political dogma which oozes from the Television and the print media like toxic sludge.

Early on in their lives, White children are loaded up with the crushing burden of “White Guilt” which is similar in concept to the Church’s “Original Sin”. The sins of the father are delivered upon the son. This effectively disables their basic Racial defence mechanisms which are deeply programmed into their genetic matrix. Struggling under this cruel and oppressive yoke of political Correctness they are convinced their Race is responsible for all the World’s evils and that they owe limitless compensation to the other races whom they (apparently) ruthlessly exploited and persecuted.

Conveniently, little if anything is ever mentioned in the anointed version of “history” of the fact that the White European peoples dragged the rest of the World, kicking and screaming, from their wretched primitive state into an enlightened, literate and sophisticated World of Engineering, Medicine and Science. For this service they must be eternally damned and punished with a guilt, which in effect, arrests their further Cultural development. White people’s evolution as a species has been put on hold in the vainly preposterous hope that the lesser Races will somehow “catch up” and then, once no longer needed, those troublesome Whites can be disposed of.

This of course does the non White’s no favours either and merely entrenches their welfare dependence mentality and encourages them to indulge in vexatious complaints of so-called “Racism” against the very people who have improved their lives and prospects for advancement and using White Taxpayers money to do it!

Cloistered in isolation from the real world for so many years in the “education” system is it any wonder that professional “students” like Mathew Henderson-Hau are produced who are not only totally useless in any practical way to society but are actually a terrible burden and menace?

Breathing the toxic and rarefied air of academia, which is comprised largely of the hot air and recycled farts of nutty Lefty professors, the “students” come off the production line with an encyclopædic knowledge of Leftist revisionist “history”,

Not only are they pre-delivered to society more often than not with a feminised lisp or similar speech impediment but are also usually equipped with the obligatory filthy dreadlocks, Ché Guevara tee shirt, John Lennon spectacles and deviant sexual peccadilloes.

Glass Houses

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW just doesn’t know when to be quiet and cop it sweet. He needs to treat himself to a good, old fashioned, steaming hot cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP! He’s losing and he’d better get used to it because that’s all the future holds for him. Not only was one of his latest semi-coherent raves on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group's Forum full of lies and half truths but many of the heinous acts he accuses Kromlek of committing Darp himself has done TEN TIMES OVER!

But no, instead of pulling his dopey, mongrel head in, he comes out swinging wildly with some of the most desperate and pathetic stuff the White Nationalists have ever witnessed from him to date and that is saying something. It is clear from the rapidly escalating and increasingly violent rhetoric on the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s Forum, as well as the other Leftist Forums that certain characters like Duck Monster and Raz also post on, that they are extremely frustrated at their lack of success in suppressing White Nationalism.

Darp’s masters would obviously be less than happy with the return thus far on their investment and the pressure will be on Mathew Henderson-Hau to come up with a result soon. Hence the ramping up of harassment, threats and provocation. Sadly, for the Fight Dem Back Criminals, they have used up all their ammunition and are now resorting to lashing out with impotent rage at the White Nationalists. They look more irrational and sillier by the day.

This has resulted in a sudden, almost overnight, increase in ‘new’ members with Communist and Anarchist flags as avatars are appearing along with rabble rousing slogans and overtly violent language. Also, many of the ‘core’ membership have “upgraded” their avatars and online signatures to more radical models.

Darp and his fellow criminals have done nothing to censor, discourage or even ‘counsel’ these wild cards. Why? Because they obviously hope these characters, their own ‘useful idiots’ or ‘expendable comrades’, can be used as cannon fodder against the White Nationalists. Darp’s already legendary cynicism has sunk to new, previously unplumbed, depths lately due to the pressure applied by the White Nationalists.

When it comes to the rather contentious point of RELEVANCY for certain posts, here are the facts, just ONE more time for the World’s biggest dummy:

Kromlek is not, unlike Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp, a darling of the Controlled Media. Kromlek does not push himself forward as a self appointed “consultant” who offers “expert” knowledge and information on Racial issues. Kromlek does not appear in newspapers or on television and radio, like some sort of oracle, “warning” people about the “danger and menace” of his political enemies. Kromlek does not present himself through all these mediums as a defender of social and political correctness who occupies the high moral ground.

It is essential the general public, and in particular White people, are informed of the gross hypocrisy of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp and his fellow travelers of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group. A vital component of this information process is to present a clear, accurate and honest picture of their personal traits, modus operandi and in particular to expose the appalling degree of moral turpitude present within their motley ranks.

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW presents himself as some kind of “concerned citizen” and “moral campaigner” who is battling to protect the general community from “Fascist” monsters and he is aided in this by his very close contacts within the Controlled Media. Of course, this contrived image does not bear up to even the mildest scrutiny and the facts conclusively prove, time and again, for those rigorous enough to investigate, that precisely the opposite is true.

The truth is he is a ruthless, egoistical self-promoter whose creed is “Anti Racism” (so-called) at ANY cost. He actually believes he can be as boorish, obnoxious, immoral and indeed criminal as he likes and people will still support, or even admire him, because of his one (perceived) redeeming feature of (so-called) Anti-Racism. He is a liar and he is an idiot.

Fact One: Kromlek has NEVER set foot in Mathew Henderson-Hau’s street.

Fact Two: Kromlek has NEVER posted a single sticker in, on or around Mathew Henderson-Hau’s street.

Fact Three: Darp has got NOTHING.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chinese Whispers

Let us, dear reader follow the various stages in the process of the suppression of the White Australian resistance in Toowoomba. It is undoubtedly, should this case remain unchallenged, a blueprint for what is to follow for many more unsuspecting victims. The entire sordid process must be given as much exposure as possible. It must be broadcast nationally and indeed internationally.

As we read the following details our natural amusement at the comical ineptitude of the various Left Wing players involved should be tempered by the knowledge that these clumsy clowns were meddling with real people’s lives and livelihoods. There is nothing “funny” at all about the endangerment of decent, law abiding, tax paying Australian Citizens’ (and their loved ones) jobs and personal safety.

Firstly, a self appointed so-called “Anti Racist” activist, namely one Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW, acting as some sort of “expert consultant” copies a post from a PRIVATE, MEMBERS ONLY Political Internet Forum and sends it to Greg Roberts a reporter based in Brisbane and working for The Australian Newspaper.

Roberts, ignoring all the basic rules of journalism regarding confirming the bona fides of source material, using the information supplied by Henderson-Hau as if it is Gospel truth extrapolates the outrageous claims which accompany the post even further and demonises Mr. Perren as some sort of monster. In the process, as outlined in a previous post on this site, another innocent person totally unconnected to the WPCA QLD suffered an actual physical assault almost certainly as a direct result of this misinformation, when he was mistaken for the “Jim” named in the article.

The career “do-gooder” and so-called Catholic Social Justice Commissioner Mark Copland then uses Roberts’ fairy tale article as a “source” and passes it along to the Lawyer Daniel Toombs so he might prosecute the alleged “Neo-Nazis” with extreme vigour.

Daniel Toombs is merely the fag end of a despicable chain of events and is chosen for the fact his own Left Wing political agenda dovetails perfectly with that of the Darpists and their shadowy Chosenite puppet-masters. Being typical of the opportunistic Legal caste he exploits the situation for all it’s worth. He cannot lose. He gains fame and notoriety (the same thing for a Lawyer) and is guaranteed to get paid shit-loads of money into the bargain.

Also, along the way, the Sydney academic and advisor to the NSW Police Force on so-called Cultural Sensitivity matters, Mr. John Casey, is flown to Toowoomba as a “firefighter” to assist in dousing the flames of White Pride flaring up in the Darling Downs. During all this jiggery pokery, the Sudanese “refugee” Mr. Thiik is brought in to lend an air of legitimacy to this blatant witch hunt inspired by a personal vendetta Henderson-Hau has against Jim Perren and is mercilessly manipulated as a useful stooge to help destroy the fledgling WPCA QLD movement growing rapidly in the Toowoomba region of Queensland.
More will follow regarding this subject. It's a LONG way from over yet folks.
But before old Victor goes there is one more comment he'd like to make.
Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW is still employing the same stupid process as evidenced by his latest allegations against Kromlek.
"What? You think putting your fist* through the window of someone's house because they dared be born Jewish and tagging** up the Holocaust museum is something that is consequence free?"
*This is a VERY serious claim Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW. Would you care to elaborate on the details and explain how Kromlek, this evil, window smashing, Jew baiting moster is still allowed to roam free? Where are the Police and the criminal charges in all this?
**Can this be right? Is Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW accusing Kromlek of "tagging" (Spray painting gang logos) (on) the Holocaust Museum? What evidence can he supply to support this preposterous claim? Why has Kromlek not been arrested for this crime? Why has he not been questioned by Police? This is an outrage! Somebody call the Police now and ARREST this Kromlek person! He is a danger to society.
Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW is STILL, despite being given a friendly warning about his newfound "friend" John Humpherys' lack of credibility, referencing this lunatic's lurid ravings. You see, dear reader, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp, like his dopey chums in Queensland, will literally believe ANYTHING so long as it supports his pre-conceived (read: MIS-conceived) notions about Kromlek and other White Nationalists.
If Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp wants to persist in this tactic of stating bare faced lies totally unsupported by even a shred of evidence, then fine, but Victor asks that he prove his faith in this information and also show his legendary bravery by putting them into printed form, clearly stating Kromlek's real name and details and linking Kromlek directly to the allegations.
Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Nothing on televison? Then try this!

Got nothing to do Thursday 24th of November to Sunday the 26th of November? If so you may be interested in attending a 4 day conference that will feature speakers such as the now infamous characters of Dr. John Casey and the Sudanese man of the moment in Toowoomba Mr. Albino Chol Thiik.

Where is this fantastic waste of taxpayer’s money being held you may ask? Well the drama, and we mean drama, will unfold where most tales of the imagination are held at Central Theatre Block at the University of New South Wales. Details are as follows:

Hopes Fulfilled or Dreams Shattered? From Resettlement to Settlement
Responding to the needs of new and emerging refugee communities
Hopes Fulfilled or Dreams Shattered? From Resettlement to Settlement
Responding to the needs of new and emerging refugee communities
Day 1
Thursday 24th
November 2006
Conflict, Flight, Refugee Camps & Urban Settings in Countries of First Asylum,
Refugee Warehousing & Durable Solutions
8.15 – 8.45 am
Foyer of the Central Lecture Theatre Block UNSW
Adjacent to the Library [19 E Campus Map]

Speakers will include Mr. Thiik who will enlighten all with his personal battle with ‘Racism in Toowoomba.’ This is a must see.

Combating racism in a regional city
Sharon Mccarthy, Lifeline Toowoomba and Albino Chol Thiik, President of the
Sudanese Community Association of the Darling Downs
Sunday 26th November 11.30-1.30

We can only imagine what Mr. Thiik will discuss; we could assume that he will talk about how he has taken the battle to the Racist’s in Toowoomba and the tactics he has used. Let’s see what they are?

Tactic 1/ Recruit the following organisations in your local area that sustain themselves by Government funding to push your agenda. Here are just a select few from Toowoomba that Mr. Thiik has used and works closely with.

Authors comment, yes folks all this for 750 Sudanese and a hand full of other ethnics.

Just a few statistics for our readers to think about. Read these and then compare the services being offered to migrants in Toowoomba. How much does this cost per year to run?

Prior to 2001 Toowoomba City had a consistent but relatively small number of refugees resettling in Toowoomba. For a combination of reasons this number has greatly increased in the past three years. The population of people with a Southern Sudanese heritage has grown from two families in the 1990s to an estimated 750 people in mid 2005. In 2001 the Census for Toowoomba City recorded 129 people with both parents originating from the Middle East or Northern Africa. This report estimates a population of 750 from just one part of Northern Africa.

The modern history of conflict in Southern Sudan is well documented. Civil war and a policy of genocide against some Southern Sudanese populations has created a situation where over a million lives have been lost with Sudan currently remaining the second largest originator of refugees in the world. At the end of 2004, there were 730 600 UNHCR recognised refugees of Sudanese origin.1 There was an increase of 20% during that year due to the atrocities being committed in the Darfur region. In Australia for the period 2003/2004, 6147 Sudanese people were granted humanitarian visas

There were five hundred respondents to a survey. Between 2002 and 2Nd June 2005 there have been 737 humanitarian entrants settle in Toowoomba City. Twenty one new arrivals occurred during the month of June.

4 The vast majority of these people have originated from Southern Sudan. A small number of these newly arrived people come from other locations around the world (eg. Myanmar, Sierra Leone). Another factor to consider when estimating the size of the population is the number of Sudanese people relocating from and to other locations (eg. Toowoomba to Sydney, Hobart to Toowoomba, Melbourne to Toowoomba etc.) Anecdotal evidence suggests that this relocation has no impact on the overall size of the population.
5 A sound estimate of the population of Southern Sudanese people living in Toowoomba would then be 750 people. If we take this to be the population then 500 respondents (66% of total estimated population) to this survey represents a good representative slice of the overall population.

Funded by DIMA.
Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Services (IHSS).
Supplies: Initial information and Orientation Assistance—to ensure that the
eligible humanitarian program entrant has the knowledge, skills and support
to begin to build their life as part of the Australian community and
accommodation support which aims to ensure that the entrant has stable
affordable accommodation.
Co-ordinator: Anyuon Liai
600 Ruthven St
Ph: 4639 3983
F: 4639 3794

Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant support (TRAMS)
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Michelle MacMillan
C/o St Patrick’s Cathedral,
123 Neil St Toowoomba
TRAMS Building.
Corner of Lawrence and Neil Sts Toowoomba
Entry via Lawrence St. Behind Paddy's Café.
Ph: 4632 9285
F: 4632 9285
M: 0438 323 604

Funded by DIMA
To identify & address settlement needs of newly arrived CALD
communities (in Australia Five years or less).
Develop Community capacity building processes such as promoting and
supporting initiatives by mainstream agencies, networking and promoting
dialogue and learning between mainstream service delivery agencies and
CSSS Target Groups to ensure access and culturally sensitive service
Coordination of Cultural Diversity Network (CDN) & support for the
Refugee Settlement Support Interagency (RSSI).
Limited outreach services are available for emerging CALD communities
and mainstream services in rural & remote areas of South West Qld
specifically distributing information relating to the settlement of newly
arrived refugees & migrants.
Refugee & Migrant Community Project Officer: Sharyn McCarthy
PO Box 2119 Toowoomba 4350
17 Long St Toowoomba
Ph: 4687 5115
F: 4687 5175
M: 0439 747 258

Garndoo Jarowair Child Care Training & Resource Unit
Funded by DFACSIA
Support the inclusion of children with additional needs in Commonwealth
funded Childcare. Our focus groups are children from indigenous families,
children with CALD background and children with disabilities.
Referrals may come from childcare services, families or local Support groups.
Inclusion Support Facilitator: Mary Anne Grace
Ph: 4613 6319
F:4613 6342

Community Employment Assistance Program Cert 1Retail

MERCY FAMILY SERVICES Toowoomba Humanitarian Refugee Minors Program
Funded by DIMA
PO Box 104 Southtown Toowoomba 4350
104 South Street, Toowoomba 4350
Ph: 4635 8600
F: 4635 1550

Community Advocacy in the Multicultural Sector (CAMS)
Funded by: Multicultural Affairs Queensland
Advocacy in Multicultural Sector and Promotion of Diversity within
mainstream community.
Please also contact regarding any concerns or issues regarding Access of
services especially state government departments.
CAMS Worker: Jo Yuile
Ph; 4635 8600
F: 4635 1550

Humanitarian Refugee Minors Program

Community Advocacy Multicultural Sector (CAMS) Toowoomba

Mission Australia Toowoomba Newly Arrived Youth Support Service – NAYSS
Funded by DFACSIA
Providing culturally appropriate services ranging from early Intervention to
transition, for newly arrived young people (in Australia five years or less) aged
12 to 21.
Referrals are by phoning Mission Australia office
NAYSS Worker: Stephen Belesky
PO Box 2341 Toowoomba 4350
28 Bell Street Toowoomba
Ph: 4637 9903
F: 4637 9692
Other contact:
Newly Arrived Youth Support Service – NAYSS Toowoomba

QUEENSLAND PROGRAM FOR SURVIVORS OF TORTURE & TRAUMA Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy
Funded by: DIMA
Advocacy, support and counselling (Sic) for newly arrived refugees who have
survived torture and trauma – new arrivals are eligible for this free
service for up to twelve months after their arrival in Australia.
The QPASTT worker works closely with the Anglicare Refugee
Settlement Support program from the outset to ensure new arrivals are
offered counselling (Sic) support and advocacy upon arrival.
All referrals must be directed to the Anglicare Refugee Settlement Support
Toowoomba QPASTT worker: Jenny Withnall
PO Box 2119, Toowoomba 4350
5 Mill Street, Toowoomba
Ph: 4632 9299
F: 4638 4814
PO Box 6254 Fairfield, QLD 4103
Kalbe House 118 Park Road, Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy

Social Justice Commission Toowoomba (Mark Copland) Funded by Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba (Non-Government)
Advocacy, Education, Anti-Racism awareness. Promotion of inter-faith
respect and understanding. The Commission also supports and
undertakes research with people from refugee and migrant
backgrounds. The Commission works from the basis of the inherent
dignity of the human person and works to promote human rights for all.
As the resources of the Social Justice Commission are limited activities
are targeted in certain priority areas. The Commission is also a
regional organization taking in the Darling Downs and South Western
Executive Officer: Dr Mark Copland
Eymard House
PO Box 1262 Toowoomba 4350
Cnr Union & Annand Sts Toowoomba Ph: 4613 0895 Fax: 4638 9178

English Language Program – Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

SVDP Assistance Toowoomba Diocese – Settlement Kit St Vincent De Paul (SVDP) Assistance Toowoomba Diocese –
Settlement Kit
Funded by DIMA
SVDP has a primary role under contract with DIMA to supply a
Settlement kit to newly arrived Humanitarian entrants when they move
into their permanent accommodation.
Ongoing assistance is available on a needs basis and in the areas of:
emergency relief
Charity shops stocking 2
hand clothes, furniture & bric’n’brac (Sic) & a Charity
Centre offering budgeting advice & visiting support. This is all available from
donations and some government funding.
Contact re: Initial Settlement Kit via Anglicare
Ph: 4639 3983
693 Ruthven St Toowoomba T: 4632 9960
41 Russell St Toowoomba T: 4632 6837
SVDP Charity Centre
6 Station St Toowoomba
Emergency Relief Ph: 4632 5800

Tenant Advice & Advocacy Service (Qld) (TAAS)
Funded by: The Residential Tenancies Authority, administered by Housing Queensland
Tenancy information, advice, advocacy and referral services for
tenants and residents only, as covered by the Residential Tenancies Act
1994 and Residential Services (Accommodation) Act 2002. TAAS(Q)
also provides community education to eligible groups.
TAAS(Q) does not provide services to lessors/agents.
TAAS(Q) does not provide accommodation.
TAAS(Q) does not provide emergency relief services.
Referral to the service is either by direct referral to the phone advice line on
46169707 or to the reception desk for a face-to-face appointment.
Tenant Advocates: Mark Cook-Long & Jason Spero
PO Box 594 Toowoomba 4350
19a Russell Street, Toowoomba
Ph: 4616 9707 (phone advice line)
F: 4616 9777
Tenant Advice & Advocacy Service (Qld) (TAAS)

Toowoomba City Councille
Local Area Multicultural Partnership – (LAMP) program Local Area Multicultural Partnership – (LAMP) program
Funded by MAQ
The key objectives of LAMP are to promote positive community relations and to
facilitate improved levels of access to services by members of ethnic
Multicultural Development Officer: Elizabeth Jones
PO Box 3021
Village Fair
Toowoomba 4350
Ph: 4688 6300
F:4688 6894
Toowoomba Centre
Funded by DIMA.
Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Services (IHSS).
Supplies: Initial information and Orientation Assistance—to ensure that the
eligible humanitarian program entrant has the knowledge, skills and support
to begin to build their life as part of the Australian community and
accommodation support which aims to ensure that the entrant has stable
affordable accommodation.
Co-ordinator: (Sic) Anyuon Liai
600 Ruthven St
Ph: 4639 3983
F: 4639 3794

Community Settlement Service Scheme (CSSS)
Funded by DIMA
The Project will include direct client services through information,
orientation, referral and casework services; and community capacity building
through assisting the Sudanese Association in Toowoomba to strengthen their
management and operations to effectively plan, organise and advocate for
their own needs.
To address the settlement needs of Sudanese refugee and
humanitarian entrants exited from the Integrated Humanitarian
Settlement Scheme in Toowoomba, by providing information, advocacy
and referral services that will increase access to community and
mainstream service providers.
To develop resources, networks and relationships between the
Sudanese community and mainstream service providers.
Provide orientation, support, information, referral, advocacy and
casework services to individuals and post-IHSS families who arrived in
Toowoomba in the past five years
Work with proposers (Sic) and their proposed humanitarian entrants who
require information, advocacy and referral relating to domestic
violence and social issues arising out of settlement experience.
In cooperation with TRAMS volunteers, support the settlement of
refugees, humanitarian entrants and migrants through participation in
order to foster long term independence, self-reliance and ability to
assist new arrivals.
Identify problems facing the Sudanese Community in their re-
settlement process in Toowoomba and educate the mainstream service
providers as well
as State and
Federal Governments for possible
Assist the establishment of the Sudanese Community Association to
play a mediatory role between the community and the service
Referrals can be from mainstream service providers, DIMA funded services and
Refugee Resettlement Case Worker: AlbinoChol Thiik
CSSS - C/o St Patrick’s Cathedral,
123 Neil St Toowoomba
TRAMS Building.
Corner of Lawrence and Neil Sts Toowoomba
Entry via Lawrence St. Behind Paddy's Café.
Ph: 4638 5345
M: 0438 323 604

Support for Dependants of Skilled Migrants
Provides initial settlement, support and referral services to the dependants of
skilled migrants
Worker: Shirley Banks
Cnr Union & Annand Sts Toowoomba
Ph: 4632 3640
F; 4632 8340

Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant support (TRAMS)
Volunteer coordination and administration under the Integrated Humanitarian
Settlement Services (IHSS)
Recruit, train and assist volunteers to support newly arrived refugee
families to fully participate in the Toowoomba community.
Information and resource centre for CALD clients and the Community
Centre based activities including English classes, Women’s Groups,
Computer Classes, Homework Tutoring for Primary and High School CALD
Referral to other agencies and mainstream service providers & IHSS
clients are referred by Anglicare or through accessing the Centre
TRAMS centre based activities rely on the generosity of volunteers &
wider community.
Administration Officer: Amber Copland
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Michelle MacMillan
C/o St Patrick’s Cathedral,
123 Neil St Toowoomba
TRAMS Building.
Corner of Lawrence and Neil Sts Toowoomba
Entry via Lawrence St. Behind Paddy's Café.
Ph: 4632 9285
F: 4632 9285
M: 0438 323 604

Tactic 2. Establish contact with Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back via Dr. Mark Copland of the so-called Catholic Social Justice Commission.

Tactic 3. Ask Dr. John Casey to venture to Toowoomba and hold a public meeting to discuss ways of silencing any opposition to immigration, using Mr. Casey’s favorite film The Letter as a guide.

Tactic 4. Contact left wing Editor of local newspaper, create stories of “Racist attacks” in the Sudanese community with the help of Mark Copland. Whip up public hysteria regarding International “Neo-Nazis”.

Tactic 5. Do an online complaint to the Humane Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Base all your claims on a false and misleading story written by a Left Wing journalist. Add to this complaint lies supplied to you by Dr. Mark Copland and Mathew Henderson-Hau of the criminal gang FDB.

Tactic 6. Demand an apology from the real victims of a vicious smear campaign followed by a “re-education” program in White Guilt.

Tactic 7. Create false and misleading stories in the local Left Wing newsprint media with the assistance of Dr Mark Copland in his personal column.

Tactic 8. Have the editor of said Left Wing News Print Media selectively remove all news stories concerning Sudanese crime including weekly DUI reports. Have the editor instruct reporters to ignore court cases involving Sudanese.

Tactic 9. Using Dr. Mark Copland, rewrite a Murder Suicide committed by a “respected member of the Sudanese community” and change the story into a tragic unit fire. Have local TV news report the funeral of the Murderer in newsbreaks for 24hrs praising the life of a Murderer. Mislead the public at all times.

Tactic 10. Using community legal services, contact the HREOC and make more baseless claims from ‘information’ supplied to you by the Left Wing terrorist organisation FDB. Work closely at all times with these criminals. Overload the community legal service so that people who really rely on this public funded organisation will have to wait to receive real justice.

The evi dunce...doh!

Lawyer Daniel Toombs
The 'header 'information from the E-Mail document Mark Copland sent to Mr. Daniel Toombs "informing" him of the evil, wicked "Nazi" in Toowoomba, using (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!) Greg Roberts' article as "evidence". What a hoot!

From: Amber and Mark Copland

Sent: Monday 24 October 2005 11.57 PM

To: Daniel Toombs

Subject: Australian Article

But wait. There's more.


Glenda Long

Sent: Tuesday, 18 October 2005 9:57 AM

To: New Complaints


Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by ( on Tue Oct 18 09:57:0& EST 2005

PART 1 - COMPLAINANT: Albino Chol Thiik

Complainant's Address:

Complainant's Suburb: Toowoomba

Complainant's Postcode: 4350

Complainant's State: QLD

Complainant's Telephone:

Complainant's Email Address:





Solicitor/Advocate's Name: Daniel Toombs (Barrister)

Organisation: The Advocacy & Support Centre (TASC)

Solicitor/Advocate's Address: PO Box 594 TOOWOOMBA Q 4350

Solicitor/Advocate's Telephone: 07 46169703

PART 2 - RESPONDENT'S NAME: see complaint

2nd RESPONDENT: see complaint

PART 3 - REASON FOR COMPLAINT: I have been discriminated against becuase (Sic) of my race

DESCRIPTION Description of the event?: Statement of Complaint Against Jim Perren, Darren Abbott, Alex Bush and the White Pride Coalition of Australia

PART 4 - LOSS OR HARM EXPERIENCED?: see above statement


White Pride Coalition of Australia cease to operate;

White Pride Coalition of Australia officially apologise to SCADDA;

Jim Perrin (Sic) and Alex Bush publicly apologise to SCAADA withdrawing their views;

Darren Abbott publicly apologise to SCAADA withdrawing his views;

All parties undergo cultural sensitivity training.



Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Darp scrapes the bottom of the barrel

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group's Forum:
"We White Nationalists don't DO requests."

Darp Hau
Joined: 25 Apr 2005
Posts: 3086
Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia. Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:20 am Post subject: "We White Nationalists don't DO requests."

Yes Mr Campbell.

You may not do requests...

But you're not shy when it comes to making them.

And then to prove he is totally out of ammunition, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ reproduces (yet again) an entire E-Mail that was originally part of PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL correspondence between Kromlek and Ms. Marnie O’Neill a reporter for the Daily Telegraph Newspaper.

Why O’Neill chose to supply all of that correspondence to Henderson-Hau and whether or not she feels happy for him to keep using it is unknown to Victor Whitelaw but one thing is certain. She did NOT ask Kromlek’s permission to post these E-Mails to (very) interested third parties and in particular his sworn political enemies so they might be used for their benefit.

In this respect, as previously mentioned on this site, she has clearly violated professional integrity, compromised source confidentiality and so-called “Journalistic ethics” (Ha! Ha!). She certainly can NOT argue she committed this breach “in the public interest” because she supplied this information to another interested party with an axe to grind rather than to another professional who might utilise the information in an objective, responsible and unbiased manner. God help us.

Also, she has never used this information herself to write an article on Cronulla or so-called “White Supremacy”. So, was she a “mole” for Darp from the start, or was she “turned” later on in the piece after contacting Henderson-Hau (on Kromlek’s suggestion) for HIS opinions?

Was she already a “fuck buddy” of Darp’s or did she fall victim to his “I am Darp, women love me” snake-oil charm after meeting him and looking into his doe-like, dark Brown eyes?

Either way she has disgraced herself both professionally and personally and he in turn does her no favours whatsoever by recycling this stuff ad nauseam. It is clearly nothing more than petty and indulgent spite that motivates him, as the information bears no relevance at all to the subject matter.

Even among the ranks of journalistic filth, Marnie O’Neill of the Daily Telegraph Newspaper has proven herself to be a particularly low unit down there in the toxic slime with the utter dregs like Joe Hildebrand.

adam grows a set

The talk is just getting tougher by the day over at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group’s Forum:

Joined: 22 Dec 2005
Posts: 356
Location: palace of the proletariat Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 7:21 am Post subject:
raz wrote:
As an aside to this, I was somewhat amused to read in a post on a left wing forum by a minuteklan supporter a plea for sympathy. It appears in some areas of their private border patrol the minutemen have encountered armed resistance from the organised criminals whose bread and butter is to smuggle illegals across the border. Turning back helpless wouldbe illegal immigrants is one thing but the fash were crying foul when they encountered organised criminals who were willing to fight back. The guy involved was quoting 8 such incidents in 10 days in early July.

“YAY maybe a cap in there (Sic) arse and they might stick to hunting animals when drunk.”

Making his avatar the most disgusting and hated symbol in Human history under which many tens of millions were tormented, oppressed and tortured to death (a hammer and sickle Communist flag) isn’t enough for our Adam. He’s also got to imitate a ghetto Nigger gangster and talk about “poppin’ caps” in people’s arses!

You’ve got to hand it to these FDB’ers. Just when you think they’ve hit rock bottom they surprise you by simply taking it down another notch.

Pure class.

Goodbye Mr. Thiik.

But hey, thanks for coming.

Alex Bush, the former editor of the now defunct ‘The Nationalist’ newsletter, has been kind enough to forward on to Victor Whitelaw the following copies of documents posted to him by the so-called Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission.

This is not the first time vexatious complaints have been cynically contrived by the Zionists and their useful idiots, employing stooges such as the appropriately named Mr. Thiik, to attack White Nationalists and ruthlessly crush any dissent against the sick Multi Cult.

About three years ago, Lawyer Stephen Rothman, now a Supreme Court Judge, was the main instigator in an attempt by the Australian Zionist lobby to silence the White Nationalists by bringing an official complaint through the so-called Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission against ‘The Nationalist’ newsletter.

This attempt too failed miserably when it was withdrawn by Mr. Rothman and his Chosenite masters after being totally ignored by the White Nationalists and treated with the utter contempt it so richly deserved.

Victor Whitelaw does not believe that Mr. Thiik wrote the letter attributed to him. It is obvious to Victor that it was either ‘ghost written’ or even dictated verbatim by a person possessing English as a first language and more probably, considering the Grammar and Syntax, a person with a Legal background.

Anyone with even the faintest understanding of the English language in its written form would find it insulting to their intelligence to be expected to accept that a primitive Negroid “refugee” from darkest Africa would construct a letter in this form. Victor utterly rejects this concept and smells a very large and dirty rodent scuttling behind the scenes in the form of a certain Mr. Daniel Toombs, the opportunistic Barrister with his own very specific extreme Left Wing political agenda.

The extent of Mr. Darren Abbott’s alleged involvement in the affair is limited to being subject to Greg Roberts’ wrath upon his refusal to furnish Roberts with a photograph of Mr. Perren when he lobbed, uninvited and unannounced, at the Milne Bay Military Museum. On being asked to leave, the notoriously effete and limp wristed Roberts, obviously emboldened by the presence of his photographer, taunted Mr. Abbott with sneering cries to the effect of “Get fucked, you silly old bugger. We’re the Press and we’ll do whatever the fuck we like!”

This is all the more reason to treat with contempt the use of Roberts as a “source” in Mr. Thiik’s letter. Roberts himself was utterly inept and unprofessional in his unquestioning acceptance of Darp’s “information” regarding Mr. Perren. As has already been explained in a previous post on this site Darp got the wrong man, again. Roberts foolishly took it all hook line and sinker. But don’t hold your breath waiting for apologies or retractions from either Darp or Roberts. These arrogant fools never admit fault.

The HREOC Letter:

Human Rights and
Equal Opportunity Commission

Our Ref: 2016639FC
Mr. Alex Bush
PO Box 113

Dear Mr. Bush

I have received a complaint from Mr. Albino Chol Thiik lodged under the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 ("the HREOCA") alleging racial hatred against you under the terms of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 ("the RDA").

A copy of the complaint is enclosed for your information.

Having considered the complainant's evidence, I am satisfied that Mr Thiik's complaint is lacking in substance. Pursuant to section 46PH(1)(c) of the HREOCA, I have decided to terminate the complaint on that basis.

Under the HREOCA, once Mr. Thiik's complaint has been terminated and he has been given notice, he may make an application to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court for the Court to hear the allegations. The application to the Court must be made within 28 days of the date of issue of the Notice of Termination.

I therefore wish to advise that today Mr. Thiik has been issued with a Notice of Termination.

Yours sincerely

Karen Toohey
Delegate of the President

Date: 21st July 2006

Copy of the complaint dated 22 August 2005
Copy of letter dated 11 November 2006 from The Advocacy & Support Centre as part of the complaint.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Level 8 Piccadilly Tower 133 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 1042 GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 1042
Telephone: 02 9284 9600 Facsimile: 02 9284 9611 Complaints Info Line: 1300 656 419
Website: Teletypewriter: 1800 620 241 (toll free)

Mr. Thiik’s Letter:

Sudanese Community Association
Darling Downs Australia

22nd August 2005
Background to Complainant

Toowoomba is a regional city in Queensland. It is home to an estimated 750 members of the Southern Sudanese community. The majority of these people are permanent residents having entered Australia as humanitarian entrants in the past three years. This community has been greatly affected by a policy of genocide from the Sudanese government against Southern Sudanese. Members of the Sudanese community are peaceful people making a contribution to the city of Toowoomba. They seek to lead ordinary lives enrolling their children in schools gaining education and employment and contributing to the cultural diversity of the Darling Downs region of Queensland.

Basis of Complaint

An article which appeared in the Australian newspaper dated 22nd August 2005 (Race - hate campaigner unmasked - Greg Roberts) contains a number of statements offensive to Australians of Southern Sudanese background.

In part of the article Mr Perren is quoted from an internet posting as saying,

"....Toowoomba had become a "staging point for the scum of the world to move into rural Queensland... they must be stopped".

SCADDA find this to be grossly offensive. Southern Sudanese people have come to Toowoomba seeking peace and to make a contribution to this country as proud Australian citizens. The term, "scum of the world" disturbs us when we consider the brave people who have fled persecution, through no fault of their own and made a long journey to Australia.

The next internet posting quoted in the article states,

"...On the support of local churches for Sudanese refugees, he said: "When the muds they sponsor come and live here and start to rape and murder their grandchildren, maybe then they will wake up."

The term "mud", used to refer to Southern Sudanese people is again offensive to members of the Toowoomba Sudanese community. To assume that people of a Sudanese background will commit criminal acts of rape and murder is wrong and offensive to any fair minded person. This comment has the capacity to endanger the lives of members of Toowoomba's Sudanese community and incite race based violence. We will refer again to this in the conclusion of this statement.

Greg Roberts article in the Australian also quotes from Mr Darren Abbott, a curator for the Milne Bay Military Museum. Describing the White Pride Coalition of Australia, Mr Abbot states,

"They're not extremists, they're patriots standing up for their country. They say what the majority of Australians think. You just look at the Sudanese wandering around town with no jobs and you have to wonder. A real Australian is a Christian who will stand by our flag."

The statement by Mr Abbott is offensive to SCADDA - the vast majority of whom have been persecuted because of their Christian faith. A recent profile of the Sudanese community showed that 86% of the local population (estimated to be 750) were enrolled in an educational institution. Whilst only 3% are in full-time employment a large number of local Sudanese adults are engaged in casual farm labour on the Darling Downs and in the Lockyer Valley. Local respected employers have publicly commented on the hard working ethic of Australian Sudanese employees.

The second part of Mr. Abbott's statement is also offensive in that it implies that Southern Sudanese Australians living in Toowoomba are not "real Australians" and have no respect for "our flag". Local members of parliament and City Councillors (Sic) all comment on how quickly Sudanese residents are to take the formal steps to becoming Australian citizens. Toowoomba's Sudanese community is proudly Australian with a number of young people seriously considering entering the defence force. For this reason it is quite racist to suggest that Sudanese people are "not "real Australians" nor have "respect for our flag". In terms of Christianity, Southern Sudanese people are strong members of a number of Christian denominations and we have a number of recognised ministers of religion in our local community. It is not a requirement to be a Christian to be an Australian - but nevertheless this statement is a slur against all Sudanese Christians living in this city. It is ironic that at Easter over 100 Sudanese people had a Christian march close to the Milne Bay Military museum. This event had widespread community and local police support.

Complaint Against White Pride Coalition of Australia

The material produced by the White Pride Coalition of Australia is offensive in the extreme. On the basis of material supplied to us by anti-racist advocates we believe Mr. Jim Perren is the local distributer (Sic) of such material and we wish to include him in this complaint. The pamphlet "The Nationalist" has been distributed in Toowoomba over the past few months along with stickers stating "The World's most beautiful Endangered Species White People". The Nationalist which appears to be edited by Alex Bush (P.O. Box 113 Wentworthville NSW 2145) has a range of views which have the capacity to incite violence against people like myself - from a refugee background. The first page of the issue which was recently distributed in the Toowoomba area concluded with the sentence,

"Sent literally mad by the vicious inequalities of Internationalist Multiculturalism the pressure valves will start to blow and I fully expect to see this manifest in an orgy of unprecedented civil violence. Prepare for war."

SCADDA has witnessed the effects that racist attacks can have upon a very vulnerable group of people. In some cases families (including families with a widow as the sole parent) do not feel safe in their own home. Two months ago a widow with children in her house was harassed by a small number of individuals wearing head covering of some sort. A young daughter was approached by a woman who had a head covering and warned that, "she would be back later". This matter was reported to the police - but the family has now shifted house in order to feel safe once more.

In some cases there have been links with distribution of racist material and attacks as described above. Whether the distribution of material and threatening behaviour from a minority are linked or not I strongly believe that views such as those appearing in the Australian newspaper 22nd August 2005 contribute to an environment in which people from a refugee background do not feel safe.


The views attributed to Jim Perren, Darren Abbott, Alex Bush and the White Pride Coalition of Australia are racist in the extreme and are an insult to the dignity and humanity of Sudanese people living in Toowoomba city. SCADDA understands that in a pluralistic society people are entitled to their own opinions and views and embrace this part of Australian society. We also embrace the notion that it is not right to defame or denigrate a group of people in Australia based on their ethnic, racial or religious background. We ask that strong measures be taken against the individuals responsible for the racist views outlined in this statement. These measures should reinforce the message that whilst an individual is entitled to their own views and opinions they are not free to racially vilify a group of people and incite violence against them.

Albino Chol Thiik



22nd August 2005

Dan Toombs’ Letter:

The Advocacy & Support Centre

11 November 2005

Our Ref: DT: alb: Thiik, A
Your Ref: FD:DV

Mr Domenic Vircillo
Principal Investigation Conciliation Officer
Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
GPO Box 5218

Dear Mr Vircillo


We refer to the above matter and to your correspondence to us of 26 October 2005.

We now enclose herewith, copies of documentation as requested in your letter under reply.
Please note that Mr Daniel Toombs is away from the office on annual leave until 6 December 2005. In his absence, Ms Shontelle Kenny will have carriage of this matter and can be contacted on 46 169 700 should you require any further information.

Yours faithfully

Dan Toombs

19A Russell Street, PO. Box 594 Toowoomba 4350
Phone (07) 46 169 700 Fax (07) 46 169 777

*Toowoomba Community Legal Service *Rural Women’s Outreach Legal Service
*Community Support Program *Disability Advocacy *Tenant Advice & Advocacy Service (Qld)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

More classic picks from Revolutionary Left.Com

The Revolutionary Left prove to be every bit as dumb, illiterate and potentially violent as their drooling fans from the Fight Dem Back Criminal group.

Posted: Jul 19 2006, 07:03 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 22
Member No.: 15392
Joined: 13-May 06

http: //

“Look at these bastards! What does everyone think of these racists? Look at their posts seriously never seen such shit!”

Posted: Jul 19 2006, 07:28 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 66
Member No.: 16129
Joined: 14-July 06

“Whats (Sic) most annoying is how many of them there are.”

Posted: Jul 19 2006, 07:38 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 22
Member No.: 15392
Joined: 13-May 06

Dont (Sic) you want to just beat the fuck out of these dicks. they blatently (Sic) want to bum fuck hitler (Sic) and the KKK. How did the govenements (Sic) allow such idiots to exist?

What’s funniest about this is how yet another so-called “revolutionary” is bemoaning how the governments, the authorities, should be suppressing their political opponents or not even permitting them to “exist”. These morons really are so blissflly unaware of their hypocrisy it is almost beyond belief that anyone could be so stupid.

Posted: Jul 19 2006, 09:20 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 3
Member No.: 14000
Joined: 21-January 06

“Those fucks should be ashamed, they deserve a good ole fashioned beating

Posted: Jul 20 2006, 09:03 AM
This space for rent.
Group: Member
Posts: 174
Member No.: 15741
Joined: 15-June 06

“They are stupid enouth (Sic) to post pictures of themselves and actually let us know where and when there BBQs are on! I think the real enemy here is stupidity.”

Authoritarian @ndy likes to give orders

From @ndy's Blog 'Slackbastard' dated Thursday, July 20, 2006:

"Now go away."

Sorry @ndy.

We White Nationalists don't DO requests.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Asher & @ndy Show

Asher & Andy get all tuff and stuff ...

From @ndy's Blog 'Slackbastard':

Asher Jul 17th, 2006 at 11:50 am
I have a patch and a badge with that design on them

2 @ndy Jul 17th, 2006 at 11:26 pm
I wonder how the bonehead in question feels about his being immortalised in this fashion? Will other boneheads want to join him? And so set about striking their heads repeatedly against blackfellas’ boots? Stranger things have happened!

Although the subject matter is not funny at all and merely demonstrates yet again how ruthless and violent these Fight Dem Back Criminals really are when they can get away with it, there IS an amusing aspect to this. Anyone who has seen a photograph of Asher Goldman would be distinctly unimpressed with his “tough guy” credentials and probably, like me, genuinely mistake him for a very dirty and scruffy girl.

@ndy is another gutless little worm who will do anything to avoid doing his own dirty work. His brother, and anyone else for that matter, will apparently suffice as a “champion” to fight his battles by proxy. Typical jelly backed Lefty tactics really. Darp does precisely the same thing. You can see them now, can’t you? Running over to a bunch of vicious Blacks and pointing out a lone White Nationalist. “Smash the Fash!” they’ll squeal, like the school girls they are.

Captains of Credulity

It’s been said that the only thing worse than a person who’ll believe anything is the committed sceptic who will believe absolutely nothing. Well the Fight Dem Back Criminals score on both counts. They reject out of hand any claims made by White Nationalists regarding their criticisms of Multiculturalism and will always call for references, statistics and proof to back up these claims. Yet even when sources and statistics are provided they contest their veracity and refuse to acknowledge their validity to the argument.

Yet strangely, on the other hand, they will accept, over the Internet and at face value, the unsubstantiated words of persons they have never even met. Persons, like the mentally disturbed John Humpherys, who so obviously have an axe to grind and will say literally anything to exact some form of revenge for perceived transgressions.

With absolutely no effort made to validate the most outrageous slur against a White Nationalist they will take up the story and run with it, often expanding on the tale and extrapolating the lies. Why? Quite simple really, if it sounds controversial enough and supports their smear campaign then it must be good.

The recent Frank White outrage is not the first, and sadly will doubtless not be the last, time an innocent Man has been targeted for smear simply because of his sincerely held political belief. Yet with a classic case of mistaken identity they simply shrug their shoulders at the “collateral damage” they have caused to an innocent businessman. How many other innocent bystanders are going to be riddled with political buckshot as a result of their reckless shotgun approach?

But in typical style and with supreme arrogance, in accordance with their protocols, they never explain and never apologise. As far as they are concerned, their twisted political manifesto is a total no fault policy. They can say anything and do anything and get away with anything. Why? Because, thus far, as the “useful idiots” they are, they have been allowed to do so by the authorities.

But it is gradually becoming apparent that they are wearing out the friendship with some of their “minders” and it is only a matter of time before they are cut loose to suffer the consequences of their crimes… alone.

Donald 'duckmonster' Oorst's heroes get tougher by the day...

Oh, oh! The lunatics are coming out of the woodwork now over at Revolutionary Left and FDB who, considering they share much of their membership, are in effect increasingly becoming one and the same group.

This one’s an absolute Gold plated CLASSIC:

Joined: 29 Apr 2005
Posts: 46 Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:30 am Post subject:

“If the job's too hard, too difficult, or not 'sexy' enough for you, then I suggest you stand down, cos (Sic) at the end of the day anti-fascism should be inclusive, not exclusive. Anti-fascism isn't a sect where everyone is a mate and everyone has a similar outlook on life, similar taste in fashion, music, etc, its a movement that should attempt to build bridges with all sections of the community. If that's not for you, then channel your energies elsewhere, cos (Sic) politics ultimately means working with lots ofr (Sic) people you might not otherwise have much in common with. Those "bottle throwing idiots" if given the chance, might one day prove to be amongst the most committed, hard-working anti-fascists around. On the other hand they might not be, but then you would never even have bothered to find out, would you?

One of the most committed anti-fascists I ever met was a Rod Stewart and Elvis presley (Sic) fan who we bumped into in a subway one night while he was waiting to mug people. Instead of dismissing him as a 'braindead idiot' we talked to him. It took several months, but eventually we won him over. He remained a steadfast anti-fascist for the best part of twenty years until his untimely death. There is a vast well of anti-fascist feeling lying untapped in communities all over the world. If we make the effort we can reap the rewards. Or we could just be content to be in tiny little sects with our mates.”
"Why are you so quiet? When these are fighting times"

Attentive readers will note that NO mention whatsoever is made of whether the mugger was “rehabilitated” or not following his “conversion” to the religious dogma of “Antifa”. You can read between the lines on this one very easily.

The filthy Reds cruise the streets searching for (other) losers, dropouts and no hopers, “convert” them and refocus their hatred and sociopathic tendencies on White Nationalists or anyone else who is White and does not embrace the Multi-Cult.

How very noble.

But wait, there's more...

Comrade Marcel
Posted: Jul 4 2006, 06:05 AM
neo-Maoist of some sort
Group: Commie Club
Posts: 943
Member No.: 4221
Joined: 8-April 02

“Sorry, that's the dumbest thing you could do: argue with a fash/nazi. (Sic) Who in their right mind would give someone the plaform (Sic) to debate their right to exist?!?!?”

“I say: "To the gyms, leftists!"

“I don't see the point in actually having an intellectual debate with any of them. Best thing is just to counter their every moves whether it be demonstrations or flyer posting.”

“Right on, comrade!”

“One thing is for sure, more leftists need to work on their fighting/shooting/self-defense/survival skills.”

“Frankly, I don't understand why this discussion is going on yet again. It has been debated to death in this forum, and time-and-time again the overwhelming majority has concluded that violence is necessary against fascism.”

“Toronto, Ontario Canada was plagued with boneheads in the early '90s. Anti-Racist Action and allies used militance, (Sic) self-defense and some anti-fascist used preemptive (Sic) attacks at certain times, and now the city is virtually bonehead free. It's a very rare occasion to see a bonehead here. The tatics (Sic) worked”.

“My advice is to take martial arts if you think you are going to be fighting them. Also make sure you always have good numbers on your side, and if you have low numbers then have weapons, and if no weapons it helps to be able to run if needed.

Posted: Jul 5 2006, 08:15 AM
Group: Member
Posts: 143
Member No.: 14068
Joined: 25-January 06

“Well if your gonna (Sic) be breaking their skulls i (Sic) suspec (Sic) they wont be needing their self esteem for a very long time as they go through painfull (Sic) process of learning how to walk and talk again in hospital, and the even more painfull (Sic) process of learnign (Sic) that they may never be able to do even that. And then finding out that you just cant (Sic) remembber (Sic) who your family is, and trying and trying but you just cant....”

Sunday, July 16, 2006

More toxic slime from the Fight Dem Back latrine pit

Joined: 14 Jan 2006
Posts: 135
Location: Melbourne Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 9:09 pm Post subject:

“However, that doesn't mean we're not allowed to focus attention on whatever we choose.
In fact we can do whatever the fuck we want.”

Not for TOO much longer you don’t… The LAW might soon have something to say about your criminal modus operandi.

Joined: 01 Jul 2005
Posts: 569
Location: Otepoti Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 10:46 pm Post subject:

“For the record we'd be happy to target black neo-nazis as well, just haven't found any yet - funny that.”

Not as funny as YOU. Raz you peanut, they don’t call themselves “Black Neo-Nazis” they call themselves “Gang Bangers” or “Homies” or even bad ass “Niggaz” and go about their daily business of dealing crack, stealing cars, shooting “Crackas” and raping White Women. Do some research before discharging another dose of verbal effluent, you moron.

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 889 Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:34 pm Post subject:

“Framing FDB for some sort of evil is necessary for the nazis to continue to believe their own propaganda. It's simply an ad-hominem argument, taking the messengers to task for the message. A complete waste of time in debate and defence against FDB activism.

Here's a (partial) list of the evils and misdeeds FDB have been accused of by racists:

Tit for tat I suppose.

ordering contract murders of Nazis

That’s a LIE and you know it. No "contract" was drawn up, as such, however an open tender WAS posted on the Internet.

drug use/drug dealing
Various FDB’ers, including Darp, have admitted to it.

covert funding by Jewish interests
One Hundred Percent TRUE and VERIFIED

communism (as if that's a crime)

Well THIRTY MILLION starved and tortured to death in Russia alone isn’t exactly a minor misdemeanour and then there’s China etc.

I'm sure there's many more falsehoods being floated. Feel free to add to the list.

The nazis are only pissed off at FDB because we are wildly successful in shutting them down.

Nope, sorry ‘bout dat, we “Nazis” (as you call us) still here bro!

The internet is no longer a useful organising tool for nazis and racists in Australia- and FDB is in no small part responsible for that closure.
Last time I looked it’s still open for business.

I rather think FDB should be getting paid by the nazis.
Well, I expect since you don’t work for a living like us you have to supplement your social welfare income some way.

Racists work very hard at spreading their message- FDB really only offer a bit of assistance in their hunt for publicity. Regardless, I'm not terribly interested in the nazi bullshit of the day. The nazis are not setting the agenda- we are.”
Oh mercy! That’s simply way too funny.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Revalooshinary Left...

Any White Nationalist can tell you the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters are not exactly the sharpest chisels in the rack (deliberate understatement) but old Victor honestly can’t recall the last time he stumbled upon a sadder bunch than RevolutionaryLeft.Com. These wasters make Darp and Co appear like MENSA material by comparison.

Victor’s assessment? Dumb but dangerous.

Posted: Jul 14 2006, 05:30 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 80
Member No.: 13998
Joined: 21-January 06

“Some skin took a photo of me today at the rally- shit!”

Posted: Jul 14 2006, 06:15 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 16
Member No.: 16129
Joined: 14-July 06

“Damn, sounds like the Nazi's are spreading accross (Sic) Australia faster than they are in the UK. How successful are the fascists in the polls over there?”

Black Dagger
Posted: Jul 14 2006, 06:22 PM
Juche, i'm lovin' it
Group: Local Mod
Posts: 2267
Member No.: 8481
Joined: 13-September 04

“They're not! Oz has a two-party system, the closet thing to 'fascists' or perhaps more accurately the BNP, was One-Nation - but they're basically defunct. Though they are defunct in part because the current (neo)Liberal party government has largely adopted their Indigenous and immigration policies.”

duck monster
Posted: Jul 15 2006, 04:24 AM
Group: Member
Posts: 1
Member No.: 16000
Joined: 5-July 06

Hey, Duckmonster from FDB here. Nice to see new crew operating. Lets get some intel sharing. We've got a lot of intel that can help you guys if you want to get stuff happening.

We recently lost pretty much our main guy in queensland (rip brother ) and yeah.

Theres (Sic) a few rather serious nutters in QLD, particularly in Toowoomba (In particular, the guy who posts the batshit insane rants about how the local catholics are collaborating with the joooooos to , I dunno, be sinister or something.)

But welcome to the struggle guys.

I'll let you in on five tips: 1) Nazis are cowards of the highest order. 2) Always take the initiative. 3) The situation in australia is not that of the UK,US,Canada, etc and theres (Sic) no need for violence of any sort. There are legal and nva (Sic) ways to defend your community 4) Intelligence is everything. 5) We are winning.

Yep, good old Donald is always only too willing to help with good advice. Jeez, but I hope (sort of) those pencil necks don’t all BELIEVE that ALL “Nazis” are cowards! Someone might sort of …erm… push their luck and get a nasty little surprise. Oh well.

Then along came “Rollo”. Big talkin’ Rollo

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 04:34 AM
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“Ofcoarse (Sic) we are winning. Thats (Sic) why they had to post a thread on stormfront warning the rest of the idiots not to make deals with us. Because they need to be told what to do. I've been confronted by them a number of tiems (Sic) alone and I don't look like the kind of person that would put up much of a fight and they have done nothing to me and if they do they are giving themselves a bad name. The media always exaggerates things.

You don’t SAY!

Who cares if they have your picture? They have my picture and anybody else can have my picture. I'de (Sic) post my picture here with no hesitations if the rules didn't disallow it. Seriously tho these people usually suffer from issues in the past or just plain ignorance, look at Baron Von Hund now. Few weeks ago he was an angry looking nazi and now he's apparently thrown it around for the better.”

He’s a tough guy this “Rollo”. Kinda reminds me a bit of Darp.
Brave Rollo. Noble Rollo. Defender of the weak and clueless.

rioters bloc
Posted: Jul 15 2006, 04:41 AM
sista autonomista
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“hey, and welcome!

always (Sic) glad to see any anti-fascists on this forum

i agree, fortunately the situation in australia (Sic) is as yet not anywhere near as bad as say in the uk. (Sic) thats (Sic) not to say that there isn't the potential, but as duck monster pointed out much of it has been successfully suppressed”

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 06:12 AM
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“I'm just thankful they haven't got the braincells (Sic) to form a legitimate political party. We don't need another BNP or any of that shit.
Though even if they did that, ARA, AFA, Antifa Hooligans can shut that down too .”

So Zero “the hero” is another Anarchist just gagging for blood eh?

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 07:29 AM
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“Yeah Australian nazis (Sic) tend to be dimwitted. By the way I don't recallt (Sic) here being a NZ redwatch."

Yeah! They’re all dimwitted eh “Rollo”? Not like YOU eh?

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 07:41 AM
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“It's relatively new, been going a couple of months now. It was started by Nicholas Miller (Bonehead who organised the beating of 4 Somali youths in 2004, was involved in desecrations of Jewish cemetaries in Wellington and tried to run me over, amongst other things), and is now run by a few contributors including Perry Adank (Blood & Honour NZ head) and George Walters (Nazi bus driver).

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 08:15 AM
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"Link me in PM or some crap and I'll copy it in my bar so they don't track it so I can see if I can get it shutdown."

Brave Rollo. Noble Rollo. Defender of Free Speech.

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 09:07 AM
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*NEWS FLASH* New redwatch as arisen. Redwatch Australia!

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 09:51 AM
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“Funny site”

Posted: Jul 15 2006, 09:53 AM
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“Yeah, I herd (Sic) that the real anzis (Sic) were going touse (Sic) the blogger to create redwatchau (Sic) so I quickly did it myself to hold the space and inform people about the opposing threat!”

Duh! Rollo’s reel itneligunt ay? Wot a gay erm I meen guy I think…no wuz rite.

Any further commentary on the preceding quotes would be superfluous.

The idiocy speaks for itself.

The Anarchist Mutual Masturbation Society

Just so that in the future when the Fight Dem Back Criminals deny any links to real bomb throwing, militant and extremist Anarchist groups planning violence right here in Australia here’s some more sickening examples from the “Revolutionary Left” Forum where they are backslapping (and probably “Turkey Slapping”) each other for their “good work”.

Vomit bags on standby...

Posted: Jul 12 2006, 01:53 AM
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“Greetings all

I'm raz from .... good to see the qld fash being rattled by being watched at their bbq.
Well done, the more antifa the better.
There's a lot going on at the moment, most of it behind the scenes. Expect to see some prominent fash from Aus & NZ having their dirty swastika undies aired on FDB real soon.


Posted: Jul 12 2006, 03:30 AM
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“Hi all,

aketus here from as well. Glad to know there are some peeps in QLD fighting the fight!

Keep up the good work.”

Posted: Jul 12 2006, 06:06 AM
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“Hey, you FDB guys really know how to keep a guy entertained! I love the site, I was reading back through some of your profiles on the like 9 aussie fash's who use the Internet .

Keep on fighting the good fight!”

Posted: Jul 12 2006, 07:02 AM
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Hey, you FDB guys really know how to keep a guy entertained! I love the site

“Cheers, we try our hardest”
Anarchia: An excess of the passion for liberty.

Fight Dem Back!: Fighting fascists in Aotearoa & Australia

Save Happy Valley Coalition

Posted: Jul 12 2006, 08:57 AM
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“FDB is great, really liked the article about New Right. Keep it up.”

Posted: Jul 12 2006, 10:10 AM
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“hehe, I wrote that one
There's more to come on that note in the next couple of days, so keep watching. just got to scan some stuff.”
Anarchia: An excess of the passion for liberty.

Fight Dem Back!: Fighting fascists in Aotearoa & Australia

Save Happy Valley Coalition

More lunacy from Planet FDB...

Oh boy!

It just gets flakier by the day over at the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum, truly lunar stuff.

You really couldn’t make up stuff like this.

What particular drugs ARE they on?

Joined: 12 Dec 2005
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Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:44 am Post subject:
“There is no such thing as racism against white people. At least not the kind that actually causes any suffering to white people.”

Of course, all those lying statistics about White victims of crime don’t mean shit. Hey, and just as a matter of interest what planet DID you just beam down from?

“We need to condemn in the harshest terms any attempt by the media, police, or the right, to paint racism as being something black people do to white people.”

Erm… I thought you already WERE…

“What do I care if black people insult me for being white? We outnumber them a hundred to one.”

Someone can’t count. Whites only constitute about 5 percent of the Earth’s population.

“Black people have every reason to be "racist" against white people.”

Oh, well that’s okay then. I’m glad you verified that one ‘cause I wasn’t sure…

Joined: 01 Jul 2005
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Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:42 pm Post subject:

“FDB is a single interest group - to combat race-hatred and I guess FDB has sharpened its focus to target white neo nazis. So be it. That's what we do. There are other targets. If you're concerned about it - target them yourselves.”

And there you have it folks! In Black and White (so to speak) the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s creed. They only target WHITE so-called “Racists”.

political tar baby
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Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:42 pm Post subject:

“It will be a profoundly sad day in Australia when he-said-she-said becomes a basis for prosecution.”

Good. Does this mean, as this is ALL you ever bang on about, you’ll now be shutting the fuck up?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What do the Revolutionary Left have planned for a certain Queensland barbecue?

They’re an excitable bunch, these friends of the Fight Dem Back Criminals. They call themselves Anarchists of the Revolutionary Left and advocate extreme violence, including murder, when “dealing with” White Nationalists. These certifiable nutters and their other mates over at the OPP Site are idolised by Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW and Brian Stokes AKA ‘Weezil’ of Round Corner Dural NSW due to their “hardcore” credentials.

The Fight Dem Back Criminals have masturbatory fantasies of co-opting their “services” to wield against “the fash” (read: Anyone who doesn’t worship Multiculturalism) and to use them as their frontline shock troops to disrupt and break up meetings and demonstrations by White Nationalists. Their ultimate dream is of having the numbers and being able to send in “flying squads” of Red thugs to bash White people involved in Cronulla style protests.

Multiculturalism is the Criminal Cabal and the Fight Dem Back Gangsters are its self appointed champions and enforcers.

From the Revolutionary Left Forum:

Posted: Jun 15 2006, 07:29 AM
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Rioters Bloc (very clever )- No, there isn't any such group in Queensland, or even Australia that I know of. There is an anti-fascist newspaper in Canberra published by some Anarchists, but that's about it. Organised fascism is a relatively new concept around here, the last organised nazis being the Nazi Party in the 70's.

Cheers, Ian, I'll keep that in mind.

I was just wondering-

we plan to have a website for this new group, with the faces of these fascists on it. I was wondering if anyone knows and free website services that would allow me to put peoples faces on them. Also, does anyone know if there is some law in this country prohibiting us from doing that?

Posted: Jun 15 2006, 08:06 AM
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2 things.

1. Any developments, PM me.

2. Check out

Posted: Jul 3 2006, 06:40 PM
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QUOTE (3sevens @ Jul 3 2006, 11:10 AM)
How about you attend our next BBQ.

“How about you post the address that your next BBQ is being held at so the maximum number of us can turn up?

We can have a game of baseball or cricket (or both), don’t worry we will bring the bats and we will make sure to bring some cocktails too, it will be fun.”

Posted: Jul 3 2006, 07:04 AM
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Cheers man, I'll take note.

“Nazis at Stormfront have noticed Yeah- they're right- I do feel like a tosser hiding in the hedge to watch a fuckin barbie... (what a waste of time!) Let's hope you feel all 'warm and fuzzy' when I blow you to bits with a 'martini, shaken not stirred' instead of hiding... if you get what I mean.”

Ferg Posted: Jul 12 2006, 02:59 PM
A bad mutha fucka
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QUOTE (black banner black gun @ Jul 10 2006, 09:28 PM) CODE
I was upset to be watching the Olympia event from afar, but praise Odin, the NSM has decided to come pay a visit right in my back yard! This ought to be fun. More details as they become available.

Sorry, for the double post but if NSM is a neo-Nazi group, don't pussy out by screaming and holding a sign man, you have to go Joe Pesci on those Fascist fuck's ass. Fascists rape children....don't forget that as it will become motovation (Sic) to fight.

Old Victor knows you read this site Mr. Federal Agent, so he’s going to put you on the spot here. Sorry mate, but are you REALLY going to stand by and let these Leftist lunatics attack a group of Australian Patriots going about their lawful business of having a barbecue in a public park? Or are you going to stake the place out and fall on these Marxist idiots like a ton of bricks the moment they show their grimy, unwashed faces, with the intention of provoking and perpetrating violence? If a single White Nationalist is injured in a cowardly attack by these gutless Red turds with their Molotov Cocktails and Baseball bats then that blood will be on your hands.

Over to you…