Thursday, July 13, 2006

Aboriginal housing attacked?

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Aboriginal housing attacked

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Location: palace of the proletariat Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 11:28 am Post subject: Aboriginal housing attacked
“An aboriginal housing house (dunno the proper name) got vandalised in clovelly (Sic) park and got tagged with such lovely things as NO ABOS etc etc.I cant find the news article (it was a smallish article in the advertiser today).I wonder if our friends at the PYL/Australia First had anything to do with it. This was the only house vandalised but then again they are cowards so yeah. The cops are investigating (you cant damage government property!) so we should soon find out.”

Ignoring for one moment “Adam214”’s gush of verbal flatulence regarding the imagined “cowardice” of his imagined perpetrators, one is led to seriously ponder how anyone could TELL whether or not the house in question had been “vandalised” apart from some “graffiti” which could have been put there by anyone INCLUDING the resident himself or his neighbours!

I have seen many houses occupied by Aborigines and, on first observation, most convey the distinct impression of being derelict or abandoned wrecks. Almost without exception, Government housing occupied by Indigenous Australians is, at the very least, very poorly maintained and at worst, extensively vandalised on a routine basis by the occupants themselves.

This is classic “Straw Man” (or Boogeyman) stuff on a par with the Alabama “Church Burnings” or New York “Synagogue Vandalisms”. Does anyone, including the Police themselves, actually BELIEVE these incidents anymore? There are SO many cases World wide of the authorities discovering these “crimes” were committed by the so-called “victims” it is ridiculous.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is yet another good case for defamation of the Australia First Party. It is so clear the Fight Dem Back Criminals are attempting to vexatiously interfere with a legitimate Police investigation and throw them Red Herrings in an attempt to put innocent White Nationalists in the frame.

Disgusting and shameful…


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