Tuesday, July 25, 2006

adam grows a set

The talk is just getting tougher by the day over at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group’s Forum:

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raz wrote:
As an aside to this, I was somewhat amused to read in a post on a left wing forum by a minuteklan supporter a plea for sympathy. It appears in some areas of their private border patrol the minutemen have encountered armed resistance from the organised criminals whose bread and butter is to smuggle illegals across the border. Turning back helpless wouldbe illegal immigrants is one thing but the fash were crying foul when they encountered organised criminals who were willing to fight back. The guy involved was quoting 8 such incidents in 10 days in early July.

“YAY maybe a cap in there (Sic) arse and they might stick to hunting animals when drunk.”

Making his avatar the most disgusting and hated symbol in Human history under which many tens of millions were tormented, oppressed and tortured to death (a hammer and sickle Communist flag) isn’t enough for our Adam. He’s also got to imitate a ghetto Nigger gangster and talk about “poppin’ caps” in people’s arses!

You’ve got to hand it to these FDB’ers. Just when you think they’ve hit rock bottom they surprise you by simply taking it down another notch.

Pure class.


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