Thursday, July 20, 2006

Captains of Credulity

It’s been said that the only thing worse than a person who’ll believe anything is the committed sceptic who will believe absolutely nothing. Well the Fight Dem Back Criminals score on both counts. They reject out of hand any claims made by White Nationalists regarding their criticisms of Multiculturalism and will always call for references, statistics and proof to back up these claims. Yet even when sources and statistics are provided they contest their veracity and refuse to acknowledge their validity to the argument.

Yet strangely, on the other hand, they will accept, over the Internet and at face value, the unsubstantiated words of persons they have never even met. Persons, like the mentally disturbed John Humpherys, who so obviously have an axe to grind and will say literally anything to exact some form of revenge for perceived transgressions.

With absolutely no effort made to validate the most outrageous slur against a White Nationalist they will take up the story and run with it, often expanding on the tale and extrapolating the lies. Why? Quite simple really, if it sounds controversial enough and supports their smear campaign then it must be good.

The recent Frank White outrage is not the first, and sadly will doubtless not be the last, time an innocent Man has been targeted for smear simply because of his sincerely held political belief. Yet with a classic case of mistaken identity they simply shrug their shoulders at the “collateral damage” they have caused to an innocent businessman. How many other innocent bystanders are going to be riddled with political buckshot as a result of their reckless shotgun approach?

But in typical style and with supreme arrogance, in accordance with their protocols, they never explain and never apologise. As far as they are concerned, their twisted political manifesto is a total no fault policy. They can say anything and do anything and get away with anything. Why? Because, thus far, as the “useful idiots” they are, they have been allowed to do so by the authorities.

But it is gradually becoming apparent that they are wearing out the friendship with some of their “minders” and it is only a matter of time before they are cut loose to suffer the consequences of their crimes… alone.


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