Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clown Fish and Anemone

Over time, many in the White Nationalist movement have likened Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW and his …erm…“colourful” inner circle of social misfits to clowns, albeit potentially dangerous ones. Their symbiotic relationship with the Internationalist Marxists, Anarchists, Islamists and other Anti-White, Anti-Western extremist groups is now well known to the Australian Federal authorities, largely due to the excellent work done by White Nationalist groups in exposing this insidious network of “enemies within”.

Many an unsuspecting person, regardless of their Political affiliations, through becoming embroiled in a disagreement or conflict with the Fight Dem Back Criminals find themselves threatened with violent retaliation from Anarchists, Zionists, Unionists, Islamists and any number of other lowlife swill. It is a fact that even many on the Left have also become targets for Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW’ s particular brand of spite. This ties in well with the Darpist pattern of behaviour outlined in a previous post, that of habitual provocation and third party involvement in any conflict. Cowards like Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW prefer the safety of committing crime by proxy.

The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang’s relationship with these third parties is like that of the Clown Fish which entices and lures the unsuspecting into the toxic tentacles of an anemone-like cluster of vicious Leftists and affiliated political thugs. It is a similar tactic to that employed by gangsters who send their smallest and weakest individual to goad a member or members of a rival group, then once the weakling is abused or bashed the excuse is then established for the mob to descend upon their enemy in revenge.

It is precisely this type of business agreement that exists between the Darpist criminals and their supposedly more mainstream and “respectable” puppet-masters of the old Left Wing establishment and their more shadowy Zionist overlords. The likes of AIJAC, the ECAJ, the ADL, the CFMEU, the AMWU, the CSJC, their agents within the Australian Judiciary, the Greens Party, the Australian Labor Party, the Controlled Media etc, etc allow Darp and Co to roam about attracting attention from and attacking White Nationalists so the disputes that arise may be “handed on” to these supposedly more “legitimate” organisations to “finish the job”. The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang goads, lures, entraps, infiltrates, harasses, pursues. The rest prosecute.

The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang is, by their very own terms of definition, a “Racist” hate group. The evidence is vast and incontrovertible. It is Anti-WHITE “Racist”. It is Anti-Western, Anti-American, Anti-Anglo. In this respect it is actually somewhat old fashioned and antiquated. It has more in common with the Seventies’ Vietnam moratorium loonies than anything else.

It is Anti the host White European culture. The Whites within the group are self loathing types driven by two major factors, the perceived “original sin” of White guilt and a strange version of the Stockholm Syndrome in relation to the various ethnic bullies it courts. Having allied itself with many far heavier political “players”, its destiny is now inextricably linked with some extremely nasty elements.

The White Fight Dem Back Criminals are like the child in the playground who, painfully aware of their intrinsic weakness and vulnerability, rather than simply avoid the bullies actually makes desperate attempts to ingratiate himself to them by assisting them in their selection and targeting of other weaker specimens. Just as the Jewish “Kapos” are said to have done in the Concentration camps.

The specific reasons for this behaviour would vary slightly from one individual to another and, the truth being too painful and embarrassing to face, each would naturally have their own unique “blocking mechanism” to allow them to justify to themselves what they do.

But basically it is all down to sycophantic appeasement of people these misfits fear yet wish to impress and their resentment against a society and system they never felt part of due to their intrinsic awkwardness, contrariness and subsequent general bitterness as people. Show me a Leftist and I will show you a person with severe and possibly irreparable psychological and spiritual damage. All Leftists are “damaged goods”. As the highly respected Croatian Nationalist writer Tomislav Sunic says; “I have never seen an attractive Leftist.” adding “They are all physically as well as spiritually ugly”. It is as if the damage within manifests on the outside like poison percolating to the surface.

Like all Leftists, what they do is “intellectualise” and “politicise” all their personal failings as Human beings, blaming the perceived slights against them on largely imaginary villains whom they demonise and attribute with incredibly exaggerated negative qualities. It is always someone else’s fault. They hate me because I’m much more enlightened, intelligent, empathic and sophisticated than them and NOT at all because I’m a whiny little dobbing shit who wants everybody to think like me.

Normalcy, following rules and “fitting in” is to be despised and they convince themselves they are somehow brave individualists. Yet ironically the ultimate expression of their Leftism is extreme Racial, Social and Political conformity and “inclusiveness” underwritten with draconian authoritarianism. This creed is blatantly obvious from the puerile and vulgar drivel posted on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang’s Forum.

Old Victor is absolutely convinced that, much like its closely related condition Homosexuality, Leftism is primarily a mental disorder and should be diagnosed and treated as such. Any reasonable person, upon reading Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW’ s lurid and often violent claptrap would be compelled to conclude he is criminally insane and should be institutionalised immediately. In the common vernacular, he is one sick puppy.

But until that happens, old Victor advises that ALL White Nationalists avoid being drawn into the venomous tentacles of the Leftist anemone by totally refusing to engage the Fight Dem Back Criminals in ANY form of dialogue, tempting though it may be at times. The recent past has proven beyond any doubt that nothing good can ever come of communicating with these vile creatures.


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