Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Darp scrapes the bottom of the barrel

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group's Forum:
"We White Nationalists don't DO requests."

Darp Hau
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Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia. Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:20 am Post subject: "We White Nationalists don't DO requests."

Yes Mr Campbell.

You may not do requests...

But you're not shy when it comes to making them.

And then to prove he is totally out of ammunition, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ reproduces (yet again) an entire E-Mail that was originally part of PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL correspondence between Kromlek and Ms. Marnie O’Neill a reporter for the Daily Telegraph Newspaper.

Why O’Neill chose to supply all of that correspondence to Henderson-Hau and whether or not she feels happy for him to keep using it is unknown to Victor Whitelaw but one thing is certain. She did NOT ask Kromlek’s permission to post these E-Mails to (very) interested third parties and in particular his sworn political enemies so they might be used for their benefit.

In this respect, as previously mentioned on this site, she has clearly violated professional integrity, compromised source confidentiality and so-called “Journalistic ethics” (Ha! Ha!). She certainly can NOT argue she committed this breach “in the public interest” because she supplied this information to another interested party with an axe to grind rather than to another professional who might utilise the information in an objective, responsible and unbiased manner. God help us.

Also, she has never used this information herself to write an article on Cronulla or so-called “White Supremacy”. So, was she a “mole” for Darp from the start, or was she “turned” later on in the piece after contacting Henderson-Hau (on Kromlek’s suggestion) for HIS opinions?

Was she already a “fuck buddy” of Darp’s or did she fall victim to his “I am Darp, women love me” snake-oil charm after meeting him and looking into his doe-like, dark Brown eyes?

Either way she has disgraced herself both professionally and personally and he in turn does her no favours whatsoever by recycling this stuff ad nauseam. It is clearly nothing more than petty and indulgent spite that motivates him, as the information bears no relevance at all to the subject matter.

Even among the ranks of journalistic filth, Marnie O’Neill of the Daily Telegraph Newspaper has proven herself to be a particularly low unit down there in the toxic slime with the utter dregs like Joe Hildebrand.


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