Thursday, July 06, 2006

David Heidelberg R.I.P.?

Rot In Pus…

Although it is an accepted truism that one should not speak ill of the dead, it is also very difficult to feel any sorrow at the passing of this filthy creature. “After a long illness” is more often than not a benign and polite euphemism for either suicide or A.I.D.S. or some other disgusting disease. Perhaps after many years of struggling with his sexual perversity this secretly self-loathing predator simply necked himself?
One can but hope.

Call old Victor overly cynical, but would it be too much to suggest that this might be simply another ploy, albeit extreme, to throw the White Nationalists off the scent? After all, one would have to concede that word had probably reached our David that certain persons had been making discrete enquiries about his whereabouts and that these persons were getting very close to being able to “out” him to the Queensland authorities for the repellent little pervert he is/was. After all, deviants who write Queer Porn are hardly the type one wants working with children are they?

You see, one thing ALL the Fight Dem Back Criminals must remember is that the blade they wield cuts both ways. They initiated the personal attacks on decent White people simply on the grounds of their political opinions and actually succeeded in having several dismissed from their employment for no good reason. They were the ones who first “played the Man and not the ball” totally ignoring the real issues and avoiding the political arena in favour of vicious and criminal personal attacks.

Is anyone out there truly naive enough to believe that these victims of the Fight Dem Back Criminals can ever forget these violations of their personal privacy and the damage caused to their livelihoods? These people, old Victor included, have very long memories and will not simply forgive and forget. This vendetta will run until vengeance is achieved, justice is served and all the Fight Dem Back Criminals are brought to task for their actions.

Sadly missed?
Perhaps by the Fight Dem Back Criminals, but he will be missed by REAL people with about as much sadness as one mourns the passing of a bad case of haemorrhoids.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, say I.


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