Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ding Dong David’s Dead!

This fine contribution was sent in today via E-Mail. Old Victor concurs with the obsevations made. In fact, considering the vile sicko that has just passed on, I find the post quite restrained.
The staff at Whitelaw Towers are saddened to report the passing of Queensland’s own member of the Fight Dem Back liars club, David Heidelberg. We would like to express our sympathy to David’s family but we won’t. We would rather celebrate the passing of this Marxist liar by exposing him for what he really was. A total nut job with Homosexual tendencies.

Our brave David while battling with his terminal disease managed to find the energy to volunteer his services to Fight Dem Back and Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp in the way of harassing a Patriot from Toowoomba and his young family. Exactly what his intentions were for when and if he met this man and or his family is unclear. But one could guess that he was not going to sit down and have a nice cup of tea.

David Heidelberg was only too willing to travel to Toowoomba and carry out orders for Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp. Possibly he was going to stalk this man’s family or threaten physical violence. As you will see further on maybe he was planning on sexually assaulting this man and or his family. We will never know his intentions but maybe Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp could enlighten us by providing the Private Messages he exchanged with poor dear departed David.

David HeidelbergCask Wine Socialist
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Hey, that's my neighbourhood. Want me to go and have a chat with them?

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It's cool man, we're dealing PM me anyhoo

As I sit here writing this, all types of feelings come flowing from me for our Brave David. I wonder how he was taken from us. With a little investigation one could assume that he may have been a victim of his own sexual perversion.

Posted by David Heidelberg under the heading - I want to **** Baron Von Hund:

“It's not often that I feel compelled to expose my inner most fantasies, however tonight I feel particularly free and unburdened from my internal defence mechanisms.

I dream of painting myself black, then standing in front of the Baron naked. He will then fall to his knees and take my beautifully circumcised rod deep down his mouth. I hear a muffled gag, as I feel my cock hit the back of his throat.

I then proceed to wrap myself in the Israeli flag, and roll him over. The Baron lets out a shriek as I enter him. In only a moment I'm discharging my impure fluid deep into colon.

He thanks me for allowing him to be my slave, and I put him back on his leash.”

Little is known about the true identity of David. But he did leave us with some clues. David was a 35-year-old possible male whose star sign was Virgo born in the year of the Dog. He was a professional musician, full time student studying to be a counselor. He worked with children with intellectual disabilities and was the FDB main man in QLD. It must be noted also that with the recent lack of Internet postings over the past months another one of FDB’s QLD criminals also disappeared. Leaving one to conclude he may have also been the one and only Tim Heggarty?

Let’s look at some other brave words from our dear departed Fight Dem Back Criminal as David expresses his feelings towards a WA Patriot who was also stalked by the mysterious Tim Heggarty.

"Hey Ben? Suck a dog's dick."

David enlightens us with his feelings towards a certain female.

"If in fact she is a crack whore as her appearance would suggest, I feel sorry for her. Otherwise, she can get fucked."

David’s plans to destroy peoples’ lives by spreading lies.

"I would post your picture and details all over the web. I'd letterbox drop your neighborhood, go to the press, and do whatever else it takes to expose you for the vile infected boil that you are. Fortunately for you, Darp is clearly not as much of a fuckwit as I am...".

Well that would be debatable David.

The people of Queensland should feel safer now that David has passed on. It is rumoured that this man would have had his Blue Card revoked at any rate for his past comments. But we will never know. Would you let this man counsel your children let alone have him in the same room with them? I would suggest not.

One can but hope that whatever he had was highly contagious and has infected his Fight Dem Back Criminal bum chums or “fuck buddies” as Darp calls his pals. Ha ha ha!

So goodbye David. Thanks for all your great work. You will be sadly missed by the Marxist community. Who said good things don’t come to those who wait?

Tissue anyone?


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