Thursday, July 20, 2006

Donald 'duckmonster' Oorst's heroes get tougher by the day...

Oh, oh! The lunatics are coming out of the woodwork now over at Revolutionary Left and FDB who, considering they share much of their membership, are in effect increasingly becoming one and the same group.

This one’s an absolute Gold plated CLASSIC:

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“If the job's too hard, too difficult, or not 'sexy' enough for you, then I suggest you stand down, cos (Sic) at the end of the day anti-fascism should be inclusive, not exclusive. Anti-fascism isn't a sect where everyone is a mate and everyone has a similar outlook on life, similar taste in fashion, music, etc, its a movement that should attempt to build bridges with all sections of the community. If that's not for you, then channel your energies elsewhere, cos (Sic) politics ultimately means working with lots ofr (Sic) people you might not otherwise have much in common with. Those "bottle throwing idiots" if given the chance, might one day prove to be amongst the most committed, hard-working anti-fascists around. On the other hand they might not be, but then you would never even have bothered to find out, would you?

One of the most committed anti-fascists I ever met was a Rod Stewart and Elvis presley (Sic) fan who we bumped into in a subway one night while he was waiting to mug people. Instead of dismissing him as a 'braindead idiot' we talked to him. It took several months, but eventually we won him over. He remained a steadfast anti-fascist for the best part of twenty years until his untimely death. There is a vast well of anti-fascist feeling lying untapped in communities all over the world. If we make the effort we can reap the rewards. Or we could just be content to be in tiny little sects with our mates.”
"Why are you so quiet? When these are fighting times"

Attentive readers will note that NO mention whatsoever is made of whether the mugger was “rehabilitated” or not following his “conversion” to the religious dogma of “Antifa”. You can read between the lines on this one very easily.

The filthy Reds cruise the streets searching for (other) losers, dropouts and no hopers, “convert” them and refocus their hatred and sociopathic tendencies on White Nationalists or anyone else who is White and does not embrace the Multi-Cult.

How very noble.

But wait, there's more...

Comrade Marcel
Posted: Jul 4 2006, 06:05 AM
neo-Maoist of some sort
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“Sorry, that's the dumbest thing you could do: argue with a fash/nazi. (Sic) Who in their right mind would give someone the plaform (Sic) to debate their right to exist?!?!?”

“I say: "To the gyms, leftists!"

“I don't see the point in actually having an intellectual debate with any of them. Best thing is just to counter their every moves whether it be demonstrations or flyer posting.”

“Right on, comrade!”

“One thing is for sure, more leftists need to work on their fighting/shooting/self-defense/survival skills.”

“Frankly, I don't understand why this discussion is going on yet again. It has been debated to death in this forum, and time-and-time again the overwhelming majority has concluded that violence is necessary against fascism.”

“Toronto, Ontario Canada was plagued with boneheads in the early '90s. Anti-Racist Action and allies used militance, (Sic) self-defense and some anti-fascist used preemptive (Sic) attacks at certain times, and now the city is virtually bonehead free. It's a very rare occasion to see a bonehead here. The tatics (Sic) worked”.

“My advice is to take martial arts if you think you are going to be fighting them. Also make sure you always have good numbers on your side, and if you have low numbers then have weapons, and if no weapons it helps to be able to run if needed.

Posted: Jul 5 2006, 08:15 AM
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“Well if your gonna (Sic) be breaking their skulls i (Sic) suspec (Sic) they wont be needing their self esteem for a very long time as they go through painfull (Sic) process of learning how to walk and talk again in hospital, and the even more painfull (Sic) process of learnign (Sic) that they may never be able to do even that. And then finding out that you just cant (Sic) remembber (Sic) who your family is, and trying and trying but you just cant....”


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