Saturday, July 29, 2006


The utter waste of “education” (read: Indoctrination)

There is no good reason why, once the basics of reading, writing and ‘rithmatic are attained, an able bodied youth should not be a fully contributing member of society. All learning subsequent to this should be informal and gained through the University of Life. This contribution must be made of course before any entitlements, rights and privileges are bestowed upon him or her. To extend voting rights, for example, to people still in the grip of academics and “curriculum facilitators” is politically suicidal for any Culture.

Cynically exploiting the natural tendency for young people to be rebellious and challenging to the status quo, these Left Wing “teachers” (read: Marxist Commissars) merely advance their own specific political agendas through their young charges. They insidiously manipulate the young minds and steer them toward the permissiveness and “inclusiveness” of Internationalism and the concept of the no borders, One World Order.

Nationalism, Cultural and Racial pride are all presented as intrinsically evil and oppressive and a Pavlovian reaction is imprinted which prevents them, like an electric cattle prod, from challenging this perceived politically correct “wisdom”.

Inculcated with Leftist dogma and useless “information” they are poorly equipped to deal with reality and instead spend their days sneering at the real World and ridiculing the Nation State as the great evil rather than identifying the real villains who make the average person’s life little more than serfdom.

Even a total waster like the mongrel Darp might have proven to be a functionally useful member of society had he left school at sixteen years of age and took on an honest trade rather than wasting taxpayer’s money by goofing off through high school and university, taking illicit drugs, while getting more stupid and politically indoctrinated by the day. He is living proof of the folly in indulging our youth with access to a taxpayer funded endless “academic” fun ride.

The result of this nonsense known generically as “education” is NOT a generation of greatly enlightened and intelligent young people but the exact opposite. The more worthless stuff and nonsense crammed into the heads of the young the less room there is for truly useful life skills and experience based knowledge and wisdom. The Marxist indoctrination process stifles any opportunity for free thought and as a result most of our youth have not had a truly original thought in their entire life.

This is dismally reflected in the almost total absence of creativity and originality in what passes today as “Art”. Visual “Art” for example has been reduced to a sad parody which relies more on primitive, scatological graffiti than the glorification of Humanity.

The whip of political correctness ensures no troublesome Cultural or Racial awareness comes to the fore of their consciousness and the lies of today’s pseudo science which claims such ridiculous concepts as “no such thing as Race” guarantees the true culprits behind the New World Order tyranny are never identified. For the first time in many years we have a generation or two of young people who are not, on the whole, more capable and proficient than the preceding generations. Despite their apparent “skills” in coping with the wonder toys of new technology, they have regressed in the areas of basic personal communication, common sense and free thought departments to the point where they are now little more than robots, easily programmable receptacles for the Leftist political dogma which oozes from the Television and the print media like toxic sludge.

Early on in their lives, White children are loaded up with the crushing burden of “White Guilt” which is similar in concept to the Church’s “Original Sin”. The sins of the father are delivered upon the son. This effectively disables their basic Racial defence mechanisms which are deeply programmed into their genetic matrix. Struggling under this cruel and oppressive yoke of political Correctness they are convinced their Race is responsible for all the World’s evils and that they owe limitless compensation to the other races whom they (apparently) ruthlessly exploited and persecuted.

Conveniently, little if anything is ever mentioned in the anointed version of “history” of the fact that the White European peoples dragged the rest of the World, kicking and screaming, from their wretched primitive state into an enlightened, literate and sophisticated World of Engineering, Medicine and Science. For this service they must be eternally damned and punished with a guilt, which in effect, arrests their further Cultural development. White people’s evolution as a species has been put on hold in the vainly preposterous hope that the lesser Races will somehow “catch up” and then, once no longer needed, those troublesome Whites can be disposed of.

This of course does the non White’s no favours either and merely entrenches their welfare dependence mentality and encourages them to indulge in vexatious complaints of so-called “Racism” against the very people who have improved their lives and prospects for advancement and using White Taxpayers money to do it!

Cloistered in isolation from the real world for so many years in the “education” system is it any wonder that professional “students” like Mathew Henderson-Hau are produced who are not only totally useless in any practical way to society but are actually a terrible burden and menace?

Breathing the toxic and rarefied air of academia, which is comprised largely of the hot air and recycled farts of nutty Lefty professors, the “students” come off the production line with an encyclopædic knowledge of Leftist revisionist “history”,

Not only are they pre-delivered to society more often than not with a feminised lisp or similar speech impediment but are also usually equipped with the obligatory filthy dreadlocks, Ché Guevara tee shirt, John Lennon spectacles and deviant sexual peccadilloes.


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