Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The genius that is Donald Oorst

From “The Legendary OPP Forum” :

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“Oh dear.

They try this shit on a bit don't they. (Sic) I think darp's got some loon bag trying to tell the cops that "Darp is soliciting murder" because , see, some crazy super-zion (Sic) dude was on a forum telling darp that he/she'd like to shoot a particular friend of darps thats (Sic) a jewish (Sic) journalist who's pro-palestinian, (Sic) and darp said "why are you harrassing (Sic) my friend. theres (Sic) real anti-semites (Sic) out there, and my friend (The pro-palestinian (Sic) israeli (Sic) journo) isnt (Sic) one of them".

Aparently (Sic) thats (Sic) soliciting a murder.

The Lunatics.

The fun part is the dipshits leaflet his street with this sort of nonsense.

Not all terrorists are Nazis, but all nazis (Sic) are terrorists.”

“They” leaflet Darp’s street with that “sort of nonsense” do they Donald? Oh boy, I bet that’s news to the White Nationalists. Mind you (tinfoil hats on standby) Darp’s paranoia knows no bounds, so he’s probably telling all his obsequious acolytes that he’s under constant “attack” and they of course believe every word. They love him.

The attentive reader will notice dear little Donald “duck monster” Oorst of Perth Western Australia conveniently omits any mention of the overt incitement to violence, the truly over the top violent threats “Daphne” had been posting or the fact that Darp also posted links leading to the complete personal details of two White Nationalists in his little tale to his overseas chums.

As is typical with the most sly and clever lies it is not so much what is said but rather what is NOT said that conveys the untruth. Donald is perpetuating a lie and fishing for support from people who have no knowledge of the full story. But, knowing who he’s addressing, that would probably make no difference anyway.

The simple truth of the matter is that “Daphne” presented as an unknown gun-toting Zionist maniac who Darp blatantly steered toward two more appropriate and viable (in his opinion) targets in the obvious hope that “Daphne” would do his dirty work. THOSE are the facts of the matter. It is a clear cut case of INCITEMENT TO COMMIT MURDER. Further debate is meaningless and an utter waste of time.

But wait, there’s more!

Things are so simple in the World of the Left, especially if you’re one of the Fight Dem Back Criminal organisation’s “brains trust” like Donald “duck monster” Oorst from Perth Western Australia.

Duckmonster Posted: Jun 21 2006, 03:56 PM

“G'day. Don Oorst from "FightDemBack", an antifacist (Sic) group in australia. (Sic)

I see folks are talking about "legal action" type stuff.

If any of you are in the UK, I'd advise you read this;-


Gutnick vs Dow Jones.

Its (Sic) an Australian case, but boys and girls, we are talking case law here.

That means the heuristics of the case apply in the UK too, regarding jurastiction. (Sic)

It means you can sue a US company in the UK (and there are relevant treaties meaning the judge just orders them to pay and buzz buzz the money flows thru the wire to the UK. One bankerupt (Sic) american, (Sic) and no, the First ammendment (Sic) doesnt (Sic) apply in the UK).

Get a legal attack dog, or a suitably clever law student to write up a threat with teeth, present it to em with the note "Read it and weep".

Problem solved.”


Now old Victor literally fell about laughing at this one. He particularly loved the reference to the “clever law student”. Ha, ha, ha. That wouldn’t be Darp would it, perchance? The really hysterical thing is old Victor can’t imagine any “legal attack dog” being overly impressed with his clients openly discussing their legal strategies on an Internet Forum!

Talk about telegraphing your punches and compromising the integrity of any potential future cases. Incompetency is one thing but is Donald actually TRYING to be stupid? Perhaps he’s secretly working undercover for the White Nationalists?

Old Victor also apologises for the difficulty most readers will have in interpreting Donald’s writings but it is painfully obvious he does not possess English as a first language and has also clearly not yet mastered the super high tech computer function known as “Spell check”. Christ! Even Australia doesn’t get a capital letter from Donald, which probably accurately conveys the contempt he feels for this nation and its culture.

Not all criminals are FDB’ers, but all FDB’ers are criminals.


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