Saturday, July 29, 2006

Glass Houses

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW just doesn’t know when to be quiet and cop it sweet. He needs to treat himself to a good, old fashioned, steaming hot cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP! He’s losing and he’d better get used to it because that’s all the future holds for him. Not only was one of his latest semi-coherent raves on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group's Forum full of lies and half truths but many of the heinous acts he accuses Kromlek of committing Darp himself has done TEN TIMES OVER!

But no, instead of pulling his dopey, mongrel head in, he comes out swinging wildly with some of the most desperate and pathetic stuff the White Nationalists have ever witnessed from him to date and that is saying something. It is clear from the rapidly escalating and increasingly violent rhetoric on the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s Forum, as well as the other Leftist Forums that certain characters like Duck Monster and Raz also post on, that they are extremely frustrated at their lack of success in suppressing White Nationalism.

Darp’s masters would obviously be less than happy with the return thus far on their investment and the pressure will be on Mathew Henderson-Hau to come up with a result soon. Hence the ramping up of harassment, threats and provocation. Sadly, for the Fight Dem Back Criminals, they have used up all their ammunition and are now resorting to lashing out with impotent rage at the White Nationalists. They look more irrational and sillier by the day.

This has resulted in a sudden, almost overnight, increase in ‘new’ members with Communist and Anarchist flags as avatars are appearing along with rabble rousing slogans and overtly violent language. Also, many of the ‘core’ membership have “upgraded” their avatars and online signatures to more radical models.

Darp and his fellow criminals have done nothing to censor, discourage or even ‘counsel’ these wild cards. Why? Because they obviously hope these characters, their own ‘useful idiots’ or ‘expendable comrades’, can be used as cannon fodder against the White Nationalists. Darp’s already legendary cynicism has sunk to new, previously unplumbed, depths lately due to the pressure applied by the White Nationalists.

When it comes to the rather contentious point of RELEVANCY for certain posts, here are the facts, just ONE more time for the World’s biggest dummy:

Kromlek is not, unlike Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp, a darling of the Controlled Media. Kromlek does not push himself forward as a self appointed “consultant” who offers “expert” knowledge and information on Racial issues. Kromlek does not appear in newspapers or on television and radio, like some sort of oracle, “warning” people about the “danger and menace” of his political enemies. Kromlek does not present himself through all these mediums as a defender of social and political correctness who occupies the high moral ground.

It is essential the general public, and in particular White people, are informed of the gross hypocrisy of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp and his fellow travelers of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group. A vital component of this information process is to present a clear, accurate and honest picture of their personal traits, modus operandi and in particular to expose the appalling degree of moral turpitude present within their motley ranks.

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW presents himself as some kind of “concerned citizen” and “moral campaigner” who is battling to protect the general community from “Fascist” monsters and he is aided in this by his very close contacts within the Controlled Media. Of course, this contrived image does not bear up to even the mildest scrutiny and the facts conclusively prove, time and again, for those rigorous enough to investigate, that precisely the opposite is true.

The truth is he is a ruthless, egoistical self-promoter whose creed is “Anti Racism” (so-called) at ANY cost. He actually believes he can be as boorish, obnoxious, immoral and indeed criminal as he likes and people will still support, or even admire him, because of his one (perceived) redeeming feature of (so-called) Anti-Racism. He is a liar and he is an idiot.

Fact One: Kromlek has NEVER set foot in Mathew Henderson-Hau’s street.

Fact Two: Kromlek has NEVER posted a single sticker in, on or around Mathew Henderson-Hau’s street.

Fact Three: Darp has got NOTHING.


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