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Goodbye Mr. Thiik.

But hey, thanks for coming.

Alex Bush, the former editor of the now defunct ‘The Nationalist’ newsletter, has been kind enough to forward on to Victor Whitelaw the following copies of documents posted to him by the so-called Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission.

This is not the first time vexatious complaints have been cynically contrived by the Zionists and their useful idiots, employing stooges such as the appropriately named Mr. Thiik, to attack White Nationalists and ruthlessly crush any dissent against the sick Multi Cult.

About three years ago, Lawyer Stephen Rothman, now a Supreme Court Judge, was the main instigator in an attempt by the Australian Zionist lobby to silence the White Nationalists by bringing an official complaint through the so-called Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission against ‘The Nationalist’ newsletter.

This attempt too failed miserably when it was withdrawn by Mr. Rothman and his Chosenite masters after being totally ignored by the White Nationalists and treated with the utter contempt it so richly deserved.

Victor Whitelaw does not believe that Mr. Thiik wrote the letter attributed to him. It is obvious to Victor that it was either ‘ghost written’ or even dictated verbatim by a person possessing English as a first language and more probably, considering the Grammar and Syntax, a person with a Legal background.

Anyone with even the faintest understanding of the English language in its written form would find it insulting to their intelligence to be expected to accept that a primitive Negroid “refugee” from darkest Africa would construct a letter in this form. Victor utterly rejects this concept and smells a very large and dirty rodent scuttling behind the scenes in the form of a certain Mr. Daniel Toombs, the opportunistic Barrister with his own very specific extreme Left Wing political agenda.

The extent of Mr. Darren Abbott’s alleged involvement in the affair is limited to being subject to Greg Roberts’ wrath upon his refusal to furnish Roberts with a photograph of Mr. Perren when he lobbed, uninvited and unannounced, at the Milne Bay Military Museum. On being asked to leave, the notoriously effete and limp wristed Roberts, obviously emboldened by the presence of his photographer, taunted Mr. Abbott with sneering cries to the effect of “Get fucked, you silly old bugger. We’re the Press and we’ll do whatever the fuck we like!”

This is all the more reason to treat with contempt the use of Roberts as a “source” in Mr. Thiik’s letter. Roberts himself was utterly inept and unprofessional in his unquestioning acceptance of Darp’s “information” regarding Mr. Perren. As has already been explained in a previous post on this site Darp got the wrong man, again. Roberts foolishly took it all hook line and sinker. But don’t hold your breath waiting for apologies or retractions from either Darp or Roberts. These arrogant fools never admit fault.

The HREOC Letter:

Human Rights and
Equal Opportunity Commission

Our Ref: 2016639FC
Mr. Alex Bush
PO Box 113

Dear Mr. Bush

I have received a complaint from Mr. Albino Chol Thiik lodged under the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 ("the HREOCA") alleging racial hatred against you under the terms of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 ("the RDA").

A copy of the complaint is enclosed for your information.

Having considered the complainant's evidence, I am satisfied that Mr Thiik's complaint is lacking in substance. Pursuant to section 46PH(1)(c) of the HREOCA, I have decided to terminate the complaint on that basis.

Under the HREOCA, once Mr. Thiik's complaint has been terminated and he has been given notice, he may make an application to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court for the Court to hear the allegations. The application to the Court must be made within 28 days of the date of issue of the Notice of Termination.

I therefore wish to advise that today Mr. Thiik has been issued with a Notice of Termination.

Yours sincerely

Karen Toohey
Delegate of the President

Date: 21st July 2006

Copy of the complaint dated 22 August 2005
Copy of letter dated 11 November 2006 from The Advocacy & Support Centre as part of the complaint.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Level 8 Piccadilly Tower 133 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 1042 GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 1042
Telephone: 02 9284 9600 Facsimile: 02 9284 9611 Complaints Info Line: 1300 656 419
Website: http://www.hreoc.gov.au Teletypewriter: 1800 620 241 (toll free)

Mr. Thiik’s Letter:

Sudanese Community Association
Darling Downs Australia

22nd August 2005
Background to Complainant

Toowoomba is a regional city in Queensland. It is home to an estimated 750 members of the Southern Sudanese community. The majority of these people are permanent residents having entered Australia as humanitarian entrants in the past three years. This community has been greatly affected by a policy of genocide from the Sudanese government against Southern Sudanese. Members of the Sudanese community are peaceful people making a contribution to the city of Toowoomba. They seek to lead ordinary lives enrolling their children in schools gaining education and employment and contributing to the cultural diversity of the Darling Downs region of Queensland.

Basis of Complaint

An article which appeared in the Australian newspaper dated 22nd August 2005 (Race - hate campaigner unmasked - Greg Roberts) contains a number of statements offensive to Australians of Southern Sudanese background.

In part of the article Mr Perren is quoted from an internet posting as saying,

"....Toowoomba had become a "staging point for the scum of the world to move into rural Queensland... they must be stopped".

SCADDA find this to be grossly offensive. Southern Sudanese people have come to Toowoomba seeking peace and to make a contribution to this country as proud Australian citizens. The term, "scum of the world" disturbs us when we consider the brave people who have fled persecution, through no fault of their own and made a long journey to Australia.

The next internet posting quoted in the article states,

"...On the support of local churches for Sudanese refugees, he said: "When the muds they sponsor come and live here and start to rape and murder their grandchildren, maybe then they will wake up."

The term "mud", used to refer to Southern Sudanese people is again offensive to members of the Toowoomba Sudanese community. To assume that people of a Sudanese background will commit criminal acts of rape and murder is wrong and offensive to any fair minded person. This comment has the capacity to endanger the lives of members of Toowoomba's Sudanese community and incite race based violence. We will refer again to this in the conclusion of this statement.

Greg Roberts article in the Australian also quotes from Mr Darren Abbott, a curator for the Milne Bay Military Museum. Describing the White Pride Coalition of Australia, Mr Abbot states,

"They're not extremists, they're patriots standing up for their country. They say what the majority of Australians think. You just look at the Sudanese wandering around town with no jobs and you have to wonder. A real Australian is a Christian who will stand by our flag."

The statement by Mr Abbott is offensive to SCADDA - the vast majority of whom have been persecuted because of their Christian faith. A recent profile of the Sudanese community showed that 86% of the local population (estimated to be 750) were enrolled in an educational institution. Whilst only 3% are in full-time employment a large number of local Sudanese adults are engaged in casual farm labour on the Darling Downs and in the Lockyer Valley. Local respected employers have publicly commented on the hard working ethic of Australian Sudanese employees.

The second part of Mr. Abbott's statement is also offensive in that it implies that Southern Sudanese Australians living in Toowoomba are not "real Australians" and have no respect for "our flag". Local members of parliament and City Councillors (Sic) all comment on how quickly Sudanese residents are to take the formal steps to becoming Australian citizens. Toowoomba's Sudanese community is proudly Australian with a number of young people seriously considering entering the defence force. For this reason it is quite racist to suggest that Sudanese people are "not "real Australians" nor have "respect for our flag". In terms of Christianity, Southern Sudanese people are strong members of a number of Christian denominations and we have a number of recognised ministers of religion in our local community. It is not a requirement to be a Christian to be an Australian - but nevertheless this statement is a slur against all Sudanese Christians living in this city. It is ironic that at Easter over 100 Sudanese people had a Christian march close to the Milne Bay Military museum. This event had widespread community and local police support.

Complaint Against White Pride Coalition of Australia

The material produced by the White Pride Coalition of Australia is offensive in the extreme. On the basis of material supplied to us by anti-racist advocates we believe Mr. Jim Perren is the local distributer (Sic) of such material and we wish to include him in this complaint. The pamphlet "The Nationalist" has been distributed in Toowoomba over the past few months along with stickers stating "The World's most beautiful Endangered Species White People". The Nationalist which appears to be edited by Alex Bush (P.O. Box 113 Wentworthville NSW 2145) has a range of views which have the capacity to incite violence against people like myself - from a refugee background. The first page of the issue which was recently distributed in the Toowoomba area concluded with the sentence,

"Sent literally mad by the vicious inequalities of Internationalist Multiculturalism the pressure valves will start to blow and I fully expect to see this manifest in an orgy of unprecedented civil violence. Prepare for war."

SCADDA has witnessed the effects that racist attacks can have upon a very vulnerable group of people. In some cases families (including families with a widow as the sole parent) do not feel safe in their own home. Two months ago a widow with children in her house was harassed by a small number of individuals wearing head covering of some sort. A young daughter was approached by a woman who had a head covering and warned that, "she would be back later". This matter was reported to the police - but the family has now shifted house in order to feel safe once more.

In some cases there have been links with distribution of racist material and attacks as described above. Whether the distribution of material and threatening behaviour from a minority are linked or not I strongly believe that views such as those appearing in the Australian newspaper 22nd August 2005 contribute to an environment in which people from a refugee background do not feel safe.


The views attributed to Jim Perren, Darren Abbott, Alex Bush and the White Pride Coalition of Australia are racist in the extreme and are an insult to the dignity and humanity of Sudanese people living in Toowoomba city. SCADDA understands that in a pluralistic society people are entitled to their own opinions and views and embrace this part of Australian society. We also embrace the notion that it is not right to defame or denigrate a group of people in Australia based on their ethnic, racial or religious background. We ask that strong measures be taken against the individuals responsible for the racist views outlined in this statement. These measures should reinforce the message that whilst an individual is entitled to their own views and opinions they are not free to racially vilify a group of people and incite violence against them.

Albino Chol Thiik



22nd August 2005

Dan Toombs’ Letter:

The Advocacy & Support Centre

11 November 2005

Our Ref: DT: alb: Thiik, A
Your Ref: FD:DV

Mr Domenic Vircillo
Principal Investigation Conciliation Officer
Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
GPO Box 5218

Dear Mr Vircillo


We refer to the above matter and to your correspondence to us of 26 October 2005.

We now enclose herewith, copies of documentation as requested in your letter under reply.
Please note that Mr Daniel Toombs is away from the office on annual leave until 6 December 2005. In his absence, Ms Shontelle Kenny will have carriage of this matter and can be contacted on 46 169 700 should you require any further information.

Yours faithfully

Dan Toombs

19A Russell Street, PO. Box 594 Toowoomba 4350
Phone (07) 46 169 700 Fax (07) 46 169 777

*Toowoomba Community Legal Service *Rural Women’s Outreach Legal Service
*Community Support Program *Disability Advocacy *Tenant Advice & Advocacy Service (Qld)


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