Saturday, July 08, 2006

Radical maaan…

Is slandering, harassing and having people sacked for their political beliefs not enough for you? Is stalking fifteen year old boys and threatening to have Trade Unionist thugs bash them just not getting you hard anymore? Is sending all the personal details of certain White Nationalists to Anarchist Punks and other absolute head cases in the hope they’ll “do something about them” barely adequate to keep you interested anymore? Is hacking people’s Social Security files and Personal Computers still not quite “radical” enough for you? Is calling up White Nationalists’ and heavy breathing down the phone to their wives and daughters just too tame? Well, perhaps you need to “get with the program” and follow dear Donald Ducky’s lead…

duck monster
Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 2:00 am Post subject:

“I always thought it'd be cool if the ARA or something similar set up in Australia.
FDB is cool and all, but its pretty much strictly research and the odd press release or two. Effective tho.”
Duck ftw.


Fuck The World eh Ducky? Yeah, good on ya, you MORON. That just about says it all for you though don’t it?

Does ARA* = Anti Racist Action or Arse Raping Anarchists? Don’t really matter to ducky does it? So long as there’s some real action and hopefully (somebody else’s) blood to keep things interesting eh? Those gutless Fight Dem Back Crims just luurve violence…but only if they can watch from a safe distance…


* Actually ‘ARA’ is notorious in Europe and particularly the U.K. for cowardly and vicious acts of extreme violence on anyone, including the ruthless bashing of Women and elderly people, who dare to question the criminal cabal of Multiculturalism. They are the absolute ragged edge of Left Wing politics, networking and cooperating closely with Anarchist street gangsters, and are among the Cryptocracy’s most “useful idiots”.


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