Saturday, July 08, 2006

Respect the Dead Pfffff

This just in from an Interstate contributor. Victor cannot fault the observations. They are spot on:
Yes folks the people at Whitelaw Towers have come under attack for comments on the Passing of good old David Heidelberg.

For example, this blatant threat from the well known Anti-White Racist “adam214”:

Joined: 22 Dec 2005
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Location: palace of the proletariat Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 5:41 am Post subject:
R.I.P david as for assclaw as the great channel 5 weather reporter ollie williams said HE'S GONNA GET IT!.
karma is a bitch
watch out for ZOG!

Comments from FDB member Razz about the use of a “double barrel shot gun” have been noted and filed away with many other threats of violence against White Patriots. Yes FDB, we saved that one before Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp of Eastwood NSW instructed Razz to remove it. UN lucky!

We at Whitelaw Towers believe that we have the right to criticise this paid up member of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation, even in death. This type of criticism is not unknown at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation. As many here know, the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation is well known for this type of behavior, I would go as far as to state that they threw the first stone. As one patriot in WA can assure us even parents of White Nationalists who have passed away eventually end up being spoken of disrespectfully by the Loony Left. Not to mention past comments about Skrewdriver lead singer Ian Stuart who was tragically taken away from us in what was almost certainly an arranged “accident”.

A quick search on the Internet shows that the Loony Left is quite adept at disrespecting the dead. Here is a great example from “” one of Donald duck monster’s favorite hang out’s and another favorite hang out for what we know is a Left Wing pedophile network, more on this later.

Posted: Jun 24 2006, 04:07 AM
"My great granddad died about a month ago, and ever since he was young, in the nazy army fightin for hitler, he has been well you guessed it A NAZY! so i thought i would pay old gramps buriel site a visit and took a dump right on it. I thought about pissin on it, but thought well atleast i'm fertilizing the earth by shittin on it lol. Never liked that old racist bastard"

And more:

“LOL, well i guess i cant really PROVE to you he was a "bad" nazi but if you wouldve known him then you would agree. I pooped on his grave because i was trying to think of a way to disgrace him without totally annialating his grave, and pooping, to me at least, is pretty disgracing. I mean i wouldnt want anybody pooping on my grave”

Pure class eh?

So I say to you Fight Dem Back Criminals and Left Wing maggots, don’t pull the stand up guy routine on us. Old David was a paid up member of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation. So that makes him fair game just like Ian Stuart and Ben's Parents have been to you. The Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation made it personal by attacking us with media connections, sending files to our employers, blackmailing us and threatening us at every opportunity.

We have noted that the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation, having failed in crushing the Patriotic voices of the Right, are now considering changing tactics. We shall respond to this in kind if need be. This is a tactic we know very well. So I say to you, the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation, the harder you push, the more you lie, the stronger and more resolute we will become.

The staff at Whitelaw towers will continue to show the world how sick and depraved the Left have become, a Marxist generation of “me first”. Your disrespect for White Culture and our way of life is nothing short of pathetic. You are losing the battle. The people of this country and other once great White Nations are slowly seeing the devastating effect of years of Left Wing dribble. As each day goes by we learn more and more of the deception being played out in the media and other Left Wing circles.

So FDB, shut your mouth, better still go get the legal advice you always shriek about. In court we shall prove who has been stalked, intimidated and harassed. Get the lawyers rolling so we know whom they ARE. Show us the mighty empire of the Left, so we can show the world!


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