Thursday, July 06, 2006

Some of the funniest comments from the Heidelberg Site:

Sad news. I knew David through Fight Dem Back ( ) and he was a genuinely caring person.

My thoughts are with his family...

Asher Homepage 07.06.06 - 12:13 am #


A “genuinely caring person”? Yeah right, he really came across as that in his writings didn’t he? Not. Just WHO do these Marxist maggots think they're fooling?

My deepest regards to David's family.

David's dedication to anti-racism alone made him an honorable (Sic) man.

We'll miss him.

weez Homepage 07.06.06 - 12:33 am #


Apart from the fact that “honour” would be as alien a concept to Weezil as Golf would be to an Aardvark David Heidelberg was a committed RACIST of the highest order. A dedicated Anti-White RACIST.

Our prayers are for you all at this time Linda. May Christ have mercy on him and comfort you and those who loved him.

He will be missed.

saint 07.06.06 - 11:38 am #

If there is indeed any justice in this Universe and considering he was a filthy pervert who couldn’t wait to get his hands on the kiddies I doubt Christ or anyone else on “the other side” would have much “mercy” for him.

David dedicated a lot of his time to FDB and always kicked in some spare cash to keep the show running. He never backed down from a piece of Nazi shit and always wore his heart on his sleave. (Sic) We'll miss you mate.

Darp Hau Homepage 07.06.06 - 1:49 pm #

Well that’s an indictment if ever I heard one. Darp admits he was a full, FINANCIAL member of the Fight Dem Back Criminal organisation and as such is deserving of nothing but the absolute contempt of any decent moral person. But no wonder Darp loved him so much. The bludging parasite would obviously adore anyone who had some cash to... erm... supplement the lifestyle to which he's become accustomed. Designer drugs ain't cheap y'know...


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