Saturday, July 08, 2006

Too far?

My White arse!

The Fight Dem Back Criminal Hate Machine is going into warp drive hissing and spitting at the Victor Whitelaw team’s lack of compassion for David Heidelberg. The hypocrisy is quite palpable. After all, it simply is not possible to outdo the obscene disrespect the Fight Dem Back Criminals have consistently expressed in the past when a White Nationalist figure dies. The sickest jokes have been made by the Darpists, Darp himself included, about the deaths of everyone from Ben Weerheym’s parents to Ian Stuart to Eric Butler!

Too far?

Get OVER it!

No, Darp “going too far” was organising obscene phone calls to Kromlek’s Wife and Sixteen year old daughter last December. Broadcasting Kromlek’s personal details including his work’s mobile number to Newspaper reporters claiming that Kromlek was implicated in the so-called “Cronulla Riots” and that he could “assist them with their enquiries” despite the fact that Kromlek had zero to do with Cronulla. Organising (the ficticious) Tim Heggarty and Joel Kaplan to harass and threaten Kromlek and Ben Weerheym and even Stug by E-Mail. Having Kromlek’s computer hacked. Illegally accessing the Social Security details of several White Nationalists. Giving Kromlek’s personal and employment details out to the A-Grade lunatic John Humpherys so that now Kromlek is suffering phone harassment at work and at home at all hours.

Darps “fuck buddies” (Darp’s term. Not ours) and the other pretentious prats at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation should climb down off their high horses and remember, as they wail and gnash their teeth, that it was Darp that got them into this mess to begin with. Without Darp’s malignant narcissism driving the engine of hate that is Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation, most of them would have remained as wandering wasters making no political impression at all. Without Darp’s morbidly indulgent ego the precious prima donnas currently venting their impotent rage at Victor Whitelaw would be lolling about, drug addled in their wretched bed-sits, masturbating to Midnight Oil while fantasising about the second coming of Gough Whitlam.

They can certainly dish it out but they can not take it!

Besides, this entire Darpists Vs White Nationalists affair has not been about politics for at least the last Twelve Months. Darp and Weezil in particular made the whole thing very personal and it has been played out like a good old fashioned gang feud, nothing more nothing less. If the Fight Dem Back Criminals were an honourable bunch one might respect them for being a tough and capable enemy but this is certainly not the case. They have proven to be the lowest of the low and are now being treated accordingly.

As far as the threats go, yeah! Blah, blah, blah! The Darpists can go as hard as they want on who they THINK Victor Whitelaw is or are. The cold hard FACTS are they have not even a shred of evidence to prove who is involved in the project and might be advised to exercise extreme caution when launching Revenge Attacks on White Nationalist targets.

Raz was not quite quick enough to edit his post threatening “Pete” with “both barrels” but has maintained that it is now “open season” on Kromlek.
Oops! THAT'S gone TOO now...
Tsk, tsk,tsk!
Much desperate "house cleaning" would appear to be going on over at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation...
But you know what’s strange? Shouldn’t Victor Whitelaw be the “target” of his blind and violent rage? Ah well, in the loony World of the Left one so-called “Nazi” is as good as another I suppose.

But Victor would like to thank Darp and his bum scum brigade anyway for at least coming out (so to speak) and openly declaring on the Internet their intentions to wreak revenge upon Kromlek for his perceived part in this gross disrespect of a fallen Lefty.

Good on ya Darp! Keep leadin’ with that chin…

A final word.

David Heidelberg was filthy Red scum.

Now he’s DEAD filthy Red scum.

End of section.


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