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We love your work Frank

Oh boy, this is PRICELESS stuff!

Go you good thing!

Yet ANOTHER example of Darp’s criminal activities backfiring on him.

Taken From the Blogsite:

Fightdemback crosses the line!

Recently I was smeared by an Australian anti-racist group known as ‘fightdemback.’ This group is your basic run-of-the-mill ‘antifa’ group headed or represented by an individual named Matthew Henderson-Hau (AKA 'Darp Hau' and 'Darp'). They claim to oppose fascism while working to crush any opposition to their beliefs. Hypocrisy? YEP! Go figure!

This dangerous group made the following baseless accusations against yours truly in the above link:1) This turning over of a new maple leaf lasted roughly a month or so. A month in which we left Frank pretty much alone and called off the heat. The 'heat' you ask? A little Blue Jay tells us that a journo from the Toronto Star began making a few enquiries about a former Creator who picked up a $15000 contract with the Canadian Immigration Department (CIC).Hold onto your tuke's, it gets better.

The mission statement for the CIC is as follows:

2) Now, it does seem a little odd that an organisation espousing the above sentiments would contract out to a guy who harbours the following beliefs.-WHAT A SURPRISE! a blood sucking *Omitted* looking for an easy buck. If he wins we should revoke all the *Omitted* university degrees from Fort Hare etc… since the *Omitted* suffered over it.- Personally, I am getting out of Canada ASAP! People like me are risking heavy tribunal fines and other BS by simply posting our views on sites like this one. Canada has become a thought police-state.

3) Heh - Frank was more than happy to accept $15000 from said 'police state'. Sounds like it's another case of "poor whitey" being victimised into the dirt doesn't it? Those evil doyens of multiculturalism, the CIC are driving Frank underground and stripping him of his rights …and then handing his Aryan master-race, upper class arse a cheque for 15 grand for services rendered. Go figure

FDB is basically accusing me of accepting a contract from ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada.’ I personally believe that Matthew Henderson-Hau (AKA Darp Hau, Darp) is the author of the above smear because he made me aware of the existence of the smear, he promoted it on another so-called ‘antifa’ website and created a link to this smear piece on his own website.At first I dismissed this accusation as a delusional lie from a creature desperate to strike back at me for putting him in his place on another forum:

But then I thought to myself that FDB made very specific accusations! They included specific dollar amounts and the name of the government department that allegedly offered me this mysterious $15000 contract! So I did some checking of my own believing they came up with something that lead them to believe what they stated.I went to the government website FDB made reference too, clicked their search engine and typed in my name. I proceeded to run the search and I came up with a business that had received a $15,000 contract (Amount rounded off to the nearest thousand makes it $15,000). Interestingly enough the business did include the name ‘Frank White’ (no initial) in the corporate title.

Here is the problem, FDB failed to confirm that the ‘Frank White’ of that particular business was the same ‘Frank White’ as yours truly. It never occurred to FDB that the government business regions of Ottawa and Toronto alone have over 3,000,000 people and that there could be more then one person named Frank White in that large population group! FDB carelessly assumes that I am this individual without even bothering to confirm it!Well, this oversight on their part was serious as they did indeed get the wrong Frank White! I never tendered a bid for any contract from ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ nor have I ever been awarded any contracts from that body nor have I ever received any monies from that body.In other words the people at FDB inadvertantly (I think!?) but carelessly maligned an innocent man whom they thought was yours truly as a racist. As well they have threatened the survivability of this business by attributing rather angry slurs made 4 years ago by yours truly to a man who never made them as they told the world who his employer was and the amount of the contract awarded! What happens if CIC gets wind of this smear? It would not be hard for the CIC to find a contractee named Frank White who attained a $15,000 contract from their office! What do you think would happen to this innocent business man and his corporation?To make matters even worse if that were possible FDB not only carelessly misidentifies an innocent business man who received a contract from the CIC of being yours truly!But Darp goes even further by setting the wheels of a Canadian ‘antifa’ harassment campaign in motion against an innocent business leader and his business! Even though his evidence that allegedly identifies me is flimsy and pathetic at best he still does the following without confirming the identity of the targetted soul!

DARP HAU: I notice you guys have been back in touch with some Canadian antifa. Well, we need them to come on board with a VERY fun little project we have going.

Will email DLJ as a back-up to this ..but yeah, please forward this onto all your Canadian antifa contacts.Daryl Lamont Jenkins: Got the email and you should be getting a message from Toronto. They were most appreciative.DARP HAU: Cheers mate.-Matthew Henderson Hau (AKA ‘Darp Hau, ‘Darp’) in an exchange with Daryl Lamont Jenkins – ‘Legendary OPP Forum’ – ‘Canadian Contacts Needed’ – Posted: Sunday, June 25, 2006.

Just to fill everyone in Daryl Lamont Jenkins is essentially another so-called Darp-like ‘antifa’ activist though a tad brighter than Darp which does not say much in itself. He operates out of the United States and heads a group called 'One People's Project.' I am not the least bit surprised that Jenkins was more then happy to help Darp with this distasteful little venture. Speaks volumes about that man! I will be covering Mr. Jenkins in a future entry so I will go back to Darp…So what kind of 'people' has Darp intentionally exposed this innocent business man he thought was yours truly!?


Get the message folks!?Sadly Mr. Henderson-Hau presents himself as some kind of a law student! Here is a law student who has carelessly exposed an innocent business to the dregs of Canadian leftist society. He did so thinking he was yours truly based on the flimsiest evidence and a gross lack of reasoning in identifying the proper target of FDB’s venom.Why such carelessness? I would attribute it to a lack of common sense on FDB's part. For a short time I had a crisis of faith so to speak for the nationalist cause which quickly went away. Sadly it never occured to FDB that this was a genuine reflection on my future and the prospects for the future as a WN. Nope! They had to decide that I had an angle and concocted this wild conspiracy theory for lack of a better term to explain this crisis. All they have succeeded in doing is placing an innocent group of people at personal and financial risk.FDB and Darp should ashamed themselves, they have proven beyond doubt that they are indeed a threat to innocent people due to their own fallacious minds, McCarthyist mindset, willingness to make accusations based on non-substantiative evidence and their outright careless yellow journalism. Even after being told by yours truly that FDB's information was wrong in the link below...Darp declined to remove the smear from site:


‘Fightdemback’ has crossed the line of free speech and I will be taking lawful but productive action of my own.I have forwarded a copy of the FDB link in question to the a certain lawful Canadian civil rights group for further action if need be. This Canadian civil rights organisation is active (lawfully active of course) in defending the reputations and well being of the innocent from leftist racial McCarthyists. Sadly this innocent business may need their assistance thanks to the careless behaviour of Darp Hau and FightDemBack; I will bow to their judgement on how to deal with the serious issue should they agree to do so.I will keep you all updated!

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