Thursday, July 13, 2006

What do the Revolutionary Left have planned for a certain Queensland barbecue?

They’re an excitable bunch, these friends of the Fight Dem Back Criminals. They call themselves Anarchists of the Revolutionary Left and advocate extreme violence, including murder, when “dealing with” White Nationalists. These certifiable nutters and their other mates over at the OPP Site are idolised by Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW and Brian Stokes AKA ‘Weezil’ of Round Corner Dural NSW due to their “hardcore” credentials.

The Fight Dem Back Criminals have masturbatory fantasies of co-opting their “services” to wield against “the fash” (read: Anyone who doesn’t worship Multiculturalism) and to use them as their frontline shock troops to disrupt and break up meetings and demonstrations by White Nationalists. Their ultimate dream is of having the numbers and being able to send in “flying squads” of Red thugs to bash White people involved in Cronulla style protests.

Multiculturalism is the Criminal Cabal and the Fight Dem Back Gangsters are its self appointed champions and enforcers.

From the Revolutionary Left Forum:

Posted: Jun 15 2006, 07:29 AM
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Rioters Bloc (very clever )- No, there isn't any such group in Queensland, or even Australia that I know of. There is an anti-fascist newspaper in Canberra published by some Anarchists, but that's about it. Organised fascism is a relatively new concept around here, the last organised nazis being the Nazi Party in the 70's.

Cheers, Ian, I'll keep that in mind.

I was just wondering-

we plan to have a website for this new group, with the faces of these fascists on it. I was wondering if anyone knows and free website services that would allow me to put peoples faces on them. Also, does anyone know if there is some law in this country prohibiting us from doing that?

Posted: Jun 15 2006, 08:06 AM
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2 things.

1. Any developments, PM me.

2. Check out

Posted: Jul 3 2006, 06:40 PM
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QUOTE (3sevens @ Jul 3 2006, 11:10 AM)
How about you attend our next BBQ.

“How about you post the address that your next BBQ is being held at so the maximum number of us can turn up?

We can have a game of baseball or cricket (or both), don’t worry we will bring the bats and we will make sure to bring some cocktails too, it will be fun.”

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Cheers man, I'll take note.

“Nazis at Stormfront have noticed Yeah- they're right- I do feel like a tosser hiding in the hedge to watch a fuckin barbie... (what a waste of time!) Let's hope you feel all 'warm and fuzzy' when I blow you to bits with a 'martini, shaken not stirred' instead of hiding... if you get what I mean.”

Ferg Posted: Jul 12 2006, 02:59 PM
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QUOTE (black banner black gun @ Jul 10 2006, 09:28 PM) CODE
I was upset to be watching the Olympia event from afar, but praise Odin, the NSM has decided to come pay a visit right in my back yard! This ought to be fun. More details as they become available.

Sorry, for the double post but if NSM is a neo-Nazi group, don't pussy out by screaming and holding a sign man, you have to go Joe Pesci on those Fascist fuck's ass. Fascists rape children....don't forget that as it will become motovation (Sic) to fight.

Old Victor knows you read this site Mr. Federal Agent, so he’s going to put you on the spot here. Sorry mate, but are you REALLY going to stand by and let these Leftist lunatics attack a group of Australian Patriots going about their lawful business of having a barbecue in a public park? Or are you going to stake the place out and fall on these Marxist idiots like a ton of bricks the moment they show their grimy, unwashed faces, with the intention of provoking and perpetrating violence? If a single White Nationalist is injured in a cowardly attack by these gutless Red turds with their Molotov Cocktails and Baseball bats then that blood will be on your hands.

Over to you…


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