Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Regarding the “Treachery Case”

Just when you think Darp's hit rock bottom he ratchets it down another notch. Jeezus! This idiot's so low he could limbo under a lizard or parachute out of a snake's bum!
The staff of Whitelaw Towers, in particular the people of our Queensland Bureau, have been fully up to speed on the entire “Let’s make a deal” affair from the very beginning, our antennae receive much "chit chat " drifting on the ether, so no amount of Darpist lying will convince them they are wrong in taking Benny’s side in this matter.

The worst that Benny can be accused of is naivety and foolishness, a sucker for punishment, certainly not “treachery”. The White Nationalists believe there was no malice in his admittedly poorly thought out dealings with Darp. The Fight Dem Back Criminals are like all cowards and liars, they recognise the good nature of decent people as weakness and exploit it for their own benefit.

All true White Nationalists will see this latest beat up for what it is, a desperately frantic attempt by Darp to divert attention away from his now VERY well publicised cowardice over this past weekend. He is thrashing about in a lather of impotent rage and embarrassment.

The entire stunt is so pathetically transparent it’s laughable. A non existent so-called Private Detective, yep that’s correct folks, there is NOBODY by the name of ‘Tim Heggarty’ with an investigator’s license in Australia (believe us, we checked) is still attempting to harass various White Nationalists via E-Mail.

Think about it. If the White Nationalists WERE doing anything seriously illegal why would it be even necessary to put a gumshoe on their case? Surely it would be a simple matter for the regular Police or the Federal Security Agencies. Besides, the Fight Dem Back Criminals have always denied they are being funded from above so how could they even AFFORD a P.I.? Or are we to believe this ‘Tim Heggarty” is providing his services pro bono?

It is always very easy to tell when Darp and his bum chums have got nothing and are on the back foot, they go very, very quiet and Darp, my gentle readers, is currently quite conspicuous by his total absence. Believe your old Uncle Victor, Darp’s got a lot more bad news to come yet. The end game has only just commenced.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A lament for Darp

The tables strained ‘neath loaded platters and all manner of gastronomic delights enticed the party goers. Liquor flowed. Exotic meats smoked enticingly on the barbie. “Send in the clown!” sang the minstrel, clutching his lute and an ice cold ale but he was nowhere to be found, poor, sad little clown. He had promised the kiddies a circus and, excited at the prospect, they had flocked from all corners of this wide brown land to behold the wondrous talents of this legendary and most gifted of jesters.

But tragically he let them down. His bright baubles, his precious silver eggs, had been lost, feared stolen, and he refused to appear without them, essential as they are to his act. He felt incomplete and emasculated, stripped of his steely spheres he was not even half the clown he used to be. He was last seen on Sunday afternoon sharing a taxi with Krusty as they headed for Uncle Mick’s fortified bunker, mayhap to seek sagely legal advice but more likely for tea and sympathy.

You just keep me hangin' on...

MH: “Hello Mat speaking”
JP: “Yeah Mathew”
MH: “Yes”
JP: “Yeah, Jim mate, how ya going?”
MH: “Which Jim man? Lots of Jims in my World”
JP “Jim from Queensland mate”
MH: “Ah Perren, how are ya champ?”
JP: “Yeah, good mate, hey look do we need to give you some money to get a cab down here? Or some CRC for your balls of steel?
MH: “Um”
JP: “...or, how do we getcha down here?”
MH “Well, where are you Jim?”
JP: “Well you've already had a call telling ya, I mean it's on the Internet”
MH: “Yeah, okay, okay, can you give me any other incentives other than being graced with your innocuous [?] presence, I mean other than that?”
JP: “Innocuous presence?”
MH: “What else can you use to get me down there mate?”
JP: “I dunno, you’re the one who wants to stop me from having free speech, you tell me”
MH: “Ahhh, you can shoot your mouth off as much as you want, you give us endless hours of entertainment, you know, I don't really care what you say”
JP: “We were hoping...cause like um we were going to have to get another speaker in there because we were hoping you would come and explain to us how Multiculturalism is so good for this country, I mean we would actually......
HP: “Last time.....”
JP: “....have sat here and listened to what you had to say”
MH: “Oh ok, that's interesting, we did things a little different this year, so.....”
JP: “What?....”
MH: “If, if we can be arsed....”
JP: “What did you do? What did you do this year?”
MH: “You'll find out over the next couple of weeks Jim”
JP: “Aaaahhh, we'll find out in the next couple of weeks, right, okay”
MH: “You don't sound like as much as a umm, as a southern Queenslander as I'd thought you would sound you sound a bit more umm, sound a bit more like a Brisbanite I must admit”
JP: “Okay, gimme more”
MH: “There’s nothing really much to say mate, you called me, you've obviously got something to say...”
JP: “Ah, I'm just trying to figure out like umm, what, do Southern Queensland people sound different to Brisbane people or something?”
MH: “No it's just, there's a bit more of a drawl going on, it's not like a far North Queensland.....”
JP: “Like a Texan drawl?....”
MH: “Well I....”
JP: “There ya go mate, I'm up from far North”
MH: “Slightly, slightly different mate from a Texan drawl....”
JP: “Okay....”
MH: “I think it's a very pleasant accent anyway....”
JP: “Ah mate, I feel privileged....”
MH: “I think it's charming, I think it's beautiful...”
JP: “Ah, there ya go mate, so ya not going to turn up then? We have to wait two weeks to see you, the thing is.....
MH: “Well.....”
JP: “I'm only in Sydney, like for ....
MH: “I've got to work mate, so, you know, I gotta work, I know.....(inaudible)”
JP: “I was looking for you yesterday....”
MH: “Oh really, were ya?”
JP: “I thought you guys were going to come down and see us”
MH: “We went and came, we went through Chippendale on Friday night and had a bit of a sort of skulk around there and....”
JP: “Chippendale....”
MH: “And we got all the things we needed to do there, so....”
JP: “Did ya? Right....”
MH: “You know, we've actually had our fun already this weekend, so....”
JP: “Oh have ya? I hope you've got some good stuff on me?”
MH: “Oh, you had a long drive down from Brisbane to see us a couple of months ago, which was interesting....
JP: “A couple of months ago?”
MH: “Yeah”
JP: “Really?”
MH: “Actually it was more than a couple of months ago, it was actually ages ago, but I dunno, but I really don't give a fuck Jim to be perfectly honest, I do what I've gotta do....”
JP: “I just like to know, like um....I mean....Matthew, I mean, you know, you’re the one that keeps on saying you want ground rules and stuff, you wanna sort 'em out mate, I've come to you because your balls of steel and your tentacles of power, that should make sure, that I, that people like me can never have any chance of having free speech, um.....”
MH: “Where....”
JP: “Cause you’re stopping me from doing it, I mean like, you've got an opportunity to sit with me and work this out, but um....”
MH: “How do I stop you from doing it?.....”
JP: “I just wanna know what the ground rules are mate, cause isn't that what you wanted?”
MH: “In terms of, wait, wait, start again, what do you mean by ground rules and then explain how I stop you from having free speech?”
JP: “You’re the one...., I wanna hear what you have to say mate, cause I,... you’re the one that wants the ground rules and this ah........”
MH: “How, how, how, how, how do I want ......?”
JP: “That's what you guys keep saying, youse [ inaudible ] puppets”
MH: “Any sort,....... where and when do I say that?”
JP: [ laughs ]
MH: “That’s the bit that kills me, like you talk about ground rules and you say I'm the one who wants them...”
JP: “You’re the one that tries to get onto Asgard mate and work out these ground rules, well, you know, you wanna work out.....”
MH: “It's not necessarily working out ground rules as such, it's common sense, it's like, if we want to piss-fart around with one another, you guys have your opinions, I have my opinions, we get them across, you know.....but [ inaudible ]”
JP: “Your opinions aren't getting across mate, all your opinions are doing is, like um, I don't know what you’re doing', I just think you've got a big head mate, you just don't like other people disagreeing with ya.....”
MH: “It's not really making' much sense.....”
JP: “It's not like, it's not like you’re fighting for the country or anything, Mathew, it's not like you care about the, um, the patriots and stuff in this country, it's not you give a rat's bum actually....
MH: “I don't actually, I don't actually think that you’re patriots [ inaudible ]”
JP: “What, what do you think we are then?”
MH: “Oh mate, you know, I got various [ inaudible ]”
JP: “Come on tell me, what do you think I am?, I've seen what you've told people in the newspaper what you think I am....”
MH: “I think, I think you’re a socially maligned bloke who lives in a bit of a fantasy world insofar as what he deems his sort of concept of what an Australian is.....”
JP: “What’s the fantasy World I live in?, as an employed man, with a family who owns his house, who works his arse off and pays taxes, I live in a fantasy world?, mate, I mean, I can't live in a fantasy World 'cause I gotta pay bills.....”
MH: “Well I....”
JP: “What's the fantasy World I'm living in?, what, the fantasy world where we all have the right to free speech....?”
MH: “The fantasy World [ inaudible ] speech”
JP: “Is the fantasy World the one where we have free speech without being harassed and maligned because you know as well as I know Matthew that all that information that you put out about me is false and if you deny that mate, you’re a fool, cause you, apparently your intelligence is so good you should know that yourself, but you don't tell your friends, do ya? You don't stop them from saying the bullshit about me, do ya?, you know they were all lies, so you tell me...”
JP: “Ya there?”
[ pause ] [ beeping noises occur every few seconds until end of transcript ]
JP: “Oi!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Hello!”
MH: “Keep talking'”
JP: “Ay?”
JP: “What? Are you a cab driver or something, what's with all the beeping going on?”
[ pause ]
JP: “Hello!”
MH: “Just keep talking”
JP: “Hello!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Oh, I should probably hang up, he's tracing the call....”
[ pause ]
JP: “I can hear all the beeping in the background....”
[ pause ]
JP: “I think we probably got about two and a half minutes before they actually trace it back to where we are....”
JP: “Yeah, no, I am in Sydney Mathew, I'm probably just down the road from you, hello?!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Hello!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Mathew, you agreed to come down here and explain to everybody down here....”
JP: “Hello!”
JP: “Your beliefs and how you lie, come on, hello!”
JP: “Oh, the beep is getting close, holy shit we're done, well boys put your tinfoil hats on”
[ pause ]
JP: “Matthew what are you doing?”
JP: “Hello!”
JP: “I dunno, he must be looking for his [ inaudible ] or some shit”

Monday, August 28, 2006

Darp was totally OWNED!

NO doubt about it folks.
The insipid little Middle Class brat certainly copped a nasty spanking (politically speaking that is) on Sunday afternoon.
Obviously unable to muster his regular praetorian guard of CFMEU and MUA Unionist thugs to form a protective phalanx to escort him through Tempe to the Sydney Forum, Darp decided outright retreat was the better part of valour. Were the Police also no longer interested in providing a taxpayer funded auxiliary security squad for yet another of his time wasting stunts? Were his bum chums in the Media, including the grotesque little troll Joe Hildebrand of the Daily Telegraph, no longer willing to ride shotgun on a Darpist escapade whilst chronicling their hero’s “mighty achievements” for the daily chip wrappers?

One wonders if, even as you view this humble post gentle reader, yet another Kevlar (Hrrmph*#@BULLSHIT!%*@$*) punching bag is being torn apart by Darp’s bare hands (Best watch out for them Kevlar fibres son, they’re every bit as nasty as Fibreglass...pffthbwahahahahhaha!...erm sorry...) to sate his Maori berserker rage (Oh, pur leeze!) at his humiliation by the White Nationalists. But what a feather duster this little Red Rooster’s turned out to be. Oh the rage, oh the fury, oh the fuckin’ BULLSHIT!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hee! Hee! Hee!

PER iceless!!!!!!!!!!!

The curious case of the disappearing Darp

Today, on this 27th day of August in the year of our Lord 2006, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp proved conclusively what the White Nationalists have always known, he is all mouth and trousers, a barber’s cat (all piss and wind) and a big girl’s blouse After bragging for weeks that he would turn the Sydney Forum into a “circus” the lead clown failed to show. Not only did he fail to show but even when INVITED he failed to appear. Yes, that’s right, you read it correctly. After waiting with great anticipation for the filthy shower of Red scum that is FDB to arrive at the Tempe venue, one of the guests, a certain Jim from Queensland, called Henderson on his mobile phone around lunchtime enquiring as to when the gathered throng might bear witness to the legendary, Trans Tasman, metallic gonads of Darp (to be precise he was asked when he would roll into town on his steel balls) and was informed abruptly “We’ll be there at Four!”

When Four o’clock came and went with still nary a sign of the recalcitrant Darp, Jim called him again and a most humorous conversation unfolded with Henderson totally on the back foot and with no decent comebacks at all, so, so very much different my friends from his confident, wisecracking online persona. Jim put him on the spot with many incisive and pertinent questions. Did he require CRC lubricant to smooth the action of his depilated testicles? Did he require the Sydney Forum guests to pass the hat around and raise the cab fare to Tempe? Why would he not grab this golden opportunity to lecture the crowd with his thoughts on the boundless benefits of Multiculturalism? Why the sudden shyness? Oh, they (FDB) had employed a “different approach” this year. Yes, they certainly HAD said Jim, they hadn’t shown up at all! No need, said Darp, they obtained everything they needed on Friday night! Precisely how this related to his total non appearance at the Sydney Forum was not explained.

The gutless little worm twisted this way and that, initially feigning ignorance about who he was talking to, where he might be and the significance of the event, then turning to threats regarding devastatingly useful intelligence apparently gleaned from “skulking about Chippendale on Friday night”. Is “skulking” to be taken as a Darpist euphemism for “stalking”, “spying” or other illegal activities? He then refused to converse any longer but left the line open for several minutes after stating “Just keep talking”, probably just to soak up Jim’s phone credit.

But strangely, about half an hour later he phoned again, possibly after squirming with the humiliation of being revealed as an invertebrate coward, informing the White Nationalists that he could be found with his friends at a Fitzroy Street Marrickville address. This was swiftly followed by a text message confirming the details. Despite the obvious misgivings that this was almost certainly a trap of some design, five Whitelaw Towers staff members, including two members of the Queensland bureau, were immediately despatched to confront Henderson and his motley crew of misfits.

Upon arriving at the address they were confronted by a very low rent facility, replete with low rent crowd, in an industrial area. It was basically an old warehouse or factory premises being used as a Punk Rock venue. Jim and one other entered the premises in search of Darp while the other three waited outside ready for a quick ‘dust off’ operation and possible retreat in the face of overwhelming enemy forces. They need not have been concerned. Darp was nowhere to be seen and the sixty to seventy patrons were nothing more than a bunch of skinny teenage Punks out for a good day of music, booze and drugs.

Strangely, Jim and his mate felt right at home within the venue as it was, according to them, a one hundred percent WHITE crowd with many attractive females. In fact it was the first place they had been to during their Sydney stay that was NOT Multicultural! Ironic really, considering the claimed purpose of the gig was as some sort of benefit or support show for a fallen Anti-Racist activist! The American accent of the singer was as exotic and “enriching” as it got. Despite his rabble rousing comments between songs about “Neo-Nazis” and “Fascists” being just down the road at the Sydney Forum and how they must be “smashed”, the kids were just there to dress up in their raggedy clothes, check each other out, bang their heads to loud music and get shit faced. Two of the Whitelaw boys commented that the music was cool and they’d have liked to have stayed for the gig, the Five Dollar door charge was certainly more than reasonable, but after a brief photo opportunity at the front door the five lads went back to Tempe.

Proof that your average “Punk” or “Anarchist” would simply not know what to do when confronted with a real White Nationalist, in their face and on their doorstep, was obtained when a couple of the lads, dressed in WN regalia, and at point blank range, taunted about a dozen or so standing around the entrance. They quite simply just didn’t know where to look and the expressions on their faces ranged from absolute bewilderment to abject terror. Please get me outta here. Tragically funny and the lads actually felt genuinely sorry for these young “Punks” who talk so tough yet look like frightened girls when faced with reality.

So what of Darp, gentle reader? Well, he obviously thought this stunt a jolly jape and a useful diversion from his good self. He has since utterly refused to answer his phone or hung up immediately he realises he is talking to a White Nationalist again. But DID he do this as mere wild goose chase or did he really think that the Whitelaw staff members would get stomped by an army of angry Anarchist Punks? Hmmm…

MUCH more to come on this story.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jim and Tim

Everyone’s favourite sock puppet, the greatest imaginary friend since Mr. Garrison’s Mr. Hand, the hilariously named Tim Heggarty (Private I extraordinaire...pfftt!) has made yet another unwelcome appearance. Unless the late and unlamented David Heidelberg has mastered the art of channelling cryptic messages from beyond the grave we must assume that Darp or another FDB bum chum is now doing the honours in his permanent absence.

Call Victor a silly old conspiracy theorist but I concur unreservedly with Mr. Saleam’s observation that Fight Dem back is a “Black Op”. Call it a “Front” a “setup” or whatever, believe Darp is a willing dupe, a useful idiot or an unconscious patsy, but it is CERTAINLY not what it seems on the surface. History is replete with examples of similar operations conducted by the various security services of many nations but most famously by the American CIA, NSA and FBI.

From the Stormfront thread entitled ‘Darp to deceive the ambassador of Syria’:

“You surprise me Jim.

Henderson is a former student and friend of Dr Andrew Vincent. Vincent is a good friend of the Syrian Ambassador. Henderson also studied under Dr Vincent with the Ambassador's personal assistant. He emailed the PA and CC'd Vincent. Vincent stepped in, did the rest and is now taking credit for saving the ambassador's career. None of the FDB crowd really mind that though, the end result is what they are after. For the record Henderson speaks pidgin Arabic and pidgin Yiddish and Hebrew.

You're getting old Jim if you couldn't piece that one together.

I'm looking forward to attending the forum. Got my ticket ready. Hope you're putting on one of your famous BBQs on Sunday.


Old Victor found THIS part simply hysterical:

“Saving the Ambassador’s career”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

That is BRILLIANT in its absolute ABSURDITY!!!

I mean yeah! Good on ya Darp…erm… I mean “Tim”. WHAT a complete and total wanker, tosser and puller of the highest magnitude. Jeezuz! Do these fuckwits actually BELIEVE their own lies? In another time or place these FDB shenanigans might seem sad, tragic or simply pathetically funny but when one is aware of the malice, the sheer unvarnished hatred that underwrites their actions it is actually quite sickening.

What old Victor noted with (mock) amazement is how, in the space of a few short months, ‘Tim’ appears to have learned basic English spelling and Grammar techniques. When he was E-Mailing Kromlek only last December the poor luvvie could barely string a sentence together, such was the embarrassing severity of his illiteracy. Well done Tim!

All jokes aside though, there is NO WAY this is the same ‘Tim Heggarty’.

Nice try Darp, but NOT quite good enough…

Monday, August 21, 2006

Community Service?

Quote from ‘duck monster’ (Senior Fight Dem Back Criminal and site moderator) on the Fight Dem Back Forum thread ‘Attn Kruger’ Page 2 :

“As a community service organisation, we are morally obliged to warn employers , and the like that they have a nazi in there presence, for similar reasons that paedophiles, rapists and murderers ought be warned of. And likewise Nazi Terrorism is a threat to the community. Media and law enforcement are given details as after a good lawyer vetting, and likewise the media have a role to warn people about dangers to the community as well.”

Precisely WHAT “community service” would these numb skulls be providing with their transparently vindictive actions? Let us examine these stated claims for one moment purely for the sake of playing the Devil’s advocate. Let us assume that the Fight Dem Back Criminals are indeed motivated by good intentions and wish to protect “the community” from evil doers.
The utterly spurious comparison is made between truly predatory and dangerous Rapists, Murderers and Paedophiles but all these are simply common criminals who prey on society for personal gratification or perceived revenge. How can anyone with even a modicum of intelligence equate genuine political activists like the White Nationalists who fight to save a Race and a Culture with scum of the Earth crims? These criminals have no morals, no ethics, no ideology, no plan, they are simply opportunistic parasites. It is a sick joke and pure mischief on the part of Donald 'duck monster' Oorst.

When ‘duck monster’ talks of “nazis” he is deliberately conjuring up, in the minds of the average person, a mental image of the Hollywood cliché, an irrational, hateful, vicious ‘Skinhead’ thug bent on criminal acts of violence and vandalism. Most of the persons FDB tag as “nazis” are merely ANYONE who does not embrace Multiculturalism. Remember, these are the same creatures who refer to the Australian Prime Minister John Howard as a ‘Fascist’!?! The words Fascist, Nazi, Racist and Hater are so overused by the Left, so hackneyed and overplayed, they no longer have any currency or validity.

It is as simple as that. Yet, rather than tackle their political enemy’s ideology they instead resort immediately to personal attacks. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not only intrinsically cowardly but are incapable of defending their own ridiculous beliefs or defeating their opponents’ politics with logical and reasoned debate.
The ONLY situation where it just MIGHT be justified is where FDB have accurate and reliable information about illegal activity by that person but then surely it would be appropriate to contact the Police if they have faith in their beliefs. But they reveal their lack of veracity in their underhanded sneakiness and gutless modes of operation.

I simply cannot imagine FDB openly contacting the employer of a truly dangerous criminal such as a murderer or rapist who has served time and is trying to make a go of his life following his release from gaol. They would be far too cowardly to expose themselves to the real potential for revenge from a hardened criminal. Instead, as always, they opt for the soft target.

FDB’s agenda is all about intimidation of White Nationalists and the suppression of the truth regarding Multiculturalism and other Racial matters. They are a shower of subhuman filth beneath contempt and hypocrites of the highest order. The sooner they are shut down the better.

The trouble with FDB

Thankfully, for all decent, law abiding White Australians, the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group is showing many signs of collapsing under the weight of its own network. This is due in no small part to the factionalism which rapidly develops the moment anything really serious in the Racial sphere (particularly when it involves the tension between the ‘Big Three’ religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism) happens in the news. The most recent crisis in the Middle East and its immediate effects on debate within the forums of the Left, like the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group, is evidence of just how brittle and fragile the relationships can be between the various groups of Red Scum.

The general Left’s, and FDB in particular, main tactic in the past has been to simply ignore evidence of the crimes perpetrated and supported by the Multicultural scourge but once things are no longer quietly manageable and major World issues impinge upon their self-delusional bubble of mythical togetherness and enrichment then things rapidly degrade to infighting among the many egomaniacal head cases of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group.

They simply cannot cope under the stress of bad news and lately every day has brought more tragic tales for the Utopian dream of Global Multiculturalism. It is literally doing their tiny, pointed heads in, this massive effort to reconcile their already preposterous and contradictory ideology with the inconvenient and intrusive persistence of reality, and let’s face it, the inner circle of Darp, Weezil, Sexenheimer, @ndy etc were not what you’d call mentally or emotionally stable to begin with.

Stand well back folks, meltdown is imminent.

The fraud of the Multicultural conspiracy, its agents and the hidden hand of the Cryptocracy that guides it becomes more apparent by the day largely due to the excellent work of the Patriotic White Australian Nationalists in focusing the spotlight on the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ activities, highlighting their hypocrisy and inconsistencies and exposing their involvement in illegal acts.

Any single issue group, be it a political party or otherwise, is by its very nature problematical. The fundamental problem currently facing the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group is how to maintain the cunningly contrived façade of an organisation of morally and politically correct “concerned citizens” functioning under the pretence of being both “Anti-Racist” and “apolitical” while engaging in some of the lowest acts imaginable, including computer piracy, illegal covert surveillance, defamation and harassment in alliance with groups and individuals ranging from Anarchist extremists to Islamist gangsters.

Being all things to all people, ranging from Anarchists, Communists, Social Democrats, wet liberals to Neo-Cons, Christians to Muslims to Jews, all of the time is ultimately unsustainable even for skillfully manipulative liars and conmen of Darp’s calibre. It is essentially impossible to be (so-called) “Anti-Racist” yet remain “apolitical” because this is a political stance in itself. Politics is in everything and when Darp tells these lies and bamboozles others into assisting his cause, he is quite deliberately advancing the insidious Socio-Political agenda of a very specific group.

Also worthy of note is that this dismal lack of performance comes despite the support and funding by many “Jewish professionals”, their words, not ours. If I were one of these “Jewish Professionals” I would be very disappointed with the return on my investment, talk about throwing good money after bad. One would have thought the traditional enemies of White Culture had learned from past bad experiences the folly of utilising “useful idiots” and common criminals to do their dirty work. The potential for embarrassing “blowback” from unreliable and, in the case of Fight Dem Back, mentally unstable elements is an ever present hazard in this type of operation.

Ironically, the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group’s sneering contempt for alternate points of view to their own, even within the general spectrum of Leftist thought, cruels any possible meaningful and long term relationship with many of their intended allies. Surely too the irony cannot be lost on the objective observer that a group originally created to suppress the truth about Multiculturalism and to eliminate White Nationalist sentiment in Australia has failed dismally on both counts. The ONLY stated objective partially achieved by the Fight Dem back Criminal Group has been to halt most open recruitment of people to the White Nationalist cause. They have driven this aspect largely underground.

Quite understandably many people, particularly the young and vulnerable, are reluctant to join any White Nationalist group when they realise this will almost certainly expose them (and their family and loved one) to surveillance (both overt and covert), harassment, vilification and in some cases even physical assault by the Fight Dem Back Criminals or their agents and allies and possibly result in loss of employment or long term detrimental effects to their careers.

Sadly, despite all the claims today about “Democratic rights”, “Freedom of speech”, “Freedom of expression”, “Freedom of association”, etc it has become an assumption, a tragic misapprehension, among many in today’s society that to reject Multiculturalism is to actually commit some form of criminal offence! This results in much self-policing and preemptive censoring of expression among even those who are totally unconvinced of the “benefits” of Multiculturalism.

The resultant silence and seeming passivity is deliberately misinterpreted by the advocates of Multiculturalism as approval and/or acceptance of the draconian regime. Nothing could be further form the truth. Most people have simply been terrorized into silence by the ascendant Political Correctness.

The positive aspect of this is that the only people joining the White Nationalist Movement now, by word of mouth, are the real deal and not merely pretenders, wannabes, casual dilettantes or curious types seeking the controversial. They KNOW the dangers inherent in speaking the truth about the Anti-White regime of Multiculturalism and associating with like-minded comrades.

White Nationalists are infinitely more vigilant now of infiltrators and agents provocateur than ever before, the wheat has been sorted from the chaff and only the totally dedicated, long term activists remain, stronger and more certain of their ideology and their goals than ever. New alliances and cooperative networks have been established to counter the common enemy and real resources, including fighting funds, are being established for the struggle ahead. Hard but useful lessons have been learned regarding strategies and tactics and the White Nationalist cause will advance with better planning and more careful procedures.

The White Nationalists know they fight for a noble cause and nothing, including the most deviant machinations of the Fight Dem back perverts and their backers, will deter them from their goal of White survival and, ultimately, White resurgence.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More toxic sludge from the FDB sewage plant

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum on the thread entitled ‘NZ Race Hate Website being investigated’

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005Posts: 1066

"Cowardly" is the correct term. Notice how quickly Miller removed SOME of the harassing data, in the face of all of but a single comment from a newsie. The psychological report in the pre-sentence investigation will reveal that Miller is your garden variety bully. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Miller was abused as a child, most likely by a parent. Bullying is part of the suite of 'absent father syndrome' as well. Both are directly implicatable (sic) in personality disorders like anxiety, depression and poor self-image. Neo-nazi groups are well known for exploiting boys and young men who have severe self-image problems, offering them affirmation and approval. The way you stop bullying is to stand right up to the bullies and draw as much attention as possible to the abuser. ONE comment from a newsie. ONE.

Now, dear reader, please remember that this is the SAME gutless, vicious little turd who, backing up Darp and his crudely brutal threats of Unionist administered bashings, harassed and threatened two SCHOOL KIDS aged Fifteen and Sixteen years of age with litigation and promised to have their parents “tipped out of their houses”!!!

The SAME spineless, jelly-backed swine who (apparently), according to his own claims, conspired with two Eastwood Police Officers and an as yet unnamed (yes, we’re still working on that one) “Law Enforcement Officer”* to help him in his enterprise to stitch up some other young PYL lads.

*The “Law Enforcement Officer” who apparently brandishes a Glock automatic pistol in a suburban street like he’s a fuckin’ refugee from a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western movie and will point said weapon at the head of anyone not ‘Weezil approved’ who enters Jaffa Road Round Corner Dural NSW where Weezil lives!

Brian Stokes aka Weezil, as outlined in an earlier post, is a criminally insane pervert, a suitable case for treatment, who REALLY needs to be locked up along with his chum Mathew Henderson-Hau ASAP. It is a shameful scandal and a sad indictment of the weak and lily livered nature of our so-called “Law Enforcement” agencies that this pair of lowlife animals are even still walking our streets and allowed to harass decent, law abiding, tax paying family people.

They are lower than snake shit and it is all the more galling, when one knows what these scum sucking maggots are responsible for, to hear them trying to take the high moral ground and even indulge in some amateur psychiatric analysis of people they are not even worthy of speaking of. Weezil is such a disgusting bucket of swill himself, he is not fit to clean Miller’s toilet, let alone criticise him.

Wot abart da workers?

More side splitting hilarity from the Fight Dem Back Criminals' Forum:

Joined: 01 Jul 2005
Posts: 607
Location: Otepoti
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 11:41 am Post subject:

kaaos - I don't agree with Cardijn, but I welcome his input. As a leftist I find it unfortunate that the average punter's impression of socialism in practise is based on Stalinism.

Yes, it is indeed “unfortunate” (for you) that the “average punter”, however much his wits might be dulled by the TelAvision, still has enough smarts to see you for the frauds you are. UN lucky!

But of course you can always point to Cuba as the Promised Land and the Workers Paradise. I can just see the “average punters” queuing up in their droves to board planes to Havana…

One of our roles as leftists is to demonstrate Stalinism was an aberration not the norm.

What about Mao? He killed even more than your Uncle Joe! Was HE alright and okay? Besides, while Joe and his successors were sticking it to the Yanks you idiots were cheering him on from the sidelines and sneering at every report leaking though the Iron Curtain about the Gulags and the torture chambers. Fuckin’ HYPOCRITES!

FDB is not a left discussion group, it is a broad based single focus

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Sort of like a wide ranging pinpoint?

group reflecting a diversity of opinions on most things except the one we can agree on race hate is abhorrent.

If you're going to have a political discussion have it in the politics section, if it starts to get sectarian or just mud slinging it'll be canned. Keep it seemly guys.

Yeah! We wouldn’t want to do anything OFFENSIVE or stuff, would we? Just stick to the regular scatology, Uni Student toilet humour and incessant comments on sexual perversion…

If you really want to have a political argument arrange to have on another forum, there's plenty for just that.

Cardijn - stop winding folks up.... some people get argumentative if you start lumping socialists and nazis as part of the same problem. I disagree with you too. I presume you can work with the left on issues of fighting race-hate. If you can't then you may find life here difficult, as there are a number of hard working outspoken people here.

What? Did he just say HARD WORKING? He has just GOT to be takin’ the piss hasn’t he? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Leave the political hats at home guys and agree to co-operate on this issue.
Frank A. White wrote:
"drooling blithering low-IQ idiot Raz"

Way to go Frank...

Simplistic is gooood, mkay?

More exasperating stupidity from the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum in the thread entitled “NazBols!”

Joined: 02 Aug 2005
Posts: 468
Location: Melbourne Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 3:11 pm Post subject:

kaaos_af wrote:
To take a sectarian example - here on FDB, anarchists and Marxists work together against Nazism - despite the fact that we anarchists believe (/know) that once the Marxists took power they'd establish a bureaucratic dictatorship.

Erm…kaaos? I don’t wanna STARTLE you or anything but LOOK AROUND YOU!!!

Bureaucratic Dictatorship? You’re STANDING in it mate!!!


“On FDB, anarchists -- of whom there are several, but no more than a handful -- and Marxists -- I'm aware of the existence of two, or perhaps even three -- 'work together' in the sense that some contribute their opinions to the forum. What Marxists might imagine that they might do in future with regards state power is not especially relevant, in my eyes.”

Oh, it’ll be “relevant” alright @ndy “Coom the Revolution broother” your Marxist pals will frog-march you to the nearest firing squad so fast your head will spin. It’s up against the wall for YOU me little luvverly, except THIS time it won’t be the sort of fun you’re used to with your faggot mates down the local public toilet. FUCKWIT!
Joined: 26 Jun 2006
Posts: 20 Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:39 am Post subject:
“I am not trying to start a war here, but not all anti-racist people on here are socialists or anarchists. I am a conservative Christian democrat I suppose and a monarchist, and I do really see a lot of the problems of fascism and nazism (sic) as being identical to those of socialism in general.
Now lets (sic) get back to mocking and fighting racists.”
Mmm, mmm! Let’s keep the program SIMPLE eh? Let’s just “mock” and “fight” dem evil, wicked “Racists”. Let’s not actually look around us and examine our fellow travelers and their wacky ideologies. I wonder if Adrian would advocate the recruitment of openly confessed paedophiles so long as they are not “Racist”!!! These Fight Dem Back Criminals really ARE simple minded zeroids.

Joined: 01 Jul 2005
Posts: 606
Location: Otepoti Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:55 am Post subject:
Cardijn wrote:
I am not trying to start a war here, but not all anti-racist people on here are socialists or anarchists. I am a conservative Christian democrat I suppose and a monarchist, and I do really see a lot of the problems of fascism and nazism as being identical to those of socialism in general.
Now lets (sic) get back to mocking and fighting racists.
BTW, Nat Bols would be described as "third positionists"(sic) wouldn't they?

“Welcome aboard Adrian. We are a broad church here, and welcome your input.”

‘Broad Church’ is simply a euphemistic term for “We’ll take ANYONE as long as they hate White people and White Culture”.

It IS funny though dontcha reckon?

Marxists, Communists, Democratic Socialists, Christian Democrats, Anarchists, Zionists AND Neo-Cons all “working together” to fight the “evil” of “Racism”??? A marriage made in Hell?

It’s WAAAY too funny!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

NatBols are most definitely third positionists.(sic)
Frank A. White wrote:
"drooling blithering low-IQ idiot Raz"

ONYA, Frank!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

History lesson?

One needs no more evidence than the following posts from FDB as proof they cannot lay a glove on the White Nationalists and are being driven mad by their recent total lack of progress. Latching on to one phrase in a recent Victor Whitelaw post as if they have struck Gold is sadly indicative of their absolute rabid desperation to score points. Also, their ignorance and stupidity are now quite palpable. They clearly believe their own lies and think that in supporting each other’s delusions they can actually suppress reality.

UnLUCKY girls.

It ain’t gunna happen.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s Forum:

Kromlek needs a lesson on politics

Joined: 19 Sep 2005
Posts: 81 Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:37 am Post subject: Kromlek needs a lesson on politics
Taken from Kromleck AssMunch's VictorWhiteLaw lunatic blog "We White Nationalists know precisely what to expect from the reactionary Red filth of FDB".....

Sorry asslick, but even the most idiotic neo-nazi would know that left wingers are 'revolutionaries' and you right winged idiots are the 'reactionaries'...
Seriously I knew you were dumb, but this takes the cake.
The whole left/right wing thing comes from the seating positions in French parliment (Sic) many years ago, when the revolutionaries would sit on the left, and the reactionaries on the right.
Then again it shouldn't be a suprised (Sic), old Kromlek has always been confused when trying to figure out what team he bats for!

LaConcierge’s dribbling, verbal diarrhoea only proves HIS spelling is as half arsed as his so-called “History” lesson. It is patently obvious to any with a functioning brain that it is the FDB’ers who are INDEED the REACTIONARIES. He and his fellow morons, who have never had an original thought between them, would not know the meaning of the word revolutionary. They are puppet slaves to the very State they profess to oppose.

All the values and qualities they hate with such venom, such as cultural-racial integrity and national sovereignty are now firmly invested ONLY in the Common White People. White Western values and the Cultural Racial integrity which underwrites it will be restored by the unsophisticated, salt of the Earth, Common White Folk who are still largely uncontaminated with the permissive poison of the intelligentsia. These values have been totally expunged from all the institutions and the greater establishment through decades of infiltration and vandalism by Fabian Socialists and their fellow travellers.

The Government (of ANY persuasion) no longer serves the people or represents their ideals. While crowing about “Democracy” and “Freedom” they dictate what their masters in the corrupted establishment tell them to and treat notions such as so-called “people power” with derision and tag it with the insulting term “populist” as if a value or ideal which is widely held is to be dismissed on the grounds that it is “popular”! The elitists such as the Fight Dem Back Criminals merely serve this system with obsequious obedience. Chicken shit conformists, they are, in reality, less than worms or maggots.

It is the FDB’ers who are supporting the institutionalised Anti-White and Anti-Western establishment and who wish to maintain the status quo. If the spurious notion of the now frankly obsolete Right/Left view of the Political spectrum is to be observed then the White Nationalists are, in effect (according to the FDB'ers logic) the New Left because it is THEY who are fighting entrenched conservatism and political conformity and who want a REAL choice and to effect a REAL change in the Political landscape.

White Nationalists are the ones who want to change things, namely back to how things WERE before the Communists and Fabian Socialists took over the Labour Movement and the institutions with their Globalism, Multiculturalism Political Correctness and sick dream of a Utopianist One World Government. The White Nationalists aim to restore things back to normality. The Leftists will almost certainly claim this is a “counter revolutionary” stance but this is bullshit. If progress is revolution then it is THEY who are counter-revolutionary.

Joined: 24 Jul 2006
Posts: 12
Location: Australia Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 7:13 am Post subject:
Nice find, I knew whitelaw was a dumbass when he criticised my spelling on revleft ( I spelt enough with a t instead of g ) and he screwed some spelling up too. What a bunch of geniouses.(Sic)

Rollo, the pencil necked Seventeen year old, wannabe surfer boy dweeb also had old Victor clutching his sides with much mirth and merriment as he criticised his spelling with an absolute howler of his own!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The curious case of the disappearing FDB posts

As is typical with Reds, and endemic to their brutal and oppressive regimes, anything inconsistent with their twisted ideology of hate must be scrubbed from the records lest it cause embarrassment. So yet another scrap of ‘inconvenient’ history goes down the memory hole. It would appear that the Fight Dem Back Criminals are only interested in WHITES committing serious crimes like Rape, Bashings or Murder. No surprise to White Nationalists. WE knew that!

Once it was discovered that the prime suspects in the Bondi bashing were NON-White, the Fight Dem Back Criminals strangely lost interest in crowing about the incident and promptly pulled the post, only for it to reappear in a modified form with the intent of justifying their actions!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s site:

“it was not unexpected that people (including us) would jump to the conclusion”

I’ll say it wasn’t. We White Nationalists know precisely what to expect from the reactionary Red filth of FDB.

“That said, it was not an unreasonable conclusion to jump to”

So now, apparently, it is not “unreasonable” to jump to conclusions!

Can everyone say HYPOCRITES?

Funny that, isn’t it? When anyone else makes that mistake they are mercilessly pilloried. But it’s all fine and good for the Fight Dem Back Criminals to do as they please because they are infallible…

Authoritarian Anarchists?

The long standing claims of the White Nationalists have been vindicated yet again by the recent events in Queensland. The so-called ‘Anarchists’ have proven themselves to be nothing more than snotty nosed Police informers and tools of the State. Not a lot of “revolutionary” spirit is apparent in such acts. So much for the “radical activists” we’ve all come to know and hate, eh? All coppers are "bastards" or “Fascist Pigs” until you need them, eh?

These jumped up little school prefects have no shame though, this much is clear. They seem to have appropriated some of the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ techniques of using the various Australian security agencies’ resources for their own benefit. Yep, it certainly looks like there is a definite cross-pollination of ideas going on here between the two groups who are increasingly sharing information and cooperating at an ‘operational’ level.

The original post from the Brisbane Anarchists’ Site:

“White Supremacists plan picnic at Medieval Fayre

Submitted by DaveK on Mon, 2006-07-31 12:21.

It would seem our race focussed bretheren at Stormfront are planning a get together at United Swords Medieval Fayre, held at Musgrave Park Saturday August 5th.

After being contacted by B.a.s.t.a.r.d., organisers of this year's Fayre, United Swords, have informed their staff, security and police that this racist element might try to show and that they are most certainly unwelcome.

The self-confessed nazis will doubtless be surprised and disappointed to learn that United Swords is in fact owned and run by an indigenous Australian from Dainggetti country!”

Some comments and observations from Stormfront regarding this affair with which old Victor concurs:

“I give major credit to the cops who rocked up asking a couple of lads if they were there for the Stormfront meeting, I mean ****, why stop the real criminals when you can harass people going to the medieval fair?”

freedom where
“What a joke. Just a message to all the Queensland Sfers, from the outside looking in it looks like you guys are achieving good things with your socials and it’s encouraging to see.”

“yeah the cops asked a few of the lads about SF while they were walking around looking for the rest of us. When we all managed to meet up, and standing together outside the gates of the fair, it looked like one of the pigs were taking photos of us. The fair itself was a big let down and only a few of us actually went in. Besides the cops and the sh!tty fair..... it was a great day/night at the pub”

“WTF? , "Stormfront meeting" ?, since when has it been a police matter for people to gather together in groups larger than three?. I'd be more concerned about a gathering of splodey types, like those Indo Muslim filth threatening terrorism in Australia.”

“ down the bottom, just proves how cowardly these people are, They wont face you on the street but will tell tales to authorities to cause trouble for you. Keep up the good work Queenslanders, The reds are powerless to stop you.”

“Truthfully, have the police got nothing better to do.”

“Well this year was the first year the fayre didn’t have a beer tent apparently... I can’t help but think maybe this played a large part in the reason. That’s alright. We shared a few ales elsewhere after a few of us wasted a few hours at their ****ty event”

“good time had by all apart from the boys in blue, see you all at our next gathering. in the mean time watch out for big brother!!!”

“Was a great day had by all. Pathetic that the cops watched us like we were a bunch of terrorists...ha ha ha ha. Real funny that these wannabe anarchy fags (if there was no law or government, thed be the first ones crying out to be protected by someone from all these mean evil fash cry to the cops, security etc. I mean who cares what the cops or reds, etc say. This is Oz and we all have a right to get together and have a bbq and a few(or alot) of drinks.

Things are going well brothers and sisters, united we cant be beaten.

ps. As A Hitler said, "if your not slandered in todays paper, you wasted yesterday."

So if all these commies are worried about our small legal gatherings, we must be doing something right.”

“Cops watching you all like a hawk? geez, as most of you all said; haven't they got anything better to do? isn't there actual crime in the city for them to chase rather than stalk the innocent? I wish I was able to make it, I feel so bad not being able to make it, and I still feel like crap!”

At this rate these “hardcore Anarchists”, rather than “lobbing Mollies at da fash”, will be handing Police officers little bottles with pretty flowers in them or perhaps putting daisies in the barrels of their guns! Or how about selling tickets for the Policeman’s Ball? What a fuckin’ joke!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

More Headless Chooks

Watching you watching me watching you…

The site is called ‘The Other Cheek’ and as far as old Victor can ascertain, and let’s face it, in these times one can never be too sure, the two blokes who run the site, Andrew Landeryou and Joe Klein, are extreme Right Wing Fascist Jews who hate the Left with a passion that rivals that of his own.

They are almost certainly founding members of the local chapter of the Ariel Sharon Fan Club and come across as even bigger apologists for the Bandit State of Israel than Jeremy Jones and ECAJ! Even a quick perusal of their Blog will convince you this pair is as nutty as a fruitcake and every bit as egoistical, self-obsessed, smugly supercilious and self-righteous as Darp. They are, without doubt, their own biggest fans, “We’re SO clever!” you can almost hear them say. Look at us! But they ARE at least, unlike Darp, mildly funny and entertaining in their strangely “Redneck Jew” way.

The caption that accompanies one of the photos in the slideshow on the Anti-War demo would not look out of place on Stormfront. The picture showing a Police Officer talking to what looks like an elderly female Negroid bears the legend “Police officer quietly explains Racial Vilification to Rock Ape!” Tsk, tsk, tsk. How wickedly “Racist” of them!

Also from the Site in question:

TERRIFYING: "White Pride" Bigots Acknowledge The Extreme Left's Hatred of Jews


A "white nationalist" "White Pride" website has picked up on the OC's photographs of extreme leftist anti-semitic banners at their "Peace" rally on Sunday. The discussion that follows offers a horrifying insight into just how low the ultra left is sinking in its quagmire of fanatical anti-Israeli rhetoric and lies.

Even the National Student leader and Socialist Left ally Rose Jackson has been concerned at this trend, last week condemning the rising tide of anti-semitism within the Left. She bravely said:

There will come a point (if it has not already been reached) where suddenly people in the left will feel they can get away with anything when talking about Israel and the Israeli people. Where no comments or insults are off limits.

She was then savagely attacked by extreme left critics for herself being racist and a supporter of apartheid for daring to question the ferocity of their remarks.


Well it's not just Rose Jackson noting the rising stench of racism coming from the extreme left. "White nationalists" themselves are discussing this trend, some seem pleased, vindicated, others more concerned about the competition in their traditional market-place of racial prejudice.

If this isn't enough to make your skin crawl, I suggest you go join an ultra left or white nationalist group immediately:

One contributor to the White Nationalist forum jealously regards the extreme left's craftiness in being able to get away with their brand of racism for so long:

They have sailed past all scrutiny by claiming that in the fight for Anti Racism they have been exposing White Racism and Anti Jewish feelings in the White Australian population. All the time they have been supporting Muslims and the Islamic takeover of this country. Not a bad cover.

So there's agreement about objectives but not tactics:

Now I would like to state that in these confusing times the only thing we White Nationalists can do is, remember that our battle is with ALL who seek to destroy OUR culture. We cannot allow ourselves to fall in the same flytrap the Left wing Anarchists have found themselves in. The old saying of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not apply to White Survival.


One "white nationalist" calling himself "young soldier" knows a brother Nazi when he sees one:

Its no real secret that the hard left is anti semetic. Its been clear for years that near everyone from the Left Labour party to the raving mad trotskyites have a particular hatred of Jewish people and the state of Israel.It is probable that the reason they come out so hard against the non red anti-Jewish people is because they themselves have an SS uniform in the cupboard that they take out to impress their fellow "Heroes of the proletariat".

"Sydney Patriot" agrees, clearly pleased with the increased support for racism:

Yep, Leftist groups have been forging ties with ‘anti-Semitic’ groups sympathetic to Islamic Jihad for a while now. Most reds on uni campuses support the Palestinians over the Jews and have done for a long time. I have also noticed that the current situation re Lebanon seems to be intensifying such anti-Israeli sentiment.


"Young Soldier" responds, favourably noting the young batch of Antony Lowensteins in the ultra left who confirm every conspiracy theory ever known in the Lunar Right:

I find it interesting that there are even Jewish members of the Socialist Alternative who openly state that they despise Jewish/Zionist "Political manipulation".


"Adviliax" gets the debate back to its normal New Order:

Don't be fooled people! Jews hate the white Christian man now as much as they did 2000 years ago, if not more! They'll be nice to your face but they do have ulterior motives and as soon as you turn around they'll stab you in the back. Jews are a sneaky, coniving race and should not be trusted. And the white man seems to forget that Stalin's predominantly jewish gov't was responsible for the deaths of 15-20,000,000 white Christians! The "official" figure for the number of jews killed in WW2 has been revised to around 2,000,000 and I'll even take that figure with a grain of salt.


This is what it boils down to. Rose Jackson's statement of concern has lifted the lid on a smouldering stew of left putrescence. When the white nationalists are discussing the implications of the Left's hatred of the Jewish people, then we can all see that there is a major problem.

We can thank Rose Jackson for bravely pointing it out. But unless we take action to stop this, to confront it and destroy such evil, we are taking an incredible risk. I cannot imagine in my parent's time or my grand-parent's the "Left" holding such hideous racist views, acknowledged as such by the biggest, baddest bigots on the block.

Game on.

posted by Andrew Landeryou @ 9:25 AM 7 comments

Of course, the “White Nationalist Forum” in question is none other than Stormfront.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The drugs don’t work


In a thread littered with the obligatory “Fascists are baaad m’kay?” statements we read more evidence of the Left’s lack of smarts. The self-medicating, drug addled, faggot braniacs over on RevolutionaryLeft.Com “explain” how “da fash” are responsible for all the World’s woes but it’s the "Underclass" that actually keep everything rolling.

Mr. Mojo, who as the name implies is yet another reason why the hippies should never have been allowed to have children, posts THIS classic. Magnificent in its naivety and pure in its crystalline ignorance.

From RevolutionaryLeft.Com:

Posted: Aug 2 2006, 04:03 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 3
Member No.: 16414
Joined: 2-August 06

“If Capitalism is the real enemy how will we fight the system that a majority of the world has consensus on? I hate to say it but we of the revolutionary left are the minority and the only way to change this is making people see the light and reveal the real problems of Capitalism. The real problem was shown to us stupid Americans when Katrina hit New Orleans and the Blacks were left behind and the nations government failed to act, revealing the lack of care for the underclass which make the gears of the economy roll forward.”

Oh, NOW I get it. It’s the career social welfare recipients, the junkies, the crack fiends, the trailer trash, the single digit I.Q. Negroids and any number of other unemployable scum who “roll the economy forward”. And here I was thinking it was the WORKING Class people and TAXPAYERS who “roll the economy forward”. I was labouring under the awful illusion that it was people who actually WORK who “roll the economy forward”. But NO it’s actually all the parasites and spongers and thieves and criminal drop outs who oil the gears of Capitalism!

And then there’s this gem:

Posted: Aug 2 2006, 05:47 AM
Group: Member
Posts: 3
Member No.: 16414
Joined: 2-August 06

“We the Revolutionary Left have one ultimate goal in existence and this is the creation of a Democratic Socialist World Order with equal wealth and opportunites for the whole planet, and being Socialist comrades we do not care of (for?) national borders and seek to unite with our brothers around the world.”

And there you have it folks, the old manifesto itself still being spouted ALL these years later. Even after all the tens of millions murdered and tortured by these arseholes, the gulags, the torture chambers, the “re-education” programs the suppression of free thought and basic Human creativity, a parade of murderous butchers and culture destroyers inspired by Marx and Engels. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Rosa Luxembourg, Bela Kuhn, Pol Pot, Castro, Guevara…the list goes on and on and on. But there are some who STILL love them unconditionally. The sick bastards!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Headless Chooks

The Left is currently in total disarray and in serious danger of cerebral meltdown over the latest Middle Eastern crisis. Like Robbie the Robot from the old 1950’s Science Fiction movie ‘Forbidden Planet’ they are caught in a loop of contradictory directives which induce a spasm of critical proportion.

To be exposed as apologists for violence of any kind, state sanctioned or institutionalised at least, is anathema to them and their credo. Of course, as the White Nationalists have proved, this is only on the surface while underneath they are strict authoritarians with a fetish for the most brutal punishment of their political enemies. But it is all about keeping up appearances you see.

They want to be seen as taking a moral stand against Israel’s brutal expansionism and war crimes but have difficulty in articulating this without appearing as Anti-Semitic, or more correctly, since Arabs are ALSO Semites, as Anti-Jewish. They take a great risk even coming out as merely Anti-Zionist, as the basic tenets of this doctrine simply encourage all Jews to return to and live in Israel, the Promised Land. The inconvenient fact that it is, or rather was, already occupied by several million Dune Coons is problematical to say the least.

They want to be seen as Pro-Palestinian, champions of the oppressed, sticking up for the little guy, while simultaneously taking a moral stand against Hez Bollah and other Terrorist groups but don’t want to be perceived as endorsing Islamist fundamentalists. It’s not easy being a Lefty these days.

Because the Left is out of touch with reality from the start, in denial of things as they really are and are possible to be in preference to maintaining the illusion that things are, can or should be just like it says in the Marxist Utopian brochure, they have to make damn certain they really CAN see the Emperors new clothes! Or boy, are they in big trouble and end up punishing and inwardly hating themselves for their own perceived failings at hammering ethological square pegs into round holes.

Like the flagellants of Medieval times, infused with guilt, they agonise and attempt to reconcile, with semantic acrobatics and self deception, their intrinsically paradoxical predicament. And it is FUNNY. IN fact, it is as hilarious as it is cringe worthy.
Fuckin’ idiots.

From the comments page of Queensland Democrats Senator, alcoholic (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that), sometime physical assaulter of Women (NOT so cool) Andrew Bartlett’s Blog:
1.Evil Pundit says:
July 21st, 2006 at 7:45 am
The problem is not ignorance, as you claim, but knowledge.
When the official representatives of the Muslim community support terrorism and Holocaust revisionism, or declare their intent to make Australia an Islamic state, Australians are rightly suspicious.
As we learn more about Islamists, we trust them less.
2.Aron says:
July 21st, 2006 at 11:00 am
Hm, looks interesting. I like the work of the Muslim Canadian Congress too, which has made progressive/liberal interventions into Canadian politics. I am often ranting about the evil influence of fundamentalists of all persuasions, but perhaps it is more productive to support and accomodate (Sic) these kinds of liberal and interfaith movements. Take note, Mr Pundit.

Beware anyone who uses the term “progressive”. Without exception it is a Politically Correct euphemism for permissive or nihilistic.
3.Evil Pundit says:
July 21st, 2006 at 11:56 am
Perhaps if there was an Australian equivalent of the Muslim Canadian Congress with significant support from the Islamic community, there would be less suspicion.
Instead, we have the likes of al-Hillaly and Keyser Trad as the public faces of Islam in Australia — provoking justified mistrust.

At least the Sheik is open about his views. We know him as our enemy when we see and hear him. Trad is a slimy, oily, lying piece of shit who sets out to deceive.

4.John Tracey says:
July 21st, 2006 at 2:49 pm
So called terrorist movements must find power outside of the system as they are rejected by the system. When they are incorporated into the system, the system itself becomes the political powerbase for their agenda and they protect the system.
A clear example of this is the Nth. Irish peace process. When the republicans were excluded from the mainstream system they had a choice to give up or to attempt to build real power through some other means - terrorism. However once Sin (Sic) Fein developed an electoral strategy and the British began negotiation with not just Sin Fein but also the I.R.A., then the element of extremism in the republican movement (The “Real IRA”) becme (Sic) isolated, not by it’s enemies but by it’s own community and power base. Today there is a serious, non violent, experienced, political elite of the Republican movement directing exactly the same political goals as the IRA was striving for.
Democracy is not (theoretically) the maintenence (Sic) of one political agenda to the exclusion of others by any means necessary. This is barbarism, even savagery.

Does this mean that this John Tracey bloke here agrees that it was barbaric and savage to intimidate and exclude One Nation, even resorting to illegal means, and that it is also wrong to maintain the exclusion of White Nationalists from the political process?

I seriously fuckin’ doubt it!

Democracy is the civilised process by which divergent agendas are negotiated and managed.

We see very little evidence of this in action or beyond the theoretical musings of philosophers. Democracy is popular with criminals because it is the most easily corrupted and manipulated system of administration.

People with divergent agendas should be urged to engage in the democratic process rather than be forced outside the system to pursue their agendas.

Again I ask, is he advocating the engaging of White Nationalists in meaningful dialogue to analyse their grievances and come to some accommodation or is this olive branch only available to Islamic Terrorists?
5.Evil Pundit says:
July 21st, 2006 at 3:06 pm
But what if their agenda is the destruction of the democratic system? That is what the Islamic fundamentalists want.

All this talk of Islamic “fundamentalists” and “extremists”, as if there were actually any other kind of Muslim, is a joke. The biggest danger to our Western Civilisation today is the spurious concept of the “moderate” Muslim. The only “moderate Muslims” I have ever met were non-practicing or so-called secular ones. Wake up and smell the Kebabs!
And from the drunk himself...

Thursday 20th July 2006:
“In the past, it has taken a couple of generations for migrant communities to start becoming more involved in mainstream power structures. However, given that we live in a much more globalised world than in the past and also given the significant amounts of fear and ignorance being generated about Muslims, the sooner the ignorance of the wider community can be countered by direct experience of having to engage with Muslim voices in the political process and in political debates, the better for everyone. This does not mean I am urging all Muslims to join the Democrats (although I’m always happy for us to get new members, particularly in Queensland where we’ve just launched a membership drive),”

Yes Andrew, it’s called ethnic specific branch stacking and the entirely transparent purpose of your diatribe is to convince these Islamists that your party, the Australian Democrats, is the one that is likely to be most “helpful” to them. It is painfully obvious the Australian Democrat Party’s numbers have been decimated by the Greens and that you are desperately clinging to the gravy train for dear life. You would make a pact with the Devil himself to ensure political survival but who needs the Devil when you have the next best thing, eh? His representatives on Earth.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reality Check for the FDB Faggots

The Vietnam Moratorium reenactment enthusiast Brian Stokes, aka Weezil of Round Corner Dural NSW, claims that he and his motley crew of filthy, deviant perverts are the ones who “set the agenda”. Well Weez, me old luvvie, me doddery ol’ Seventies time warp victim, you and yours just proved exactly the opposite!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Once again the Fight Dem Back Criminals have confirmed their total lack of credibility and how utterly bereft they are of any trace of honour, veracity, morals or ethics. The Fight Dem Back Criminal Group’s recent stunt of posting on their Forum a select handful of Non-White Racist incidents, accompanied with suitably critical comments, is nothing more than a cynically contrived and politically expedient act of tokenism.

They have been forced into this clumsy charade of pretending to be fair and equitable by the steadily mounting pressure that has been applied by the White Nationalists over the past few months. There has been constant criticism about their exclusive targeting of White Nationalists in their approach to so-called “Anti-Racism” and “Anti-Fascism” coming not only from the White Nationalists but even from other Leftists.

It would appear they have finally been shamed into this belated and painfully obvious effort but the question must be asked, why has it taken Eighteen Months for these criminals to get around to it?

Victor Whitelaw, the staff at Whitelaw Towers and all the other White Nationalists will ensure the Fight Dem Back Criminals are denied any opportunity to exploit this tactic to their advantage by highlighting their deception and hypocrisy whenever and wherever possible.

Mel Gibson

The Daily Telegraph of Monday July 31st 2006 relegated the story entitled “Kids killed in air raid horror” to page two so that it could occupy the entire front page with a total beat up about Mel Gibson’s comments on Jews!

After all, any news of famous people criticising the Chosenites is WAY more important than FIFTY FOUR Sand Niggers being murdered by the IDF. Even IF most of them were Women and children.

Priorities people, priorities.

On page five of this appalling Sydney based chip wrapper, the grotesque little Jew and FDB poodle, Joe Hildebrand quotes Antony Loewenstein of the Sydney Morning Herald as saying he could not believe that someone who had worked in a JEW DOMINATED (his words not ours) film industry such as Hollywood for so long could be Anti-Semitic.


In my view, I would say that makes him eminently qualified to make such judgments and statements. Who could possibly know better just how the Jews operate in the film industry? An industry they have treated as their very own propaganda factory since at least the Nineteen Thirties.

He also said Gibson’s apology did not “atone” (that sounds a bit Old Testament) for his action and that he ought to “make a donation” to a Jewish “charity” as a gesture of regret. Why is it ALWAYS about MONEY with these creatures? I would think that Gibson has been “donating to a Jewish charity”, namely Hollywood, for decades now and filled the pockets of many a Jew with bucket-loads of Shekels taken from the Goyim silly enough to pay to see his generally very poor product.

Of course it suits the Chosenites to not make any distinction between mere (alcohol fuelled) disrespect or contempt and actual vilification or so-called “Racism”. Gibson was only voicing what most already know and think anyway. It was an OPINION. Get over it! It’s just that in this insane Multicultural World, where Jewish Terrorist groups like the so-called Anti Defamation League suppress free speech and the victims are punished for speaking out against their oppressors, most are understandably intimidated into silence.

Also, where were all the shrieking “Anti-Racists” when Gibson produced two movies, namely ‘Braveheart’ and ‘The Patriot’ which not only re-wrote History in the most clumsy manner but vilified the English people as cruel, cowardly, heartless monsters with no honour or integrity? Oh, that’s right! It is only a crime when it is a NON White people who are slagged off!

As a side note, it is interesting that the Daily Telegraph called it a “Racist Tirade” yet most Jews claim that Judaism is a RELIGION and not a RACE at all, so how can Gibson’s “crime” be so-called “Racism”? Also, according to Left Wing academics the entire concept of different Races is incorrect. The well known Marxist and quite hideous Homosexual Jewess Eva Cox has pronounced “There is NO SUCH THING as Race!” claiming that it has been “Scientifically disproved”.

Finally, one needs no more proof of the awesome power and influence of the Jews in America than Gibson’s own response to the exposure of his words. He took the Marlon Brando option and is groveling at the feet of the Chosenites and kissing Kike arse for all he’s worth. Now ask yourself this, if YOU had the immense personal wealth and connections that Gibson enjoys would YOU need to kiss ANYONES arse?

‘nuff said.