Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Authoritarian Anarchists?

The long standing claims of the White Nationalists have been vindicated yet again by the recent events in Queensland. The so-called ‘Anarchists’ have proven themselves to be nothing more than snotty nosed Police informers and tools of the State. Not a lot of “revolutionary” spirit is apparent in such acts. So much for the “radical activists” we’ve all come to know and hate, eh? All coppers are "bastards" or “Fascist Pigs” until you need them, eh?

These jumped up little school prefects have no shame though, this much is clear. They seem to have appropriated some of the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ techniques of using the various Australian security agencies’ resources for their own benefit. Yep, it certainly looks like there is a definite cross-pollination of ideas going on here between the two groups who are increasingly sharing information and cooperating at an ‘operational’ level.

The original post from the Brisbane Anarchists’ Site:

“White Supremacists plan picnic at Medieval Fayre

Submitted by DaveK on Mon, 2006-07-31 12:21.

It would seem our race focussed bretheren at Stormfront are planning a get together at United Swords Medieval Fayre, held at Musgrave Park Saturday August 5th.


After being contacted by B.a.s.t.a.r.d., organisers of this year's Fayre, United Swords, have informed their staff, security and police that this racist element might try to show and that they are most certainly unwelcome.

The self-confessed nazis will doubtless be surprised and disappointed to learn that United Swords is in fact owned and run by an indigenous Australian from Dainggetti country!”

Some comments and observations from Stormfront regarding this affair with which old Victor concurs:

“I give major credit to the cops who rocked up asking a couple of lads if they were there for the Stormfront meeting, I mean ****, why stop the real criminals when you can harass people going to the medieval fair?”

freedom where
“What a joke. Just a message to all the Queensland Sfers, from the outside looking in it looks like you guys are achieving good things with your socials and it’s encouraging to see.”

“yeah the cops asked a few of the lads about SF while they were walking around looking for the rest of us. When we all managed to meet up, and standing together outside the gates of the fair, it looked like one of the pigs were taking photos of us. The fair itself was a big let down and only a few of us actually went in. Besides the cops and the sh!tty fair..... it was a great day/night at the pub”

“WTF? , "Stormfront meeting" ?, since when has it been a police matter for people to gather together in groups larger than three?. I'd be more concerned about a gathering of splodey types, like those Indo Muslim filth threatening terrorism in Australia.”

“http://www.brisbaneanarchy.org/Scroll down the bottom, just proves how cowardly these people are, They wont face you on the street but will tell tales to authorities to cause trouble for you. Keep up the good work Queenslanders, The reds are powerless to stop you.”

“Truthfully, have the police got nothing better to do.”

“Well this year was the first year the fayre didn’t have a beer tent apparently... I can’t help but think maybe this played a large part in the reason. That’s alright. We shared a few ales elsewhere after a few of us wasted a few hours at their ****ty event”

“good time had by all apart from the boys in blue, see you all at our next gathering. in the mean time watch out for big brother!!!”

“Was a great day had by all. Pathetic that the cops watched us like we were a bunch of terrorists...ha ha ha ha. Real funny that these wannabe anarchy fags (if there was no law or government, thed be the first ones crying out to be protected by someone from all these mean evil fash nazis..lol) cry to the cops, security etc. I mean who cares what the cops or reds, etc say. This is Oz and we all have a right to get together and have a bbq and a few(or alot) of drinks.

Things are going well brothers and sisters, united we cant be beaten.

ps. As A Hitler said, "if your not slandered in todays paper, you wasted yesterday."

So if all these commies are worried about our small legal gatherings, we must be doing something right.”

“Cops watching you all like a hawk? geez, as most of you all said; haven't they got anything better to do? isn't there actual crime in the city for them to chase rather than stalk the innocent? I wish I was able to make it, I feel so bad not being able to make it, and I still feel like crap!”

At this rate these “hardcore Anarchists”, rather than “lobbing Mollies at da fash”, will be handing Police officers little bottles with pretty flowers in them or perhaps putting daisies in the barrels of their guns! Or how about selling tickets for the Policeman’s Ball? What a fuckin’ joke!!!


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