Monday, August 21, 2006

Community Service?

Quote from ‘duck monster’ (Senior Fight Dem Back Criminal and site moderator) on the Fight Dem Back Forum thread ‘Attn Kruger’ Page 2 :

“As a community service organisation, we are morally obliged to warn employers , and the like that they have a nazi in there presence, for similar reasons that paedophiles, rapists and murderers ought be warned of. And likewise Nazi Terrorism is a threat to the community. Media and law enforcement are given details as after a good lawyer vetting, and likewise the media have a role to warn people about dangers to the community as well.”

Precisely WHAT “community service” would these numb skulls be providing with their transparently vindictive actions? Let us examine these stated claims for one moment purely for the sake of playing the Devil’s advocate. Let us assume that the Fight Dem Back Criminals are indeed motivated by good intentions and wish to protect “the community” from evil doers.
The utterly spurious comparison is made between truly predatory and dangerous Rapists, Murderers and Paedophiles but all these are simply common criminals who prey on society for personal gratification or perceived revenge. How can anyone with even a modicum of intelligence equate genuine political activists like the White Nationalists who fight to save a Race and a Culture with scum of the Earth crims? These criminals have no morals, no ethics, no ideology, no plan, they are simply opportunistic parasites. It is a sick joke and pure mischief on the part of Donald 'duck monster' Oorst.

When ‘duck monster’ talks of “nazis” he is deliberately conjuring up, in the minds of the average person, a mental image of the Hollywood cliché, an irrational, hateful, vicious ‘Skinhead’ thug bent on criminal acts of violence and vandalism. Most of the persons FDB tag as “nazis” are merely ANYONE who does not embrace Multiculturalism. Remember, these are the same creatures who refer to the Australian Prime Minister John Howard as a ‘Fascist’!?! The words Fascist, Nazi, Racist and Hater are so overused by the Left, so hackneyed and overplayed, they no longer have any currency or validity.

It is as simple as that. Yet, rather than tackle their political enemy’s ideology they instead resort immediately to personal attacks. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not only intrinsically cowardly but are incapable of defending their own ridiculous beliefs or defeating their opponents’ politics with logical and reasoned debate.
The ONLY situation where it just MIGHT be justified is where FDB have accurate and reliable information about illegal activity by that person but then surely it would be appropriate to contact the Police if they have faith in their beliefs. But they reveal their lack of veracity in their underhanded sneakiness and gutless modes of operation.

I simply cannot imagine FDB openly contacting the employer of a truly dangerous criminal such as a murderer or rapist who has served time and is trying to make a go of his life following his release from gaol. They would be far too cowardly to expose themselves to the real potential for revenge from a hardened criminal. Instead, as always, they opt for the soft target.

FDB’s agenda is all about intimidation of White Nationalists and the suppression of the truth regarding Multiculturalism and other Racial matters. They are a shower of subhuman filth beneath contempt and hypocrites of the highest order. The sooner they are shut down the better.


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