Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The curious case of the disappearing FDB posts

As is typical with Reds, and endemic to their brutal and oppressive regimes, anything inconsistent with their twisted ideology of hate must be scrubbed from the records lest it cause embarrassment. So yet another scrap of ‘inconvenient’ history goes down the memory hole. It would appear that the Fight Dem Back Criminals are only interested in WHITES committing serious crimes like Rape, Bashings or Murder. No surprise to White Nationalists. WE knew that!

Once it was discovered that the prime suspects in the Bondi bashing were NON-White, the Fight Dem Back Criminals strangely lost interest in crowing about the incident and promptly pulled the post, only for it to reappear in a modified form with the intent of justifying their actions!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s site:

“it was not unexpected that people (including us) would jump to the conclusion”

I’ll say it wasn’t. We White Nationalists know precisely what to expect from the reactionary Red filth of FDB.

“That said, it was not an unreasonable conclusion to jump to”

So now, apparently, it is not “unreasonable” to jump to conclusions!

Can everyone say HYPOCRITES?

Funny that, isn’t it? When anyone else makes that mistake they are mercilessly pilloried. But it’s all fine and good for the Fight Dem Back Criminals to do as they please because they are infallible…


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