Monday, August 28, 2006

Darp was totally OWNED!

NO doubt about it folks.
The insipid little Middle Class brat certainly copped a nasty spanking (politically speaking that is) on Sunday afternoon.
Obviously unable to muster his regular praetorian guard of CFMEU and MUA Unionist thugs to form a protective phalanx to escort him through Tempe to the Sydney Forum, Darp decided outright retreat was the better part of valour. Were the Police also no longer interested in providing a taxpayer funded auxiliary security squad for yet another of his time wasting stunts? Were his bum chums in the Media, including the grotesque little troll Joe Hildebrand of the Daily Telegraph, no longer willing to ride shotgun on a Darpist escapade whilst chronicling their hero’s “mighty achievements” for the daily chip wrappers?

One wonders if, even as you view this humble post gentle reader, yet another Kevlar (Hrrmph*#@BULLSHIT!%*@$*) punching bag is being torn apart by Darp’s bare hands (Best watch out for them Kevlar fibres son, they’re every bit as nasty as Fibreglass...pffthbwahahahahhaha!...erm sorry...) to sate his Maori berserker rage (Oh, pur leeze!) at his humiliation by the White Nationalists. But what a feather duster this little Red Rooster’s turned out to be. Oh the rage, oh the fury, oh the fuckin’ BULLSHIT!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hee! Hee! Hee!

PER iceless!!!!!!!!!!!


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