Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Headless Chooks

The Left is currently in total disarray and in serious danger of cerebral meltdown over the latest Middle Eastern crisis. Like Robbie the Robot from the old 1950’s Science Fiction movie ‘Forbidden Planet’ they are caught in a loop of contradictory directives which induce a spasm of critical proportion.

To be exposed as apologists for violence of any kind, state sanctioned or institutionalised at least, is anathema to them and their credo. Of course, as the White Nationalists have proved, this is only on the surface while underneath they are strict authoritarians with a fetish for the most brutal punishment of their political enemies. But it is all about keeping up appearances you see.

They want to be seen as taking a moral stand against Israel’s brutal expansionism and war crimes but have difficulty in articulating this without appearing as Anti-Semitic, or more correctly, since Arabs are ALSO Semites, as Anti-Jewish. They take a great risk even coming out as merely Anti-Zionist, as the basic tenets of this doctrine simply encourage all Jews to return to and live in Israel, the Promised Land. The inconvenient fact that it is, or rather was, already occupied by several million Dune Coons is problematical to say the least.

They want to be seen as Pro-Palestinian, champions of the oppressed, sticking up for the little guy, while simultaneously taking a moral stand against Hez Bollah and other Terrorist groups but don’t want to be perceived as endorsing Islamist fundamentalists. It’s not easy being a Lefty these days.

Because the Left is out of touch with reality from the start, in denial of things as they really are and are possible to be in preference to maintaining the illusion that things are, can or should be just like it says in the Marxist Utopian brochure, they have to make damn certain they really CAN see the Emperors new clothes! Or boy, are they in big trouble and end up punishing and inwardly hating themselves for their own perceived failings at hammering ethological square pegs into round holes.

Like the flagellants of Medieval times, infused with guilt, they agonise and attempt to reconcile, with semantic acrobatics and self deception, their intrinsically paradoxical predicament. And it is FUNNY. IN fact, it is as hilarious as it is cringe worthy.
Fuckin’ idiots.

From the comments page of Queensland Democrats Senator, alcoholic (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that), sometime physical assaulter of Women (NOT so cool) Andrew Bartlett’s Blog:
1.Evil Pundit says:
July 21st, 2006 at 7:45 am
The problem is not ignorance, as you claim, but knowledge.
When the official representatives of the Muslim community support terrorism and Holocaust revisionism, or declare their intent to make Australia an Islamic state, Australians are rightly suspicious.
As we learn more about Islamists, we trust them less.
2.Aron says:
July 21st, 2006 at 11:00 am
Hm, looks interesting. I like the work of the Muslim Canadian Congress too, which has made progressive/liberal interventions into Canadian politics. I am often ranting about the evil influence of fundamentalists of all persuasions, but perhaps it is more productive to support and accomodate (Sic) these kinds of liberal and interfaith movements. Take note, Mr Pundit.

Beware anyone who uses the term “progressive”. Without exception it is a Politically Correct euphemism for permissive or nihilistic.
3.Evil Pundit says:
July 21st, 2006 at 11:56 am
Perhaps if there was an Australian equivalent of the Muslim Canadian Congress with significant support from the Islamic community, there would be less suspicion.
Instead, we have the likes of al-Hillaly and Keyser Trad as the public faces of Islam in Australia — provoking justified mistrust.

At least the Sheik is open about his views. We know him as our enemy when we see and hear him. Trad is a slimy, oily, lying piece of shit who sets out to deceive.

4.John Tracey says:
July 21st, 2006 at 2:49 pm
So called terrorist movements must find power outside of the system as they are rejected by the system. When they are incorporated into the system, the system itself becomes the political powerbase for their agenda and they protect the system.
A clear example of this is the Nth. Irish peace process. When the republicans were excluded from the mainstream system they had a choice to give up or to attempt to build real power through some other means - terrorism. However once Sin (Sic) Fein developed an electoral strategy and the British began negotiation with not just Sin Fein but also the I.R.A., then the element of extremism in the republican movement (The “Real IRA”) becme (Sic) isolated, not by it’s enemies but by it’s own community and power base. Today there is a serious, non violent, experienced, political elite of the Republican movement directing exactly the same political goals as the IRA was striving for.
Democracy is not (theoretically) the maintenence (Sic) of one political agenda to the exclusion of others by any means necessary. This is barbarism, even savagery.

Does this mean that this John Tracey bloke here agrees that it was barbaric and savage to intimidate and exclude One Nation, even resorting to illegal means, and that it is also wrong to maintain the exclusion of White Nationalists from the political process?

I seriously fuckin’ doubt it!

Democracy is the civilised process by which divergent agendas are negotiated and managed.

We see very little evidence of this in action or beyond the theoretical musings of philosophers. Democracy is popular with criminals because it is the most easily corrupted and manipulated system of administration.

People with divergent agendas should be urged to engage in the democratic process rather than be forced outside the system to pursue their agendas.

Again I ask, is he advocating the engaging of White Nationalists in meaningful dialogue to analyse their grievances and come to some accommodation or is this olive branch only available to Islamic Terrorists?
5.Evil Pundit says:
July 21st, 2006 at 3:06 pm
But what if their agenda is the destruction of the democratic system? That is what the Islamic fundamentalists want.

All this talk of Islamic “fundamentalists” and “extremists”, as if there were actually any other kind of Muslim, is a joke. The biggest danger to our Western Civilisation today is the spurious concept of the “moderate” Muslim. The only “moderate Muslims” I have ever met were non-practicing or so-called secular ones. Wake up and smell the Kebabs!
And from the drunk himself...

Thursday 20th July 2006:
“In the past, it has taken a couple of generations for migrant communities to start becoming more involved in mainstream power structures. However, given that we live in a much more globalised world than in the past and also given the significant amounts of fear and ignorance being generated about Muslims, the sooner the ignorance of the wider community can be countered by direct experience of having to engage with Muslim voices in the political process and in political debates, the better for everyone. This does not mean I am urging all Muslims to join the Democrats (although I’m always happy for us to get new members, particularly in Queensland where we’ve just launched a membership drive),”

Yes Andrew, it’s called ethnic specific branch stacking and the entirely transparent purpose of your diatribe is to convince these Islamists that your party, the Australian Democrats, is the one that is likely to be most “helpful” to them. It is painfully obvious the Australian Democrat Party’s numbers have been decimated by the Greens and that you are desperately clinging to the gravy train for dear life. You would make a pact with the Devil himself to ensure political survival but who needs the Devil when you have the next best thing, eh? His representatives on Earth.


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