Saturday, August 12, 2006

History lesson?

One needs no more evidence than the following posts from FDB as proof they cannot lay a glove on the White Nationalists and are being driven mad by their recent total lack of progress. Latching on to one phrase in a recent Victor Whitelaw post as if they have struck Gold is sadly indicative of their absolute rabid desperation to score points. Also, their ignorance and stupidity are now quite palpable. They clearly believe their own lies and think that in supporting each other’s delusions they can actually suppress reality.

UnLUCKY girls.

It ain’t gunna happen.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s Forum:

Kromlek needs a lesson on politics

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Posts: 81 Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:37 am Post subject: Kromlek needs a lesson on politics
Taken from Kromleck AssMunch's VictorWhiteLaw lunatic blog "We White Nationalists know precisely what to expect from the reactionary Red filth of FDB".....

Sorry asslick, but even the most idiotic neo-nazi would know that left wingers are 'revolutionaries' and you right winged idiots are the 'reactionaries'...
Seriously I knew you were dumb, but this takes the cake.
The whole left/right wing thing comes from the seating positions in French parliment (Sic) many years ago, when the revolutionaries would sit on the left, and the reactionaries on the right.
Then again it shouldn't be a suprised (Sic), old Kromlek has always been confused when trying to figure out what team he bats for!

LaConcierge’s dribbling, verbal diarrhoea only proves HIS spelling is as half arsed as his so-called “History” lesson. It is patently obvious to any with a functioning brain that it is the FDB’ers who are INDEED the REACTIONARIES. He and his fellow morons, who have never had an original thought between them, would not know the meaning of the word revolutionary. They are puppet slaves to the very State they profess to oppose.

All the values and qualities they hate with such venom, such as cultural-racial integrity and national sovereignty are now firmly invested ONLY in the Common White People. White Western values and the Cultural Racial integrity which underwrites it will be restored by the unsophisticated, salt of the Earth, Common White Folk who are still largely uncontaminated with the permissive poison of the intelligentsia. These values have been totally expunged from all the institutions and the greater establishment through decades of infiltration and vandalism by Fabian Socialists and their fellow travellers.

The Government (of ANY persuasion) no longer serves the people or represents their ideals. While crowing about “Democracy” and “Freedom” they dictate what their masters in the corrupted establishment tell them to and treat notions such as so-called “people power” with derision and tag it with the insulting term “populist” as if a value or ideal which is widely held is to be dismissed on the grounds that it is “popular”! The elitists such as the Fight Dem Back Criminals merely serve this system with obsequious obedience. Chicken shit conformists, they are, in reality, less than worms or maggots.

It is the FDB’ers who are supporting the institutionalised Anti-White and Anti-Western establishment and who wish to maintain the status quo. If the spurious notion of the now frankly obsolete Right/Left view of the Political spectrum is to be observed then the White Nationalists are, in effect (according to the FDB'ers logic) the New Left because it is THEY who are fighting entrenched conservatism and political conformity and who want a REAL choice and to effect a REAL change in the Political landscape.

White Nationalists are the ones who want to change things, namely back to how things WERE before the Communists and Fabian Socialists took over the Labour Movement and the institutions with their Globalism, Multiculturalism Political Correctness and sick dream of a Utopianist One World Government. The White Nationalists aim to restore things back to normality. The Leftists will almost certainly claim this is a “counter revolutionary” stance but this is bullshit. If progress is revolution then it is THEY who are counter-revolutionary.

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Nice find, I knew whitelaw was a dumbass when he criticised my spelling on revleft ( I spelt enough with a t instead of g ) and he screwed some spelling up too. What a bunch of geniouses.(Sic)

Rollo, the pencil necked Seventeen year old, wannabe surfer boy dweeb also had old Victor clutching his sides with much mirth and merriment as he criticised his spelling with an absolute howler of his own!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


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