Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jim and Tim

Everyone’s favourite sock puppet, the greatest imaginary friend since Mr. Garrison’s Mr. Hand, the hilariously named Tim Heggarty (Private I extraordinaire...pfftt!) has made yet another unwelcome appearance. Unless the late and unlamented David Heidelberg has mastered the art of channelling cryptic messages from beyond the grave we must assume that Darp or another FDB bum chum is now doing the honours in his permanent absence.

Call Victor a silly old conspiracy theorist but I concur unreservedly with Mr. Saleam’s observation that Fight Dem back is a “Black Op”. Call it a “Front” a “setup” or whatever, believe Darp is a willing dupe, a useful idiot or an unconscious patsy, but it is CERTAINLY not what it seems on the surface. History is replete with examples of similar operations conducted by the various security services of many nations but most famously by the American CIA, NSA and FBI.

From the Stormfront thread entitled ‘Darp to deceive the ambassador of Syria’:

“You surprise me Jim.

Henderson is a former student and friend of Dr Andrew Vincent. Vincent is a good friend of the Syrian Ambassador. Henderson also studied under Dr Vincent with the Ambassador's personal assistant. He emailed the PA and CC'd Vincent. Vincent stepped in, did the rest and is now taking credit for saving the ambassador's career. None of the FDB crowd really mind that though, the end result is what they are after. For the record Henderson speaks pidgin Arabic and pidgin Yiddish and Hebrew.

You're getting old Jim if you couldn't piece that one together.

I'm looking forward to attending the forum. Got my ticket ready. Hope you're putting on one of your famous BBQs on Sunday.


Old Victor found THIS part simply hysterical:

“Saving the Ambassador’s career”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

That is BRILLIANT in its absolute ABSURDITY!!!

I mean yeah! Good on ya Darp…erm… I mean “Tim”. WHAT a complete and total wanker, tosser and puller of the highest magnitude. Jeezuz! Do these fuckwits actually BELIEVE their own lies? In another time or place these FDB shenanigans might seem sad, tragic or simply pathetically funny but when one is aware of the malice, the sheer unvarnished hatred that underwrites their actions it is actually quite sickening.

What old Victor noted with (mock) amazement is how, in the space of a few short months, ‘Tim’ appears to have learned basic English spelling and Grammar techniques. When he was E-Mailing Kromlek only last December the poor luvvie could barely string a sentence together, such was the embarrassing severity of his illiteracy. Well done Tim!

All jokes aside though, there is NO WAY this is the same ‘Tim Heggarty’.

Nice try Darp, but NOT quite good enough…


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