Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson

The Daily Telegraph of Monday July 31st 2006 relegated the story entitled “Kids killed in air raid horror” to page two so that it could occupy the entire front page with a total beat up about Mel Gibson’s comments on Jews!

After all, any news of famous people criticising the Chosenites is WAY more important than FIFTY FOUR Sand Niggers being murdered by the IDF. Even IF most of them were Women and children.

Priorities people, priorities.

On page five of this appalling Sydney based chip wrapper, the grotesque little Jew and FDB poodle, Joe Hildebrand quotes Antony Loewenstein of the Sydney Morning Herald as saying he could not believe that someone who had worked in a JEW DOMINATED (his words not ours) film industry such as Hollywood for so long could be Anti-Semitic.


In my view, I would say that makes him eminently qualified to make such judgments and statements. Who could possibly know better just how the Jews operate in the film industry? An industry they have treated as their very own propaganda factory since at least the Nineteen Thirties.

He also said Gibson’s apology did not “atone” (that sounds a bit Old Testament) for his action and that he ought to “make a donation” to a Jewish “charity” as a gesture of regret. Why is it ALWAYS about MONEY with these creatures? I would think that Gibson has been “donating to a Jewish charity”, namely Hollywood, for decades now and filled the pockets of many a Jew with bucket-loads of Shekels taken from the Goyim silly enough to pay to see his generally very poor product.

Of course it suits the Chosenites to not make any distinction between mere (alcohol fuelled) disrespect or contempt and actual vilification or so-called “Racism”. Gibson was only voicing what most already know and think anyway. It was an OPINION. Get over it! It’s just that in this insane Multicultural World, where Jewish Terrorist groups like the so-called Anti Defamation League suppress free speech and the victims are punished for speaking out against their oppressors, most are understandably intimidated into silence.

Also, where were all the shrieking “Anti-Racists” when Gibson produced two movies, namely ‘Braveheart’ and ‘The Patriot’ which not only re-wrote History in the most clumsy manner but vilified the English people as cruel, cowardly, heartless monsters with no honour or integrity? Oh, that’s right! It is only a crime when it is a NON White people who are slagged off!

As a side note, it is interesting that the Daily Telegraph called it a “Racist Tirade” yet most Jews claim that Judaism is a RELIGION and not a RACE at all, so how can Gibson’s “crime” be so-called “Racism”? Also, according to Left Wing academics the entire concept of different Races is incorrect. The well known Marxist and quite hideous Homosexual Jewess Eva Cox has pronounced “There is NO SUCH THING as Race!” claiming that it has been “Scientifically disproved”.

Finally, one needs no more proof of the awesome power and influence of the Jews in America than Gibson’s own response to the exposure of his words. He took the Marlon Brando option and is groveling at the feet of the Chosenites and kissing Kike arse for all he’s worth. Now ask yourself this, if YOU had the immense personal wealth and connections that Gibson enjoys would YOU need to kiss ANYONES arse?

‘nuff said.


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