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More Headless Chooks

Watching you watching me watching you…

The site is called ‘The Other Cheek’ and as far as old Victor can ascertain, and let’s face it, in these times one can never be too sure, the two blokes who run the site, Andrew Landeryou and Joe Klein, are extreme Right Wing Fascist Jews who hate the Left with a passion that rivals that of his own.

They are almost certainly founding members of the local chapter of the Ariel Sharon Fan Club and come across as even bigger apologists for the Bandit State of Israel than Jeremy Jones and ECAJ! Even a quick perusal of their Blog will convince you this pair is as nutty as a fruitcake and every bit as egoistical, self-obsessed, smugly supercilious and self-righteous as Darp. They are, without doubt, their own biggest fans, “We’re SO clever!” you can almost hear them say. Look at us! But they ARE at least, unlike Darp, mildly funny and entertaining in their strangely “Redneck Jew” way.

The caption that accompanies one of the photos in the slideshow on the Anti-War demo would not look out of place on Stormfront. The picture showing a Police Officer talking to what looks like an elderly female Negroid bears the legend “Police officer quietly explains Racial Vilification to Rock Ape!” Tsk, tsk, tsk. How wickedly “Racist” of them!

Also from the Site in question:

TERRIFYING: "White Pride" Bigots Acknowledge The Extreme Left's Hatred of Jews


A "white nationalist" "White Pride" website has picked up on the OC's photographs of extreme leftist anti-semitic banners at their "Peace" rally on Sunday. The discussion that follows offers a horrifying insight into just how low the ultra left is sinking in its quagmire of fanatical anti-Israeli rhetoric and lies.

Even the National Student leader and Socialist Left ally Rose Jackson has been concerned at this trend, last week condemning the rising tide of anti-semitism within the Left. She bravely said:

There will come a point (if it has not already been reached) where suddenly people in the left will feel they can get away with anything when talking about Israel and the Israeli people. Where no comments or insults are off limits.

She was then savagely attacked by extreme left critics for herself being racist and a supporter of apartheid for daring to question the ferocity of their remarks.


Well it's not just Rose Jackson noting the rising stench of racism coming from the extreme left. "White nationalists" themselves are discussing this trend, some seem pleased, vindicated, others more concerned about the competition in their traditional market-place of racial prejudice.

If this isn't enough to make your skin crawl, I suggest you go join an ultra left or white nationalist group immediately:

One contributor to the White Nationalist forum jealously regards the extreme left's craftiness in being able to get away with their brand of racism for so long:

They have sailed past all scrutiny by claiming that in the fight for Anti Racism they have been exposing White Racism and Anti Jewish feelings in the White Australian population. All the time they have been supporting Muslims and the Islamic takeover of this country. Not a bad cover.

So there's agreement about objectives but not tactics:

Now I would like to state that in these confusing times the only thing we White Nationalists can do is, remember that our battle is with ALL who seek to destroy OUR culture. We cannot allow ourselves to fall in the same flytrap the Left wing Anarchists have found themselves in. The old saying of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not apply to White Survival.


One "white nationalist" calling himself "young soldier" knows a brother Nazi when he sees one:

Its no real secret that the hard left is anti semetic. Its been clear for years that near everyone from the Left Labour party to the raving mad trotskyites have a particular hatred of Jewish people and the state of Israel.It is probable that the reason they come out so hard against the non red anti-Jewish people is because they themselves have an SS uniform in the cupboard that they take out to impress their fellow "Heroes of the proletariat".

"Sydney Patriot" agrees, clearly pleased with the increased support for racism:

Yep, Leftist groups have been forging ties with ‘anti-Semitic’ groups sympathetic to Islamic Jihad for a while now. Most reds on uni campuses support the Palestinians over the Jews and have done for a long time. I have also noticed that the current situation re Lebanon seems to be intensifying such anti-Israeli sentiment.


"Young Soldier" responds, favourably noting the young batch of Antony Lowensteins in the ultra left who confirm every conspiracy theory ever known in the Lunar Right:

I find it interesting that there are even Jewish members of the Socialist Alternative who openly state that they despise Jewish/Zionist "Political manipulation".


"Adviliax" gets the debate back to its normal New Order:

Don't be fooled people! Jews hate the white Christian man now as much as they did 2000 years ago, if not more! They'll be nice to your face but they do have ulterior motives and as soon as you turn around they'll stab you in the back. Jews are a sneaky, coniving race and should not be trusted. And the white man seems to forget that Stalin's predominantly jewish gov't was responsible for the deaths of 15-20,000,000 white Christians! The "official" figure for the number of jews killed in WW2 has been revised to around 2,000,000 and I'll even take that figure with a grain of salt.


This is what it boils down to. Rose Jackson's statement of concern has lifted the lid on a smouldering stew of left putrescence. When the white nationalists are discussing the implications of the Left's hatred of the Jewish people, then we can all see that there is a major problem.

We can thank Rose Jackson for bravely pointing it out. But unless we take action to stop this, to confront it and destroy such evil, we are taking an incredible risk. I cannot imagine in my parent's time or my grand-parent's the "Left" holding such hideous racist views, acknowledged as such by the biggest, baddest bigots on the block.

Game on.

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Of course, the “White Nationalist Forum” in question is none other than Stormfront.


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