Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More toxic sludge from the FDB sewage plant

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum on the thread entitled ‘NZ Race Hate Website being investigated’

political tar baby
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"Cowardly" is the correct term. Notice how quickly Miller removed SOME of the harassing data, in the face of all of but a single comment from a newsie. The psychological report in the pre-sentence investigation will reveal that Miller is your garden variety bully. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Miller was abused as a child, most likely by a parent. Bullying is part of the suite of 'absent father syndrome' as well. Both are directly implicatable (sic) in personality disorders like anxiety, depression and poor self-image. Neo-nazi groups are well known for exploiting boys and young men who have severe self-image problems, offering them affirmation and approval. The way you stop bullying is to stand right up to the bullies and draw as much attention as possible to the abuser. ONE comment from a newsie. ONE.

Now, dear reader, please remember that this is the SAME gutless, vicious little turd who, backing up Darp and his crudely brutal threats of Unionist administered bashings, harassed and threatened two SCHOOL KIDS aged Fifteen and Sixteen years of age with litigation and promised to have their parents “tipped out of their houses”!!!

The SAME spineless, jelly-backed swine who (apparently), according to his own claims, conspired with two Eastwood Police Officers and an as yet unnamed (yes, we’re still working on that one) “Law Enforcement Officer”* to help him in his enterprise to stitch up some other young PYL lads.

*The “Law Enforcement Officer” who apparently brandishes a Glock automatic pistol in a suburban street like he’s a fuckin’ refugee from a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western movie and will point said weapon at the head of anyone not ‘Weezil approved’ who enters Jaffa Road Round Corner Dural NSW where Weezil lives!

Brian Stokes aka Weezil, as outlined in an earlier post, is a criminally insane pervert, a suitable case for treatment, who REALLY needs to be locked up along with his chum Mathew Henderson-Hau ASAP. It is a shameful scandal and a sad indictment of the weak and lily livered nature of our so-called “Law Enforcement” agencies that this pair of lowlife animals are even still walking our streets and allowed to harass decent, law abiding, tax paying family people.

They are lower than snake shit and it is all the more galling, when one knows what these scum sucking maggots are responsible for, to hear them trying to take the high moral ground and even indulge in some amateur psychiatric analysis of people they are not even worthy of speaking of. Weezil is such a disgusting bucket of swill himself, he is not fit to clean Miller’s toilet, let alone criticise him.


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