Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reality Check for the FDB Faggots

The Vietnam Moratorium reenactment enthusiast Brian Stokes, aka Weezil of Round Corner Dural NSW, claims that he and his motley crew of filthy, deviant perverts are the ones who “set the agenda”. Well Weez, me old luvvie, me doddery ol’ Seventies time warp victim, you and yours just proved exactly the opposite!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Once again the Fight Dem Back Criminals have confirmed their total lack of credibility and how utterly bereft they are of any trace of honour, veracity, morals or ethics. The Fight Dem Back Criminal Group’s recent stunt of posting on their Forum a select handful of Non-White Racist incidents, accompanied with suitably critical comments, is nothing more than a cynically contrived and politically expedient act of tokenism.

They have been forced into this clumsy charade of pretending to be fair and equitable by the steadily mounting pressure that has been applied by the White Nationalists over the past few months. There has been constant criticism about their exclusive targeting of White Nationalists in their approach to so-called “Anti-Racism” and “Anti-Fascism” coming not only from the White Nationalists but even from other Leftists.

It would appear they have finally been shamed into this belated and painfully obvious effort but the question must be asked, why has it taken Eighteen Months for these criminals to get around to it?

Victor Whitelaw, the staff at Whitelaw Towers and all the other White Nationalists will ensure the Fight Dem Back Criminals are denied any opportunity to exploit this tactic to their advantage by highlighting their deception and hypocrisy whenever and wherever possible.


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