Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Regarding the “Treachery Case”

Just when you think Darp's hit rock bottom he ratchets it down another notch. Jeezus! This idiot's so low he could limbo under a lizard or parachute out of a snake's bum!
The staff of Whitelaw Towers, in particular the people of our Queensland Bureau, have been fully up to speed on the entire “Let’s make a deal” affair from the very beginning, our antennae receive much "chit chat " drifting on the ether, so no amount of Darpist lying will convince them they are wrong in taking Benny’s side in this matter.

The worst that Benny can be accused of is naivety and foolishness, a sucker for punishment, certainly not “treachery”. The White Nationalists believe there was no malice in his admittedly poorly thought out dealings with Darp. The Fight Dem Back Criminals are like all cowards and liars, they recognise the good nature of decent people as weakness and exploit it for their own benefit.

All true White Nationalists will see this latest beat up for what it is, a desperately frantic attempt by Darp to divert attention away from his now VERY well publicised cowardice over this past weekend. He is thrashing about in a lather of impotent rage and embarrassment.

The entire stunt is so pathetically transparent it’s laughable. A non existent so-called Private Detective, yep that’s correct folks, there is NOBODY by the name of ‘Tim Heggarty’ with an investigator’s license in Australia (believe us, we checked) is still attempting to harass various White Nationalists via E-Mail.

Think about it. If the White Nationalists WERE doing anything seriously illegal why would it be even necessary to put a gumshoe on their case? Surely it would be a simple matter for the regular Police or the Federal Security Agencies. Besides, the Fight Dem Back Criminals have always denied they are being funded from above so how could they even AFFORD a P.I.? Or are we to believe this ‘Tim Heggarty” is providing his services pro bono?

It is always very easy to tell when Darp and his bum chums have got nothing and are on the back foot, they go very, very quiet and Darp, my gentle readers, is currently quite conspicuous by his total absence. Believe your old Uncle Victor, Darp’s got a lot more bad news to come yet. The end game has only just commenced.


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