Monday, August 21, 2006

The trouble with FDB

Thankfully, for all decent, law abiding White Australians, the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group is showing many signs of collapsing under the weight of its own network. This is due in no small part to the factionalism which rapidly develops the moment anything really serious in the Racial sphere (particularly when it involves the tension between the ‘Big Three’ religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism) happens in the news. The most recent crisis in the Middle East and its immediate effects on debate within the forums of the Left, like the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group, is evidence of just how brittle and fragile the relationships can be between the various groups of Red Scum.

The general Left’s, and FDB in particular, main tactic in the past has been to simply ignore evidence of the crimes perpetrated and supported by the Multicultural scourge but once things are no longer quietly manageable and major World issues impinge upon their self-delusional bubble of mythical togetherness and enrichment then things rapidly degrade to infighting among the many egomaniacal head cases of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group.

They simply cannot cope under the stress of bad news and lately every day has brought more tragic tales for the Utopian dream of Global Multiculturalism. It is literally doing their tiny, pointed heads in, this massive effort to reconcile their already preposterous and contradictory ideology with the inconvenient and intrusive persistence of reality, and let’s face it, the inner circle of Darp, Weezil, Sexenheimer, @ndy etc were not what you’d call mentally or emotionally stable to begin with.

Stand well back folks, meltdown is imminent.

The fraud of the Multicultural conspiracy, its agents and the hidden hand of the Cryptocracy that guides it becomes more apparent by the day largely due to the excellent work of the Patriotic White Australian Nationalists in focusing the spotlight on the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ activities, highlighting their hypocrisy and inconsistencies and exposing their involvement in illegal acts.

Any single issue group, be it a political party or otherwise, is by its very nature problematical. The fundamental problem currently facing the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group is how to maintain the cunningly contrived façade of an organisation of morally and politically correct “concerned citizens” functioning under the pretence of being both “Anti-Racist” and “apolitical” while engaging in some of the lowest acts imaginable, including computer piracy, illegal covert surveillance, defamation and harassment in alliance with groups and individuals ranging from Anarchist extremists to Islamist gangsters.

Being all things to all people, ranging from Anarchists, Communists, Social Democrats, wet liberals to Neo-Cons, Christians to Muslims to Jews, all of the time is ultimately unsustainable even for skillfully manipulative liars and conmen of Darp’s calibre. It is essentially impossible to be (so-called) “Anti-Racist” yet remain “apolitical” because this is a political stance in itself. Politics is in everything and when Darp tells these lies and bamboozles others into assisting his cause, he is quite deliberately advancing the insidious Socio-Political agenda of a very specific group.

Also worthy of note is that this dismal lack of performance comes despite the support and funding by many “Jewish professionals”, their words, not ours. If I were one of these “Jewish Professionals” I would be very disappointed with the return on my investment, talk about throwing good money after bad. One would have thought the traditional enemies of White Culture had learned from past bad experiences the folly of utilising “useful idiots” and common criminals to do their dirty work. The potential for embarrassing “blowback” from unreliable and, in the case of Fight Dem Back, mentally unstable elements is an ever present hazard in this type of operation.

Ironically, the Fight Dem Back Criminal Group’s sneering contempt for alternate points of view to their own, even within the general spectrum of Leftist thought, cruels any possible meaningful and long term relationship with many of their intended allies. Surely too the irony cannot be lost on the objective observer that a group originally created to suppress the truth about Multiculturalism and to eliminate White Nationalist sentiment in Australia has failed dismally on both counts. The ONLY stated objective partially achieved by the Fight Dem back Criminal Group has been to halt most open recruitment of people to the White Nationalist cause. They have driven this aspect largely underground.

Quite understandably many people, particularly the young and vulnerable, are reluctant to join any White Nationalist group when they realise this will almost certainly expose them (and their family and loved one) to surveillance (both overt and covert), harassment, vilification and in some cases even physical assault by the Fight Dem Back Criminals or their agents and allies and possibly result in loss of employment or long term detrimental effects to their careers.

Sadly, despite all the claims today about “Democratic rights”, “Freedom of speech”, “Freedom of expression”, “Freedom of association”, etc it has become an assumption, a tragic misapprehension, among many in today’s society that to reject Multiculturalism is to actually commit some form of criminal offence! This results in much self-policing and preemptive censoring of expression among even those who are totally unconvinced of the “benefits” of Multiculturalism.

The resultant silence and seeming passivity is deliberately misinterpreted by the advocates of Multiculturalism as approval and/or acceptance of the draconian regime. Nothing could be further form the truth. Most people have simply been terrorized into silence by the ascendant Political Correctness.

The positive aspect of this is that the only people joining the White Nationalist Movement now, by word of mouth, are the real deal and not merely pretenders, wannabes, casual dilettantes or curious types seeking the controversial. They KNOW the dangers inherent in speaking the truth about the Anti-White regime of Multiculturalism and associating with like-minded comrades.

White Nationalists are infinitely more vigilant now of infiltrators and agents provocateur than ever before, the wheat has been sorted from the chaff and only the totally dedicated, long term activists remain, stronger and more certain of their ideology and their goals than ever. New alliances and cooperative networks have been established to counter the common enemy and real resources, including fighting funds, are being established for the struggle ahead. Hard but useful lessons have been learned regarding strategies and tactics and the White Nationalist cause will advance with better planning and more careful procedures.

The White Nationalists know they fight for a noble cause and nothing, including the most deviant machinations of the Fight Dem back perverts and their backers, will deter them from their goal of White survival and, ultimately, White resurgence.


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