Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wot abart da workers?

More side splitting hilarity from the Fight Dem Back Criminals' Forum:

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kaaos - I don't agree with Cardijn, but I welcome his input. As a leftist I find it unfortunate that the average punter's impression of socialism in practise is based on Stalinism.

Yes, it is indeed “unfortunate” (for you) that the “average punter”, however much his wits might be dulled by the TelAvision, still has enough smarts to see you for the frauds you are. UN lucky!

But of course you can always point to Cuba as the Promised Land and the Workers Paradise. I can just see the “average punters” queuing up in their droves to board planes to Havana…

One of our roles as leftists is to demonstrate Stalinism was an aberration not the norm.

What about Mao? He killed even more than your Uncle Joe! Was HE alright and okay? Besides, while Joe and his successors were sticking it to the Yanks you idiots were cheering him on from the sidelines and sneering at every report leaking though the Iron Curtain about the Gulags and the torture chambers. Fuckin’ HYPOCRITES!

FDB is not a left discussion group, it is a broad based single focus

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Sort of like a wide ranging pinpoint?

group reflecting a diversity of opinions on most things except the one we can agree on race hate is abhorrent.

If you're going to have a political discussion have it in the politics section, if it starts to get sectarian or just mud slinging it'll be canned. Keep it seemly guys.

Yeah! We wouldn’t want to do anything OFFENSIVE or stuff, would we? Just stick to the regular scatology, Uni Student toilet humour and incessant comments on sexual perversion…

If you really want to have a political argument arrange to have on another forum, there's plenty for just that.

Cardijn - stop winding folks up.... some people get argumentative if you start lumping socialists and nazis as part of the same problem. I disagree with you too. I presume you can work with the left on issues of fighting race-hate. If you can't then you may find life here difficult, as there are a number of hard working outspoken people here.

What? Did he just say HARD WORKING? He has just GOT to be takin’ the piss hasn’t he? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Leave the political hats at home guys and agree to co-operate on this issue.
Frank A. White wrote:
"drooling blithering low-IQ idiot Raz"

Way to go Frank...


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