Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You just keep me hangin' on...

MH: “Hello Mat speaking”
JP: “Yeah Mathew”
MH: “Yes”
JP: “Yeah, Jim mate, how ya going?”
MH: “Which Jim man? Lots of Jims in my World”
JP “Jim from Queensland mate”
MH: “Ah Perren, how are ya champ?”
JP: “Yeah, good mate, hey look do we need to give you some money to get a cab down here? Or some CRC for your balls of steel?
MH: “Um”
JP: “...or, how do we getcha down here?”
MH “Well, where are you Jim?”
JP: “Well you've already had a call telling ya, I mean it's on the Internet”
MH: “Yeah, okay, okay, can you give me any other incentives other than being graced with your innocuous [?] presence, I mean other than that?”
JP: “Innocuous presence?”
MH: “What else can you use to get me down there mate?”
JP: “I dunno, you’re the one who wants to stop me from having free speech, you tell me”
MH: “Ahhh, you can shoot your mouth off as much as you want, you give us endless hours of entertainment, you know, I don't really care what you say”
JP: “We were hoping...cause like um we were going to have to get another speaker in there because we were hoping you would come and explain to us how Multiculturalism is so good for this country, I mean we would actually......
HP: “Last time.....”
JP: “....have sat here and listened to what you had to say”
MH: “Oh ok, that's interesting, we did things a little different this year, so.....”
JP: “What?....”
MH: “If, if we can be arsed....”
JP: “What did you do? What did you do this year?”
MH: “You'll find out over the next couple of weeks Jim”
JP: “Aaaahhh, we'll find out in the next couple of weeks, right, okay”
MH: “You don't sound like as much as a umm, as a southern Queenslander as I'd thought you would sound you sound a bit more umm, sound a bit more like a Brisbanite I must admit”
JP: “Okay, gimme more”
MH: “There’s nothing really much to say mate, you called me, you've obviously got something to say...”
JP: “Ah, I'm just trying to figure out like umm, what, do Southern Queensland people sound different to Brisbane people or something?”
MH: “No it's just, there's a bit more of a drawl going on, it's not like a far North Queensland.....”
JP: “Like a Texan drawl?....”
MH: “Well I....”
JP: “There ya go mate, I'm up from far North”
MH: “Slightly, slightly different mate from a Texan drawl....”
JP: “Okay....”
MH: “I think it's a very pleasant accent anyway....”
JP: “Ah mate, I feel privileged....”
MH: “I think it's charming, I think it's beautiful...”
JP: “Ah, there ya go mate, so ya not going to turn up then? We have to wait two weeks to see you, the thing is.....
MH: “Well.....”
JP: “I'm only in Sydney, like for ....
MH: “I've got to work mate, so, you know, I gotta work, I gotta....you know.....(inaudible)”
JP: “I was looking for you yesterday....”
MH: “Oh really, were ya?”
JP: “I thought you guys were going to come down and see us”
MH: “We went and came, we went through Chippendale on Friday night and had a bit of a sort of skulk around there and....”
JP: “Chippendale....”
MH: “And we got all the things we needed to do there, so....”
JP: “Did ya? Right....”
MH: “You know, we've actually had our fun already this weekend, so....”
JP: “Oh have ya? I hope you've got some good stuff on me?”
MH: “Oh, you had a long drive down from Brisbane to see us a couple of months ago, which was interesting....
JP: “A couple of months ago?”
MH: “Yeah”
JP: “Really?”
MH: “Actually it was more than a couple of months ago, it was actually ages ago, but I dunno, but I really don't give a fuck Jim to be perfectly honest, I do what I've gotta do....”
JP: “I just like to know, like um....I mean....Matthew, I mean, you know, you’re the one that keeps on saying you want ground rules and stuff, you wanna sort 'em out mate, I've come to you because your balls of steel and your tentacles of power, that should make sure, that I, that people like me can never have any chance of having free speech, um.....”
MH: “Where....”
JP: “Cause you’re stopping me from doing it, I mean like, you've got an opportunity to sit with me and work this out, but um....”
MH: “How do I stop you from doing it?.....”
JP: “I just wanna know what the ground rules are mate, cause isn't that what you wanted?”
MH: “In terms of, wait, wait, start again, what do you mean by ground rules and then explain how I stop you from having free speech?”
JP: “You’re the one...., I wanna hear what you have to say mate, cause I,... you’re the one that wants the ground rules and this ah........”
MH: “How, how, how, how, how do I want ......?”
JP: “That's what you guys keep saying, youse [ inaudible ] puppets”
MH: “Any sort,....... where and when do I say that?”
JP: [ laughs ]
MH: “That’s the bit that kills me, like you talk about ground rules and you say I'm the one who wants them...”
JP: “You’re the one that tries to get onto Asgard mate and work out these ground rules, well, you know, you wanna work out.....”
MH: “It's not necessarily working out ground rules as such, it's common sense, it's like, if we want to piss-fart around with one another, you guys have your opinions, I have my opinions, we get them across, you know.....but [ inaudible ]”
JP: “Your opinions aren't getting across mate, all your opinions are doing is, like um, I don't know what you’re doing', I just think you've got a big head mate, you just don't like other people disagreeing with ya.....”
MH: “It's not really making' much sense.....”
JP: “It's not like, it's not like you’re fighting for the country or anything, Mathew, it's not like you care about the, um, the patriots and stuff in this country, it's not you give a rat's bum actually....
MH: “I don't actually, I don't actually think that you’re patriots [ inaudible ]”
JP: “What, what do you think we are then?”
MH: “Oh mate, you know, I got various [ inaudible ]”
JP: “Come on tell me, what do you think I am?, I've seen what you've told people in the newspaper what you think I am....”
MH: “I think, I think you’re a socially maligned bloke who lives in a bit of a fantasy world insofar as what he deems his sort of concept of what an Australian is.....”
JP: “What’s the fantasy World I live in?, as an employed man, with a family who owns his house, who works his arse off and pays taxes, I live in a fantasy world?, mate, I mean, I can't live in a fantasy World 'cause I gotta pay bills.....”
MH: “Well I....”
JP: “What's the fantasy World I'm living in?, what, the fantasy world where we all have the right to free speech....?”
MH: “The fantasy World [ inaudible ] speech”
JP: “Is the fantasy World the one where we have free speech without being harassed and maligned because you know as well as I know Matthew that all that information that you put out about me is false and if you deny that mate, you’re a fool, cause you, apparently your intelligence is so good you should know that yourself, but you don't tell your friends, do ya? You don't stop them from saying the bullshit about me, do ya?, you know they were all lies, so you tell me...”
JP: “Ya there?”
[ pause ] [ beeping noises occur every few seconds until end of transcript ]
JP: “Oi!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Hello!”
MH: “Keep talking'”
JP: “Ay?”
JP: “What? Are you a cab driver or something, what's with all the beeping going on?”
[ pause ]
JP: “Hello!”
MH: “Just keep talking”
JP: “Hello!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Oh, I should probably hang up, he's tracing the call....”
[ pause ]
JP: “I can hear all the beeping in the background....”
[ pause ]
JP: “I think we probably got about two and a half minutes before they actually trace it back to where we are....”
JP: “Yeah, no, I am in Sydney Mathew, I'm probably just down the road from you, hello?!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Hello!”
[ pause ]
JP: “Mathew, you agreed to come down here and explain to everybody down here....”
JP: “Hello!”
JP: “Your beliefs and how you lie, come on, hello!”
JP: “Oh, the beep is getting close, holy shit we're done, well boys put your tinfoil hats on”
[ pause ]
JP: “Matthew what are you doing?”
JP: “Hello!”
JP: “I dunno, he must be looking for his [ inaudible ] or some shit”


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