Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Boys from Brazil?

Rollo, like his deviant ‘Fight Dem Back’ criminal mentor Darp, also has a bizarre peccadillo for mixing food and ejaculatory fluids. Darp has (in)famously regaled us with his desire to masturbate into Prime Minister John Howard’s salad and force him to eat it, presumably along with his semen, at gunpoint, no less!

From Wednesday, 9th June 2004:

“Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.”

Rollo merely informs us he deposited his seed in a “friend’s food” and that this “friend” consumed the peculiar mixture, very strange indeed. Whether or not it was accidental, part of some grotesque ritual or a ‘Jackass’ type prank we may never know. We do know however from reading his Internet posts that Rollo claims to be Bisexual so anything is possible. He sounds like he’d take on all comers, male, female, animal, mineral or vegetable.

From ‘’:

Posted: Oct 5 2006, 01:23 PM
Knuckle Dragging Criminal
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“I once came into my friends food. Thought it was pretty funny that he didn't notice.”

Hmmm… perhaps Rollo might also have a future as a Lawyer. If Darp’s vocational path is anything to go by then this type of behaviour would appear to be no impediment whatsoever to advancement through a profitable career in that profession. He might be a disgusting, sick little criminal pervert, but hey, at least he’s not a RACIST!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Posted: Oct 5 2006, 11:39 PM
Knuckle Dragging Criminal
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“When I came into his food. He ate it all.”

Just like Darp, Rollo ALSO loves to work with children…

eep! anyone work in childcare?
Posted on: Oct 9 2006, 10:38 AM
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“2 year olds are easy cheese. They will probably play with simple toys most of the time, it's the 4-5 year olds that suck. They constantly fight and ask you annoying questions.”

The main point of these observations is Rollo’s behaviour appears to mirror that of Darp’s with chilling synchronicity. As with Darp, the amoral, nihilistic and violent tendencies of the sociopath are all present. Could we perhaps be dealing with a clone? Cue Twilight Zone music…creepy…ooer…

So what might we expect next from the sorcerer’s apprentice?

Pubic deforestation?
Indecent public exposure of his polished and perfumed pubes?
Trans-Tasman death contracts?
D.I.Y. litigation?
The systematic vandalism of hotel rooms?
Genetically driven berserker rages?
Child abuse and physical assault as a sporting event?
Stalking and entrapment of minors?
Drug abuse of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ proportions?
Suburban Terrorism, perhaps?

What wonders might await the faithful and the patient, gentle reader?


Darp in his own words...again...

In the interests of refreshing in everyone's minds just what sort of sick creature we are dealing with in Mathew Henderson-Hau aka 'Darp' of Eastwood NSW, old Victor has decided it is time again to let "Darp" show us IN HIS OWN WORDS what kind of guy he really is.
It is all the more relevant at this time with the news, from 'Darp' himself, that he is "back in the old suit and tie" and working for a Legal firm while he completes his studies to become a practising Lawyer. This revelation should, in light of his extremely poor character, fill all decent people with dread and disgust.
Victor feels compelled, in the interests of public decency and safety, to warn everyone he possibly can about "Darp' and encourages all who are reading the material contained within this post to disseminate it far and wide.
The Victor Whitelaw project also firmly believes it is imperative 'Darp's' current (and future) employers are fully informed about him and we are making every effort to ensure this happens. Mathew Henderson-Hau must NEVER have his disgusting behaviour legitimised by being appointed a Solicitor in this State of NSW or anywhere else in Australia for that matter. He is fit only to shovel shit and even that is too good for him.
So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you Mathew Henderson-Hau...
From '’
Monday 1st December 2003:

What with all the fart-arsing around I did in Melbs, (sic) I haven't had time to shave my nut-sack. As I hopped into the shower this morning I gave my pubic region a quick glance.

It looked like Chewbacca after a fight. Soon fixed that up.

Most of you know I had a few issues with my hotel in Melbourne and that I took a few steps to leave my mark upon the place. It seems I can't stay in any overnight accommodation without doing something evil to the carpet, the bathroom or the bedroom curtains. So here, dear readers is my guide to trashing hotel rooms.

Firstly, you gotta (sic) get the whole "Keith Richards TV out the window", Rock Star type trashing. The sort of shit I do is much more subtle and undetectable at least for a few days. It's also much more expensive to clean up and much more damaging to the proprietor seen (sic) as they usually cannot use a room I've just vacated - not until the fumigators have finished anyway.

1) Take a dump in a brown paper bag and squash it flat. Hide a few of these under the bed, behind paintings and under the fridge. In a few days time they'll know about it

2) Empty out the ice-cube tray and refill it with piss. Re-freeze it.

3) Piss on the carpet.

4) Empty all teabags and coffee sachets into the bed.

5) Put a condom on the door handle.

6) Piss in the flower vase.

7) Piss in the kettle.

8) Basically piss everywhere except IN the dunny bowl.

9) Fill the bathtub to the brim then drop the bedside clock radio into the tub, remembering to unplug it first.

10) Make your own bath stew; load it up with towels, Maccas (sic) leftovers, milk, the Gideon’s if you're REALLY feeling evil and leave it to brew for a day or so prior to your leaving. Remember to put the "Don't clean my room" sign on your door.

11) Hide food scraps and unwashed cereal bowls in not so obvious places like the dryer, under the bed covers, the washing machine, the drying closet and the mini bar.

12) Empty out the Scotch, Bourbon and Brandy mini bottles and replace them with piss. Drink a Berocca before hand to ensure colour consistency.

13) NEVER wipe your feet.

14) Upon leaving, put a turd in the microwave and/or the dryer and cook em up. The stench is kinda instantaneous so you gotta (sic) check the fuck outa (sic) there pretty quick.

15) Deny everything.

Monday, 1st December 2003:
“I spent my days bumming around at uni, drinking three dollar jugs of beer and smoking spliffs. But being a poor student, I was then decked out in the post-rave sporty/fashion trackie top look with Adidas gazelles, a Supergrass style Lego cut and an increasing fascination with Cocaine as opposed to Ecstasy. Something that got kinda hairy as the 90’s wore on.”

Monday, 1st December 2003:
“I shave my balls and I vote! I shave my nutsack and I am proud!”

Monday, 1st December 2003:
“Joop reminds me of New Years Eve 1994-95. I spent it at a local underage drinking hangout (despite the fact I was 18) known as Roly Poly hill. Anyone who grew up around West Ryde/Eastwood will know of it.”

Monday, 1st December 2003:
“I tried using a hand-cream moisturiser but wound up "relaxing in a gentleman's way" (tossing) more often than not when I applied it. Apparently my cock tasted like Lavender and Chamomile for a good while afterwards.”

Wednesday, 10th December 2003:
Christianity fucks me off. Christ IS the only way! All that shit erks (sic) me. It’s like Patti Smith said, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.”

Monday, 16th February 2004:
“I waded out into the surf and cast my eyes around for prospective targets. I spy a cluster of five or six little fat cunts,...”

2nd April 2004:
“See, when I was a knockabout undergrad Uni student in search of a quick dollar to support my alcohol and drug habits, I worked in this very store as a "Spray Himbo" on the Calvin Klein counter - a veritable five metres or so away from Michael Hope and his grand piano.”

Wednesday, 28th April 2004:
"Amanda Vandstone (Sic) our immigration minister is a big fat mamma."

Thursday, 10th June 2004:
“I’m not a violent man but I wanna kick the fuck out of Tim Bailey

Sunday, 6th June 2004:
“So what about fat cunts who are happy with their body image? As long as they’re not plonking their fat sweaty arse next to me on a packed train, I don’t care.”

Wednesday, 9th June 2004:
“I like Mark Latham. I like the fact that he comes from a housing commission shit-heap in the western suburbs and I like the fact that he’s got enough balls to stand up to George W. Fucknuckle Bush.”

“Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.”

Thursday, 10th June 2004:
“Alexander Downer Must Die!”

Friday, 11th June 2004:
“As you all know, I love fags and think that there should be more of them in the world, but I do not like private education and everything it stands for.”

Wednesday, 25th August, 2004:
“My head is now swimming with memories of driving through bushy North Shore back roads, Born Slippy by Underworld blaring from the dodgy speakers on her late model Holden Astra. Doing lines off the dashboard and getting up to all sorts of wickeness. (Sic) Her looking like just like Justine Frischmann from Elastica and me with bleach-blonde hair trying to look like Sick Boy from Trainspotting.”

Saturday, 18th September, 2004:
“This is what a pissed off Darp looks like. I am ready to fucking kill. I have spent the better part of this week erecting Andrew Wilkie posters in people's front yards only to have EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE OF THEM ripped down sometime this evening. To the Lib apparatchiks who ripped all my posters down, you have just started something that could very well fuck you over. You've taken the campaign into Darp's area of expertise - suburban terrorism.”

Sunday, 19th September, 2004:
“At present, my anger rating is probably quadruple that of last night. I’ve just spent half an hour ripping a Kevlar-lined punching bag to shreds. I only just bought the cunt and now it’s fucked, something for Marvin and Oscar (the dogs) to chew on.”

“Just as she was finishing up her account of the evening I hear “FUCK THE REFUGEES” and a 22-25 year-old bloke on a mountain bike rides by and rips down the Wilkie poster I was about to bolt in. I leapt off the front steps and gave chase.”

“By now my brain was exploding with a Maori psycho berserker rage of Jake the muss proportions. Everything under the sun from “come back here you fucking coward motherfucker piece of shit cunt I’ll have ya, I’ll fucken have ya, fucking racist cunt when I find you etc etc…” spewed from my mouth as I sprinted my arse off only to see this chicken shit prick ride off into the distance.”

“With blood surging in my ears and white speckles appearing at the corner of my vision, I turned and headed back to the house only to see another dweeby guy on mountain bike. He takes one look at me and shits himself. The berserker rage kicks in again with a deafening rush, convincing me that I’m bleeding out the ears and shooting laser beams from my eyes. I have no clear memory of what was said here, which means I would have been screaming incoherently with a protruding tongue. I had no hope in hell of catching him in the flesh but I hope to be a nightly fixture in his nightmares for years to come.”

“I would have broken eye-sockets, rib cages, kneecaps and then some, such was my rabid bloodlust. When these genetic “Incredible Hulk” rages subside I usually find myself curled up in a ball crying my eyes out, such is in the intensity of emotion and the somewhat legitimate fear that one day, I may not be able to control it. And bawl my eyes out I did.”

Wednesday, 22nd September, 2004:
“John Howard has the grey vote sown (Sic) up. Such is the common understanding of many people. Senior Citizens adore him and come out in droves to vote for their low rent Bob Menzies. I had cause once again to ponder the benefits of compulsory euthanasia for the most bothersome sections of our seniors community.”

Thursday, 24th February 2005:
“Will Saunders is a personal friend of mine and an almighty inspiration.”

(Will Saunders is a convicted criminal who, along with his ‘partner’ David Burgess, were responsible for vandalising the Sydney Opera House with the “No War” slogan.)

“Kia Kaha champ. It’ll take more than what the courts have dished out to kill that fire of yours old son.”

(Darp refers to the exceedingly lenient sentence of periodic detention handed down for malicious damage as if it somehow makes a martyr of his close friend.)

Friday, 25th February 2005:
“With the extent of my reach and my BALLS OF FUCKING STEEL it doesn’t matter which side of the Tasman you’re on, I’ll fucken have ya! Simple as that.”

Friday, 4th March 2005:
I’m actually nostalgic for that Gay dominated Oxford St of yesteryear. I would much rather run the gauntlet of the grope-fest when I duck into The Stonewall to use the dunnies than see Oxford St get all safe, straight, plain and well…and well…BORING,”

Saturday, 23rd July 2005:
“The more that Islam is unjustifiably pushed, the more appealing the extremist route will seem.”

The ORIGINAL slogan from Darp’s photo on the front page of his Blog before he changed it:

“This machine kills Nazis and shaves its balls”

Friday, September 29, 2006

‘Rollo’ the violent Anarchist…or is it Communist?

Sadly, ‘Rollo’s’ personal profile is quite typical of the average ‘Fight Dem Back’ Criminal Gang’s younger recruits. He is unloved at home, resents authority of any kind, despises normalcy, he is a social misfit, a petty criminal and a vandal. He would also, prior to his expulsion, quite understandably have been extremely unpopular at school. Kids just naturally don’t like whiners and snitches and tend to shun losers like this. It is possible his interest in weapons and dirty tricks, such as guns, crossbows, bombs, poisons, gases, chemical weapons etc, was initially a reaction to his feelings of physical inadequacy and social ineptitude.

But it is clear he now hopes to apply his skills to further the cause of his chosen political agenda, that of Anarchy and violent overthrow. One can imagine he probably also made death lists of the popular kids at school just like the Columbine “Trench-coat Mafia” outcasts in the USA. They were also apparently dedicated so-called “Anti-Fash” and “Anti-Racist” activists. He truly sounds like a young Darp in many of his posts, the main difference being ‘Rollo’ IS young whereas the ‘thirty something’ Darp merely thinks and ACTS like an immature juvenile. Like Darp though he has a grossly inflated opinion of his own intellectual prowess and physical capabilities. In short, he is an overbearing and unbearable little snot, but as you will see by reading on, also a very DANGEROUS little snot.

One other point worthy of note is that the Fight Dem Back Criminals, in particular ‘Weezil’, have often accused the White Nationalists of preying on the young and vulnerable and even made disgusting suggestions there is predatory paedophilic intent on the part of some White Nationalists! Of course this is typical of the Leftists to play the lowest cards in the deck, they have no morals or ethics and when terms such as “Neo-Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Racist” and “Hater” lose some of their currency and impact value through overuse they must resort to new terms that carry a similarly powerful taboo such as “Paedophile” or “Terrorist”. Their claims about predatory child abuse are all the more outrageous when one realises the access to young people and the opportunity for manipulation THEY have through Leftist school teachers, social workers, bureaucrats etc.

Whereas the White Nationalists, upon learning they had minors posting on their Forums, promptly encouraged them to form their own peer based group, this example of ‘Rollo’ proves the Fight Dem Back Criminals have no similar qualms about having kiddies within their ranks. Not just kiddies but criminal and violent ones. One is reminded of the child soldiers employed in Third World conflicts or the “artful dodger” types in the Charles Dickens novel ‘Oliver Twist’. One can easily imagine Weezil as the filthy old Fagin character using the ‘Darp Youth’ to attack the White Nationalists. As we have stated on this site many times before, the hypocrisy of the Left is quite breathtaking but we should not expect them to change their ways anytime soon.

From the radical Anarchist/Communist Forum “Revolutionaryleft”:

He simply LOVES firearms…

Posted on: Sep 13 2006, 07:32 AM
Replies: 58
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“Marcel I'm already an ace shot with hand guns, bows and crossbows. I have an old style printer that can print in any condition, I've been playing with explosives since I was 10 so that's an easy one for me, poisons gasses and chemicals are also another of my not so specialties, I know how to use a poison and a gas but not how to make it. Outdoor survival IS my specialty. Drop me off in my native rainforest and I'll know exactly what plants and insects to eat to survive.”

Posted on: Sep 13 2006, 07:46 AM
Replies: 58Views: 629
“Yeah we're not aloud (sic) guns over here so I own and operate crossbows and bows. Over the years I've become quite deadly with both.”
Hmmm, we’re sure the authorities would be VERY interested for ‘Rollo’ to “assist them with their enquiries” since crossbows are a banned and highly ILLEGAL item in Australia. But hey, thank God he’s not a “Terrorist” like those wicked White Nationalist types, eh?

Posted on: Sep 19 2006, 06:38 AM
Replies: 63
Views: 709
“Question: How to stop a dictator
Answer: Gun”

Posted on: Sep 19 2006, 06:38 AM
Replies: 58
Views: 629
“I didn't say I was great with them, (Guns) just know how to work them…”

He has some useful advice for new members of the Anarcho-Communist fraternity…

Posted on: Aug 6 2006, 03:20 PM
Replies: 50
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“Don't post about killing people, only do that in the privacy of Private Messages.”

Oh yeah, good one ‘Rollo’. One has to wonder if he didn’t learn that little online routine from the Fight Dem Back Criminals. FDB certainly got their old mate ‘Jihad’ to pull his head in quick smart and only P.M. or E-Mail Darp and Weezil with all his Islamist death threats against White Nationalists and we KNOW they passed along the names and addresses of many to him.

Posted on: Jul 31 2006, 07:54 AM
Replies: 13
Views: 385
“Yeah, we're gangsta (sic) left wing extremist thugs!

Now I think that’s a confession…

"Oh and Kaaos man have you spoken to Raz from FDB? FDB needs eyes and ears in brisbane.”

Yep ‘Rollo’, we bet they do, we bet they do…

Regarding Mel Gibson's Anti-Jewish comments...

Rollo Posted on: Aug 1 2006, 04:19 AM
Replies: 34
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“What an asshole, hope his house gets torched”

Yeah, that’s the spirit ‘Rollo’, nothing like a bit of good old fashioned Anarchist Arson…

He also just loves REPLICA firearms…

Posted on: Sep 17 2006, 07:45 AM
Replies: 50
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“RB where did you get those replicas? Everytime (sic) I try to buy one I end up looking at guns from ww1.”

It would appear he’s quite the “survivalist” type. Thank the Lord he’s only a revolutionary Anarcho-Communist and not a White Nationalist otherwise he’d be considered a highly dangerous paramilitary threat to decent society…

Posted on: Jul 15 2006, 09:17 AM
Replies: 17
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“There is not a proper photo of me on the internet that has been taken by a nazi. I am too commando.”

Oh yeah, he’s a “commando”…

Posted on: Sep 15 2006, 02:45 PM
Replies: 59
Views: 544
“I spend a lot of time doing outdoors work in bushlands and the ONLY time I encounter snakes or spiders is when I actually look for them.”

Did he say “work”?
Posted on: Sep 18 2006, 05:26 PM
Replies: 58Views: 629
“…in all honesty if I had say a 9mm pistol and my opponent had a meat cleaver and I was 5 feet away I'de (sic) be able to shoot them before they got to me with the knife.”

Sometimes though, he’d just like to go ALL the way and go NUCLEAR on their Capitalist arses!

Posted on: Jul 15 2006, 09:28 AM
Replies: 32
Views: 613
“It's things like this that make me wish NK (North Korea) would nuke the USA.”

Posted on: Jul 28 2006, 05:11 PM
Replies: 37
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“A friend of mine built a trebuchet that was carved to hold 24 eggs at a time so we could launch them at the fash kids from our school playing football. It was incredibly easy.”

Yep, apparently even school kids can be regarded as “fash” and deserve to be dealt with accordingly by ‘Rollo’ and his Anarcho-Communist heroes…

And speaking of “heroes” here are some more…

Posted on: Sep 26 2006, 05:16 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 94
“There's some really hardcore squat living, dumpster diving crusty anarchists that love (sic) a bit south of me. They are often seen stealing shit from servos. greatest people ever.”

Oh yeah baby, GREAT people, and just like them, he’s a thief…

Posted on: Jun 21 2006, 04:06 AM
Replies: 30
Views: 530
“Oh man where to start. Got arrested for stealing about $100AU worth of merchandise from a newsagent.”

Posted on: Jul 1 2006, 08:26 AM
Replies: 107
Views: 1251
“I have an addiction of stealing from highly secure newsagents. I love a challenge.”

Posted on: Jul 1 2006, 01:08 PM
Replies: 107
Views: 1251
“I once stole heaps of those gift cards... They need to be validated and i got caught.”

Posted on: Jul 1 2006, 12:41 PM
Replies: 107
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“We should go shoplifting together”

Posted on: Jun 30 2006, 02:57 AM
Replies: 16
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“Warez is another word for illegal softwarez. Hence warez. I generally just call it stealing from assholes.”

“Assholes”. In Anarcho-Communist speak that’s anyone who actually WORKS for a living and creates things. Remember folks “property is theft”.

On the subject of property he’s also a vandal…

Posted on: Jun 21 2006, 08:27 AM
Replies: 27
Views: 537
“Sorry kids, toilet papering someones (sic) house doesn't accomplish a lot. Permanent damage is better.”

Posted on: Jun 30 2006, 03:11 AM
Replies: 27
Views: 537
“Oh man, cement in the toilet would be a great one. Disable his life. Steal all his food, lightbulbs, block up all the drains, take a dump on his table.”

Yet after all these true confessions ‘Rollo’ still has an air of superiority and thinks he’s much more clever than his political enemies. Duh?

Rollo Posted on: Jul 15 2006, 07:29 AM
Replies: 57
Views: 1903
“Yeah Australian nazis tend to be dimwitted.” (sic)

Posted on: Jun 22 2006, 09:02 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 244
“They're not very smart, don't they think posting pictures of themselves online that ASIO might find them?”

Well ‘Rollo’, one would hope that ASIO would be far more interested in YOUR antics than those of decent, hard working, taxpaying, law abiding White Australian patriots…

…oh, but wait…they just MIGHT be…

Posted on: Jul 15 2006, 04:50 AM
Replies: 417
Views: 6310
“Don't (?) with my ASIO file is very big but one of my parents friends said that they have on one me”

We can only hope ‘Rollo’, we can only hope…

Posted on: Jun 22 2006, 08:09 AM
Replies: 8
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“No, I just reccomend (sic) people beware of these people as some of them look Potentioally (sic) dangerous from there (sic) pictures and writings about us hate crime commiting (sic) red scumbags. Yeah, we are the ones who commit hate crimes.”

Erm, well actually you ARE ‘Rollo’ you’ve been telling us for a while now.

Posted on: Jun 22 2006, 07:14 AM
Replies: 417
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“I am in high school but I felt compelled to leave because of the harassment I was subject to. Don't mistake me for some 13 year old kid who sits at home wearing $800 worth of clothes and then goes onto the internet pretending to be a communist hero. I take action, I DIY, I have been a leftist since the sixth grade.”

“DIY”. Yep, he’s hardcore and you better believe it. He even had a hankering after joining up with those lovable marble rollers, firecracker lobbers and urine bomb throwers ‘Resistance’…

Posted on: Sep 18 2006, 04:45 PM
Replies: 50
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“I went looking for the resistance HQ in brissy and got sidetracked…”

He’s an inspiration to the youth of today, a ray of hope on a darkening horizon and living proof your hard earned Tax Dollars are being allocated wisely…

Posted on: Sep 13 2006, 03:18 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 131
“Department stores are major bludges, I worked in the electronics section for months and did close to nothing.”

Except perhaps have access to all those nice little components apparently so necessary in bomb making, such as timers, relays, switches etc etc? Ah, Anarchist’s Heaven…

From the thread on ‘’ titled “How do you cover your face?” where the Anarchists discuss how to disguise their identities while committing various crimes…

Posted: Sep 21 2006, 06:51 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 543
Member No.: 15741
Joined: 15-June 06
“I got a jackal mask like anubis. Is totally cool for covering my face.”

On the thread titled “what sort of anarchist are you?” ‘Rollo’ shows just how confused his puerile ideology really is…

Posted on: Sep 11 2006, 10:04 AM
Replies: 64
Views: 652
QUOTE (Rollo @ Sep 11 2006, 05:00 AM)
The people who want anarchism to come eventually some time after communism, using communism as a sort of transition period.
QUOTE (ComradeOm @ Sep 11 2006, 06:38 PM)
You realise that this makes zero sense? But then I'll let an anarchist deal with it.

“Yeah I'm aware of all the flaws in it but I think total anarchy would be a bit much for me right off the bat.”

So let’s see if we’ve got it right here. ‘Rollo’ wants Communism to take over FIRST and then for it to somehow miraculously morph into Anarchy? Hmmm, I don’t know about you dear reader but my understanding was that BOTH these oppressive regimes are only ever delivered at gunpoint and that they are both abject failures. A bit like our pinheaded friend ‘Rollo’…

Also, like his demagogic hero ‘Darp’ our friend ‘Rollo’ is a mentally disturbed and fully committed (and he truly should be) sexual pervert…

Posted on: Sep 11 2006, 03:56 PM
Replies: 4758
Views: 46751
“I have no standards. One time while extremely drunk I considered having sex with a sandwhich, (sic) not sure why I didn't.”

Posted on: Sep 24 2006, 09:57 AM
Replies: 4758
Views: 46749
“You wouldn't pick it but I have bipolar. When I get in a low I just watch some hardcore gay pornography and I'm happy instantly.”

Posted on: Sep 21 2006, 10:21 AM
Replies: 305
Views: 3774
“Homeless people are my fetish.”

‘Rollo’ is also a keen “Graffiti Artist” or, as normal people know them, a street tagging gangster and vandal.

Posted on: Sep 24 2006, 02:01 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 258
“Oh come on, next time I'm in that part of the world I'm going to take a photo of the artwork we did. It looks more like cold war propaganda pro soviet than it does graffiti.”

Posted on: Sep 21 2006, 06:32 PM
Replies: 35
Views: 427
“All my 'commy' friends are major posers.”

But of course ‘Rollo’ is the REAL hardcore deal. He wants to blow shit up and stuff…

“My family doesn't give a shit about what I do. I could probably crucify myself on the roof of the family house and nobody would care.”

And there’s the rub my friends. ‘Rollo’ is a nasty little shit who is rejected not only by society but by his own parents! There is all the motivation one needs to develop into a vicious little sociopath. But isn’t this what Darp and Weezil and Co accuse young White Nationalists of? Why have they not offered “counselling” to ‘Rollo’?

He’d love to travel…

Posted on: Sep 19 2006, 03:44 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 137
“Damn, wish I was in mexico.”

Yep, so do we ‘Rollo’, so do we…

He’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree…

Posted on: Sep 28 2006, 09:27 AM
Replies: 638
Views: 6800
“Today I got high and went to the beach to sleep. Now I'm burnt to (a) crisp.”

Posted on: Sep 29 2006, 06:51 AM
Replies: 28
Views: 301
“I lost my scholarship at a catholic school because the new principle said if I wasn't catholic I'de (sic) have to pay for myself.”

Oh yes, how “Capitalist”, having to actually PAY for a safe and decent education…

“I went to the catholic school because my friends went there, the other public schools were full of large gangs that hated me and I'de (sic) be given hell throughout each day.”

“Large gangs”? And why would they “hate” you? Poor widdle ‘Rollo’, the poor victim, always the poor victim, everybody hates me because I’m so ‘talented’ and ‘different’ and ‘special’ and they’re so jealous. Just spare a thought for all the decent White European Australian kids in most Australian cities and large urbanised areas who truly are victimised by ethnic gangsters in the Fabian Socialist controlled State School system.

Every single day, all over this nation, White European Australian kids are bullied and bashed by huge Pacific Islanders, monstered for their lunch money by Aboriginal kids, have articles of clothing or their mobile phones etc stolen by Arabic thugs, have drugs pushed onto them by Asian dealers. Most shopping malls and even some open public precincts such as parks and picnic areas have become virtual “no go zones” for Whites, so overwhelmed are they by the sheer weight of numbers of ethnic clans.

Whites have become persona non grata and virtual refugees in their own nation. THIS is the grim reality of so-called ‘Multiculturalism’ for White European Australians, stress, anxiety, uncertainty, harassment, misery and despair. Nothing at all like it says in the brochure.

Besides, if ‘Rollo’ actually GETS the Anarchy he says he wants then that’s ALL there will be, gangs and gangsters all ruling their own patches of turf just like the Sub-Saharan warlords already do in Africa or the Bloods and the Crips do in East L.A. There will BE no government, rules or laws to protect his sorry arse.

Rather than the “Workers Paradise” the imagined, Utopian “Autonomous Collectives” will be nothing more than medieval style gangster fiefdoms where the brutal law of “might is right” will prevail and where travel of any kind will be a matter of life and death across the no mans land separating the enclaves. A soft, pink little twerp like ‘Rollo’ would last five minutes. He is an idiot!
‘Rollo’ prefers his drugs “natural”…

Posted on: Sep 18 2006, 04:41 PM
Replies: 56
“I eat a lot of mushrooms recreationally.”
Thanks for that insight ‘Rollo’.

It explains a lot, no really it does.

FDB Racists

Apparently it’s appalling, disgusting, immature, stupid, CRIMINAL even, to abuse people with Racist epithets, to stereotype their behaviour, to ridicule their culture, to poke fun at their social practices, to smear them with slander…

…UNLESS you’re from the FDB Gang and the target is WHITE then apparently it’s all perfectly okay, fine and dandy!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

Joined: 21 Jan 2006
Posts: 275
Location: ZOG Janitors' Lounge
Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:26 am Post subject:

“A majority of the dual-citizens I've met have been from the UK and they rarely stay brown after the soapdodging bastards learn about hygiene.”
Hurr, hurr, hurr!

Hey Rhombus? Here’s a few more for ya to use when breaking the ice next time you’re at an FDB meeting or a “Grogblogging” event.

“Hey, where does a Pommy keep his coal? In the bath! Hurr, hurr, hurr!”

“Geez mate, get me a beer will ya? I’m as dry as a Pommy’s towel.”

“How do ya get a hundred Pommies off a bus in five seconds? Throw in a bar of soap!”

“Why aren’t Pommies circumcised? Because they realised they were throwing the best bit away!”

“Why can’t you circumcise a Pommy? Because there’s no end to the pricks!”

“Why are most Pommies poofters? Geez mate, ‘ave yer seen their Women?”

“What’s the difference between a Pommy bloke and a Pommy Sheila? I could get drunk enough to sleep with a Pommy bloke! Hurr, hurr, hurr!”

“Nah mate, ya never go down on them Pommy SheiIas, it’s like shovin’ ya face into a bucket of prawn heads!”
Hurr, hurr, hurr!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weezily Words of Wisdom…not.

Hot on the (broken) heels of ‘Weezil’s post regarding the (apparent) non existence of the White Race comes THIS gem. Apparently it is now official, by Weezily decree, there is ALSO no such thing as Anti-White Racism!!! It must all just be one of those urban myth thingies eh? Yeah, that must be what it is. All those Police reports about them seeking perpetrators of Pacific Islander or Middle Eastern appearance for hate crimes like bashings and muggings on Whites is all just fiction, eh Weezles? All those young White girls just LIED about being called Skippy sluts as they copped Racial hate motivated gang rapes “Leb style”? I refuse to believe ANYBODY could possibly that stupid, you MUST be saying this shit to deliberately fire decent White people up. You are a criminally insane fuckwit!

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 1206 Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:34 pm Post subject:
Cardijn wrote:
I have twice been refused service in Korean businesses on the East side of Eastwood railway station. This was in late 2003. I don't go there particularly now. I hope that it is not happening and that it doesn't happen to others.

“I lived within 1km of the Rowe St mall for 3 years (2000-2003) and still frequent the Nam Viet restaurant there and businesses around it about 3x a month. Never have I been denied service in any shop in the vicinity, for being an Anglo or anything else.

Well, duh! Of course you would not be rejected for TWO simple reasons. One, you were recognised as a local. Two, within five seconds of you opening your stupid mouth I am sure anyone within hearing range would understand you are a Utopian, rainbow flag carrying, one world, racial blender type so they would naturally take pity on you and treat you like a king.

Eastwood also happens to be Darp's home turf- and I can safely say he's never had anything like that happen either... and he's lived around there for much longer than I did.


"You may not care if I believe you, but you put your credibility up for review when you made the claim.”

Unlike YOU ‘Weezil’ at least he might HAVE some credibility to review.

“'Anti-white' discrimination is a dirt-common strawman (sic) tactic employed by racists.”

Weezil, you ARE a “Straw Man”, brainless, heartless and spineless.

“Every hairball racist has got an unsubstantiable (sic) 'my brother/sister/girlfriend/2nd cousin-twice-removed' was 'assaulted/namecalled/ (sic) discriminated against by (insert ethnicity here)' tale of woe as justification for their racism. Unless you can substantiate your claims of anti-Anglo discrimination, you chance being lumped with that lot.
There's yet been no substantiation from you.”

But of course, on the other (Left?) hand, all those lurid tales of Muslim Women being abused, assaulted, knocked down, having their head scarves ripped off were all ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE, eh? Every shrill claim by those hysterical, hair-pulling, teeth-grinding Islamists is Gospel truth, eh?


Why does he persist in his pathetic pretensions to being a Left Wing Oracle? Why doesn’t the sad of poofter just stick to loitering about the Round Corner Shopping Centre and shuffling about with his walking frame pretending he’s crippled? Ha! Ha! Ha! I for one would be willing to donate a few MORE of my hard earned Tax Dollars just to get him to FUCK OFF!!! Christ knows he’s leeched enough off the Australian welfare system.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The genius that is duckmonster ctd

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

duck monster
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
Joined: 14 May 2005
Posts: 1948 Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:08 am Post subject:
weezil wrote:

chief wrote:

A shit load of them were arrested. What more do you want?

ALL of them.


A verry (Sic) large trial with A-Z of every racist motherfucker there being called out as the urban terrorist shitheads they are.

Totality mate. All of them.”

Just how intelligent is poor little ‘duckmonster’?

Not only has he got a forum signature that quotes from an old rhyme whose next line is “Gunpowder, treason and plot” which perfectly reflects his bomb throwing Anarchist leanings but he then refers to so-called “racists” as “Urban Terrorists”.

We gently remind him he is insulting the chosen vocation of his fearless (Ha! Ha! Ha!) leader Darp.


From Saturday 18th September 2004:

“I am ready to fucking kill.” and “You’ve taken the campaign into Darp’s area of expertise –suburban terrorism.”

Or is it just ‘urban’ terrorism that ‘duckmonster’ condemns and not his hero’s SUB-urban variety?

As I say, NOT overly intelligent is our little Donald.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Quote of the Year (so far)

Currently leading in the ‘just a bit out of touch’ category is…

From the Fight Dem back Criminals' Forum:
political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 1170 Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 12:50 pm Post subject: Govt must play role in stopping extremism, conference told
“As usual, the Howard Government is barking up the wrong tree. There's been a hell of a lot more violence and hate speech against Muslims in Australia than that perpetrated by them.”

Now folks this absolute cracker of a quote comes from the same creature who incessantly accuses White Nationalists of being “out of touch” with what most Australians think. I wonder how many agree with Weezil’s comment. Apart from the usual suspects of the Islamic community themselves, like the apologist and ‘rent an Arab’ Keysar Trad, and their advocates in the extreme Left, I do not believe there is much empathy at all for Islam. The same goes for Multiculturalism in general. Real, ordinary, workaday Australians simply aren’t buying the big lie anymore. Even the dullest of them can see the grim reality bears no resemblance whatsoever to the utopian propaganda.

It is seriously hard to believe that anyone with a functioning brain could delude themselves to this degree and be that far removed from reality, so one can only conclude that ‘Weezil’ knows the truth of the matter but is deliberately lying with intent to insult the thousands of White Australian victims of Muslim crime, particularly young White Women and their families or to further taunt and enrage White Nationalists. There is a clear political agenda at work here and he chooses his comments carefully to maximise insult and provocation.

Of course he’s never heard of the Muslim Rape Squads that have been in the news for over five years now. He’s never heard the hundreds of reports of White Australians being targeted by Muslim thugs for no other reason than they are “Skips”. He’s never spoken to the many average, non-political, common, run of the mill White Australians who have thousands of anecdotes about how they and/or their wives and girlfriends have been monstered by Arabic Muslim thugs in the nightclubs and other public spaces of Sydney, from hotspots like Darling Harbour, Bankstown, Punchbowl and Lakemba, Brighton le sands, all the way to Gosford and The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast.

In their “fully sick” cars they gather in their hundreds with nothing more than a few mobile phone calls. They habitually employ intimidatory driving habits and often hurl racial insults and death threats at their victims. If there is a vehicle accident involving a White Australian they immediately resort to standover tactics and if they are still resisted, out comes the trusty mobile phones and carloads of mates arrive as backup.

Even the Police have copped this treatment, , and the new laws drafted to allow Police officers to seize mobile phones was brought in to specifically deal with this problem and NOT as ‘Weezil’ will probably claim to catch Whites with “Racist” text messages. This writer has observed an incident himself that occurred in Bankstown in broad daylight which involved Police being intimidated by two extra carloads of Lebs being phoned in. Of course, Weezil will claim it is all wicked lies concocted by “Rednecks” and “Haters” and “Neo-Nazis” and “Fascists” Blah! Blah! Blah!

In the past few years, how many Muslims were stabbed (mostly in the back), bashed with iron bars, kicked in the head whilst on the ground by dozens of grinning gangsters? How many innocent Muslims simply putting out their garbage bins were assaulted threatened with and/or hit with baseball bats, iron bars and threatened with hand guns? How many flags of Islamic nations were burned, pissed on or spat on? How many windows of Muslim homes and businesses have been smashed? How many Muslim owned cars have been either vandalised, stolen or “re-birthed” compared to those of the White Australian community? Statistics, crime figures, news reports, true documented stories Weezil. Where are yours?

And to a topic currently in the news, when was the last time you ever saw White Australians burning an effigy of anyone, let alone the Pope? Stunts like this do not win friends. Muslims, in general, are already not well liked or respected in this country and this is mostly driven by their behaviour and not by intrinsic so-called ‘Racism’ or ‘Religious intolerance’ by the rest of the community. That is a fact. Like it or not. They have always been the almost universally disliked group, above all others, mainly due to their aggressive and arrogant demeanour.

They are the only group who constantly ‘demand’ things. Australians are frankly sick and tired of seeing them on T.V. still dressing in their Middle Eastern clothing, most often in their heavy foreign accents, totally un-“assimilated”, ranting and raving, ‘condemning’ and ‘demanding’ OUR Government (our elected representatives, in other words, US) do this or that to placate them. Just imagine how far a White Aussie in shorts and thongs would get appearing on T.V. in Saudi Arabia DEMANDING respect. Concession after concession has been given to Muslims but it is never enough.

Culturally, these people who come from some of the toughest societies on Earth do not respect weakness and the laid back Australian attitude and our intrinsic fairness has been interpreted and exploited as weakness. They need to know that one cannot simply DEMAND respect, you must earn it through the things you do and say and the way you behave. All this being said, and despite every single phone poll or call in conducted by Radio or Television stations being overwhelmingly supportive of this sentiment ‘Weezil’ knows better. Yeah right.

Weezil, you are a dead set fucking idiot, and a dangerous one at that. It is hand wringing apologists and propagandists like you that further endanger the security of this Nation by perpetuating the lie that Muslims are the eternal innocent victims who can do no wrong. Some people might actually just be weak minded enough to believe your tripe and lower their guard.

We are not.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Send in the Clowns Pt 2.

Time again folks to read between the lines. Today’s report in the Australian will be covered here.

"The Australian reported yesterday that the Victoria Police security intelligence group was investigating written material that had allegedly been distributed by Mr. Campbell detailing how to make a bomb."

Yes they would be. After being contacted yesterday by Peter Campbell and shown the story written by Greg Roberts, the Police said they would have to look into it. Up until then no investigations had started. It would seem yet again that some of Australia’s top Counter Terrorism groups including ASIO have been steered into another waste of Tax Payers money by Greg Roberts of “The Australian”. As they would be aware this is not the first time.

"Some people say a few stupid things when they're drunk”

As we have shown here time and time again members of FDB know only too well about saying stupid things. In fact the sheer amount of evidence written on this blog proves that people like Mathew Henderson of Eastwood NSW and Brian ‘Weezil’ Stokes of Round Corner Dural do not even need alcohol to say stupid remarks.

Here is a great one from FDB’s own ‘mensi’. What is it drugs or booze mensi?

"It is highly unlikely that an anti-terrorism taskforce will inform Jo Blo on the street who they are investigating."

No but they will inform Greg Roberts or any other News Print journo? You are truly funny.

"Mr. Campbell, who was head of the White Pride Coalition”

Yes folks a break through! He was the “head of the WPCA”? Does this mean that Campbell Smith) was confused yesterday when he said that the WPCA was in fact still functioning as a group? Also, the WPCA never had a "head". There was no formal leadership or membership structure at all.

What of comments from another gutless and nameless lefty ‘Bow Bow Bowing Boy.’

“The WPCA in particular have done a lot of bragging over the last year and a bit that our online campaign has given them a positive rethink on strategy."

"Looks like the WPCA are boxed in on all corners.”

Sorry Bowing Boy, once again you only prove that FDB do not have reliable information. For the hard of hearing the WPCA does not exist and has not existed for over 12 months. Why would anyone bother with such dribble? If these clowns have evidence of any material that has been handed out in the last 12 months with WPCA on it, hand it over girls.

It would seem that FDB now believe that any meeting now held by White Nationalists is run by the WPCA. The fact of the matter is that no one from the old WPCA Forum, yes Forum, not “group” have held a meeting in over 18 months! If we are to believe that Campbell Smith had an undercover agent stalking Peter Campbell surely he would have told FDB that there is no such thing as the WPCA anymore? To put it simply, they believe their own lies. That’s commitment.

A final note: The WPCA is not dead as Campbell claims.

Mensi again:
"The websites no longer exist, but the groups still meets regularly in real time and well, circulates material to people they should have vetted a lot closer."

From FDB front page today and our nameless Lefty. Proof girls, just show us all the proof you have. No more lies, just come up with the goods. The WPCA are dead and buried. The only people who keep the WPCA alive are FDB. Why would that be? Maybe they could stage their own WPCA meeting?

Yes Peter Campbell’s comment here should be noted. As anyone who has ever had a P.O. Box and belonged to a Political or Social movement knows you get all types of mail. If you consider that this information is supplied by a group of Anarchists who try and convince all around that they are peaceful it has to be seen as a bad joke. One wonders how much “Terrorist” type magazines they have in the closet? Will they go and hand it over to ASIO?

This site and many other sites have proven time and time again that these same people who pass information onto the media have in their membership Pedophiles, Terrorists and drug abusing criminals. This is why it is so important for them to attempt to stop sites such as this. We shine a light onto these scum and their Political friends. We are a danger to them. Not because we threaten them with harm like they do to us but because we are exposing them.

"But we are not a violent group of people. We don't have AK47s, we're not the IRA or anything like that."

Once again the authorities are well aware of this. But can the same claim be made about members of FDB and the Revolutionary Left?

"Mr. Campbell is a senior sales representative with electrical parts company Heinemann Electric, which was told three months ago about his neo-Nazi activities."

This comment will be on the Brief's desk by Tuesday.

"Earlier this week, Heinemann Electric general manager Richard Ross said he knew nothing in Mr Campbell's background that suggested he should not have been hired."

Along with this is this absolute gem from Mathew Henderson.

"Time to quickly stick my head back in folks. Darpie is a busy boy thesedays and chasing fuckwits about town isn't a strong priority of mine anymore. That and I'm now gainfully employed in the legal field whilst I complete my studies. Going back to suit and tie work entails a general toning down of activism as many a leftie can attest to.

You pricks called me up whilst I was studying for an exam, threatened me, shot your mouth off and kept asking when I was going to call down the ZOG powers that be on your heads etc etc ..I merely shrugged my shoulders and said "wait a few weeks mate." Stug and Ben Weerheym rang my mobile roughly five or six times on the day of the Sydney Forum. And yes we knew Benny was in Sydney cos he bloody well emailed his accommodation details to someone he thought was his mate. I really cannot imagine how eight blokes squeezed into one tiny Forumule 1 room. We bought a massive tube of KY and attached a note "To Jim Perren and Ben Weerheym: Be gentle."
Unfortunately the F1 doesn't hold parcels for guests. Anyway, back to these threatening phone calls. I just let the line go dead and let them talk shit. Glad I did cos ol' Stuggy on the other end closed off one phone call with this comment: "We are coming for you Mathew. You and the Jews will be destroyed. We are coming for you." YOu dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb cunts! Why do you shoot yourselves in the foot all the fucking time? That one has found it's way off to the powers that be as well old son. You might want to come out and clear your name now, did YOU make that comment? Or was it Skull? Or Benny? Either way, the fuckwit in question should be aware that a Klingon is not likely to be killed with a light-saber. Different nerd universes buddy.
You'd think you would have learned long ago that it certainly doesn't pay to piss me off. Yeah, fuckin great laugh you all would have had sitting around Saleam's bunker sinking UDL's, ringing Darp and putting him on loud speaker. Well, who is laughing now cunt? And in case you were too shit thick to realise - dragging you off to Fitzroy St was merely a basic attempt to get a bunch of you twats into a public area for a nice photo shoot. And guess what? It worked.
Those photos that should come in handy should the "we're coming for you" phone threats make it into the media one would think. If anyone around the FDB traps needs to touch base with me on stuff, don't PM me, just email"

Well this is everything we ever hoped for. Thanks for that. Henderson just admitted openly to stalking and secretly photographing White Nationalists!
Maybe “Darpie” should give the grog away?

Or perhaps he's still smarting at the nasty spanking (verbal that is) he copped from some of the Sydney Forum attendees.


Oh the pain, oh the humiliation...

Terrorists’ Attack on Australian Whitelaw Tower One.

Yes folks, within days of the 9/11 anniversary, Whitelaw Towers has withstood a Terrorist attack on its head quarters. The Whitelaw Tower One, situated in Sydney was hit yesterday and again today by two 1960’s Cessna’s. Both aircraft manned by screaming Left Wing Anarchists have simply slammed into the side of the building and slid down the Northern and Eastern walls.
Black Boxes recovered from the smoldering wreckage have revealed that the pilot’s last words were “we’re gunna get ya nasty racist peoples” and “Allah Darpie.” Staff at Whitelaw One have been shaken but no serious injuries have been reported. The intended victim of the attack has been contacted by staff and told to stay proud.

Reports from ground zero have described the scene as a small clump of smoldering turds covering an area of approximately 100 meters. Evidence recovered from the aircraft included a David Jones flannelette shirt, a pair of K- Mart blue jeans and a Rainbow sticker that was stuck on the back window of one of the aircraft.
Also, our forensic team is currently examining a singed pair of brand new R.M. Williams boots which were found approximately five kilometres from Ground Zero. It is suspected they were worn by one of the pilots. The price tags still attached to the items of clothing should help in the confirmation of identity.

White Nationalists have been warned to be on the look out for any suspicious behaviour and report it to the appropriate authorities. An appeal will be launched in the coming days to raise money to repair the pavement and replace the gardens surrounding Whitelaw One.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mensi the moron ctd...

Joined: 22 Apr 2006
Posts: 19
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:45 am Post subject:
“I was turned away at the last ZOG meeting for having incorrect footwear.
Kromlek of Asgard is still going off!

As is typical with all the Fight Dem Back Criminals, the micro-cephalic ‘Mensi’ is assiduously avoiding the really important points that old Victor was making.

What are these important points? Whilst I'm not that in the loop with what FDB does, it seems Kromlek's main axe to grind concerns a well known journalist with anti-racist credentials ringing his employer and asking some questions about him. If I were a nutjob Nazi, that would probably make me a bit worried too. Legally speaking - is there anything wrong with a journalist making enquiries?

No “Questions”, no “Enquiries” you (useful?) idiot, but ACCUSATIONS. Get it right shit head.

Credentials? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

As far as the absurd challenge for Victor to deny that he and Kromlek are one and the same person, this is simply a pathetically desperate attempt to divert the argument away from the real point, the Fight Dem Back/Greg Roberts connection. In fact Victor in turn challenges the mouth breathing, knuckle dragger ‘Mensi’ to prove who ANY of the contributors to the Victor Whitelaw project are. All the staff at Whitelaw Towers are supremely confident that not a single shred of conclusive evidence can or will be produced.

No, Victor Whitelaw only manages to reproduce emails direct from Kromlek's inbox and writes with the exact same writing style, same phrasing,

Oh, you mean like Darp reproduced Kromlek’s private and confidential E-Mails to Marnie O’Neill? So, by YOUR twisted criteria Darp is, in reality, either Kromlek or Marnie O’Neill? WTF? Mensi, you are SERIUOSLY a total fucking idiot.

same "look at me I didn't go to uni and I can string a sentence together too" type kitsch.

Kitsch? So it is now “kitsch” to be Working Class?

Also, whenever a mosquito farts near Kromlek, Victor seems to know about it.
On FDB Darp would claim that as proof of an efficient intelligence network. What? White Nationalists don’t use mobile phones or the Internet to instantly share information?

There is a post a while back concerning someone ringing Kromlek's work and asking for him. Shit eh - imagine people ringing you at work of all things.

NOBODY ever calls a sales rep IN THE OFFICE you dick wad!

Of course - in Kromlek's world such actions arouse suspicions of ZOG surveillance and whaddya (sic) know, Victor blogged about it!

Hey, and in future when we want shit from you Mensi, we’ll come over, step on you and squeeze your pointed little head!

I consider that a threat, Peter.

Go to the Police.
PLEASE go to the Police!!!
Do it NOW!!!

That certainly wouldn't be the first time you've threatened to come over to people's houses and enact (?) physical retribution is it?

Here is one of my favourite Kromlek threats, a legal one. (from Weerheym's blog I think):

Darp! You better PRAY to your brown rainbow gods that everything just goes swimmingly and smooth as silk at my NEW JOB. Because if it DON'T I will sue your khaki arse!!!!!

Watch for the New Year Darp.

There's a storm a'comin'!!!!!

This was in December 05.

Well, it's September 06' now. This storm is taking a long time to brew.

What? You never look out the window?

Rainbow gods?

Is Kromlek of ASGARD aware that Asgard, the home of the Norse Gods was connected to the world of men by ...a RAINBOW BRIDGE?

Yeah! Like any White Nationalist needs lessons in Mythology or History from a Left Wing puller like you. Pffft! Go back to reading The Female Eunuch or The Talmud you sad fool.

So I guess Darp should pray to Odin, Thor and all those guys right?

Hopefully, they would send him a thunderbolt.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mensi the Moron

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

Joined: 22 Apr 2006
Posts: 18 Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:46 am Post subject:
Victor NEVER mentioned once WHO the White Nationalist was or who the company was so HOW THE FUCK did Mensi know who he was talking about?

“Because everyone knows that the author of victorwhitelaw.blogspot is Kromlek. A slightly schizo (sic) Kromlek writing in the third person but it's stil (sic) a frothing Kromlek.

Come on Krom - come out and make an open denial that YOU are the author of that blog. PLEASE!



As is typical with all the Fight Dem Back Criminals, the micro-cephalic ‘Mensi’ is assiduously avoiding the really important points that old Victor was making. The White Nationalists would not normally waste this amount of energy on such a total deadshit and quibble over such fine details but we cannot, and will not, let FDB wriggle out of this one. It is important, in the interests of accuracy, for the record to show that ‘Mensi’ and the Fight Dem Back Criminals cannot provide a proper explanation for his comments and their timing.

As far as the absurd challenge for Victor to deny that he and Kromlek are one and the same person, this is simply a pathetically desperate attempt to divert the argument away from the real point, the Fight Dem Back/Greg Roberts connection. In fact Victor in turn challenges the mouth breathing, knuckle dragger ‘Mensi’ to prove who ANY of the contributors to the Victor Whitelaw project are. All the staff at Whitelaw Towers are supremely confident that not a single shred of conclusive evidence can or will be produced.

Believe us. We KNOW. But hey, go ahead and amuse us by trying. You’ve been quite hysterical thus far, you dribbling idiot. Hey, and in future when we want shit from you Mensi, we’ll come over, step on you and squeeze your pointed little head!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Send in the Clowns

Submitted by Whitelaw Towers’ Queensland Bureau’s Chief Correspondent.
Yes folks, since the disappearance of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW, team members of the Fight Dem Back criminal organisation have become a rudderless ship on the ocean of Marxism.

Comments of late from FDB point to a total shift in policy. One glaring example can be found in an exchange with a somewhat fair-minded Lefty, Peter Morale. In an approach unprecedented in the FDB annals, Peter Morale questions the S.O.P of FDB and suggests to look for the root of the causes of opposition towards Multiculturalism in the White Community, at Stormfront to be specific.

Peter Morale
Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:43 pm Post subject: Most aren't racists, but pissed-off!
“I was just skimming through stormfront at a few threads on the "Down -under" section, and it would seem to me that most of the members aren't White-Supremacists - but a bunch of very tee'd off lads.”

Knowing only too well that 90% of White Nationalists are nothing more than White Patriots who truly dread the loss of Country and Culture, and long for a White Harmonious society, I applaud Peter’s approach.

Unfortunately, past and present members of the FDB liars club prefer to describe any White Person who resists the Globalists’ open border policy of Multiculturalism as flesh-eating Nazis. My guess is Peter will not be around too long. After all, he sounds reasonable.

Any sign of weakness from an FDB member just will not serve the puppet masters needs at Club Multi-Cult Nazi, as we shall see.

political rent boy
ring master’s clown.
Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:14 pm
“Peter, FDB are not in the business of making excuses for racists and other nazis or talking them out of their warped, abusive and violent ways. We're definitely not social workers.”

Oh boy, someone should call Mathew Henderson (wherever he is) and tell him his ship of fools is changing policy.

Extremely vulnerable
David King and Paige Taylor
December 24, 2005

Anti-racism campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau, who leads a web-based group called Fightdemback, says people lured to the shady groups are often angry young men who are socially isolated and feel marginalised. His group tries to expose far-Right groups and provide counselling for those who want to leave such groups. He says they might have struggled with drugs, mental illness or a family break-up. Often good jobs, cars and success elude them.

"There's the younger people who are socially disaffected, they might not have that many friends, and all of a sudden there's a family of bigger brothers who are coming along who, at least on the surface, offer a sense of brotherhood and unity," Henderson-Hau says. "Protection is the most important part for a scrawny kid who might be getting kicked."

Once again, what was it that weezil said about these scrawny kids that are being kicked by having their Racial identity taken away?

“but we're certainly aware that many of these sods have deficient upbringings or irrational fears of people different from themselves.”

Could it be that some of these people that Peter Morale speaks of are reacting to the constant undermining of White Culture and Heritage. Reacting against a Multi-Cult experiment that silences dissent by false accusations like Nazi White Surpremacist Red Neck. What has ‘weezil’ to say to this voice of reason from FDB Peter Morale?

“And what's "the White race"? There is no such thing!”

So apparently weezil in one fell swoop has destroyed everything FDB stands for, Anti-Racism. How can we be Racist if he believes that no such theory of Race exists? How can you be a Racist if Race does not separate Mankind?

With no such thing as the White Race that would mean that all other Races do not exist. Or does ‘weezil’ know something that we have known all a long, that the White Race is under attack? That the White Race is being pushed to extinction? My guess is that seeing as he is part of the final solution, the latter is more correct.

Yes, as we stand by and watch the death throes of FDB we should expect a lot of policy changes from the Ring Master and his Merry Clowns.
Editor's note:
It simply never ceases to amaze old Victor how FDB'ers like the sad old poofter and shopping centre loiterer, Brian 'Weezil' Stokes of Round Corner Dural NSW are unerring in their accuracy when it comes to shooting themselves in the feet.
Just how many times do we have to highlight FDB hypocrisy stupidity and disorganisation? Truly, it's just not a challenge any more. Talk about dumb and dumberer. Bring back Darp, I say...

Insert (Left) foot in mouth here…

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

The fall of the house of Kromlek II
Joined: 22 Apr 2006
Posts: 17 Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:15 pm
Post subject: The fall of the house of Kromlek II

“Following Darp’s instructions, Greg Roberts, smear monger, scandal merchant and pathological liar extraordinaire, has gone into action today by contacting a prominent White Nationalist’s employer accusing him of “harbouring a Neo-Nazi”. With absolutely no apparent benefit to anyone and no evidence that it is in any way “in the public interest”

Too bad Kromlek's employer is VERY MUCH in the public eye at present.

“One must ask oneself why, apart from sheer spite, anyone would feel they had the need, let alone the right, to involve the employer of a political enemy.”

Because that employer is currently front page news dipshit.

Watch this space.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Boy, did THAT ever give the game away!

That one, single post by the braniac Mensi just provided conclusive proof of the link between the Darpists and the fact that Greg Roberts is informing them of what he’s doing as he goes. How? Easy. Victor NEVER mentioned once WHO the White Nationalist was or who the company was so HOW THE FUCK did Mensi know who he was talking about? You fuckin’ KING SIZE BOZO!!! You fell for it HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The White Nationalists ain’t EVER gunna let you off the hook for this one. You idiots and your wanky bum chums in the media truly have NO IDEA what you have done.

Darp has now played his last card, shot his wad, he is out of ammo.

And erm… no Mensi, you shitforbrains troglodyte, you watch THIS space…

FDB in denial mode… again …

When in doubt DENY EVERYTHING!

The Fight Dem back Criminals are in total disarray and are blundering about with no sign of focus or discipline since the disappearance (abducted by aliens? Let’s hope…) of their fearless (*snicker*) leader Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW. Without the shining beacon of his highly polished gonads to guide them through the shitstorm he created, they are floundering on the rocks of ineptitude.

It is utter bullshit to suggest that Greg Roberts, who resides in Queensland, and who specialises in stories about so-called “Extreme Right Wing” politics, would take any interest whatsoever in a minor industrial dispute in Melbourne. Politics is his speciality, not industrial action.

Also, why would Roberts first attempt to contact the White Nationalist himself, on his work’s mobile phone, unless he already knew he was working at the company in question? It beggars belief. It should be patently obvious, even to the drooling idiots at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation, that he was first supplied with the White Nationalist’s employment details.
Granted, it just MIGHT be possible, if one suspends their disbelief to the point of high fantasy, that the lead was picked up through reading Anarchist @andy’s recent posts on his ‘Slackbastard’ Blog with their ‘helpful’ links to articles on the White Nationalist in question. Seriously, how many "investigative journalists" read the Blogs of snotty nosed little dweebs like Andy Mor(g)an?

However, this is not true, we happen to know FOR A FACT that the Fight Dem Back Criminals, Darp in particular, have been corresponding with Greg Roberts for quite some time. Roberts was heavily involved in the smear campaign against Stug in QLD, along with other “journalists” such as Jason Purdie and Joe Hildebrand. Working closely with Mark Copland, John Casey and some politicians from Labor, The Greens and The Democrats, they are all implicated in the vicious program of Anti-White Racism currently being perpetrated in South East Queensland.

The question must also be asked, how would the Fight Dem Back Criminals even know to whom Victor was referring when he put the post up about the unnamed ‘White Nationalist’ who had been contacted on his mobile phone by Greg Roberts? Unless they were already informed by Roberts about what he was about to do and who he was about to call.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Laws of Physics, Left Wing style

Kick Darp in the balls and Greg Roberts spews!

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp was totally discredited and utterly humiliated at the Sydney Forum so his disciples felt the need to retaliate on his behalf. You see, the poor little dear has been hiding under his bed since the Forum and the little pet Red could not be allowed to be treated in this fashion. Remember, he NEVER loses…

Following Darp’s instructions, Greg Roberts, smear monger, scandal merchant and pathological liar extraordinaire, has gone into action today by contacting a prominent White Nationalist’s employer accusing him of “harbouring a Neo-Nazi”. With absolutely no apparent benefit to anyone and no evidence that it is in any way “in the public interest” he nevertheless went ahead with his appointed mission to disrupt the good working relationship between the White Nationalist and his employer.

One must ask oneself why, apart from sheer spite, anyone would feel they had the need, let alone the right, to involve the employer of a political enemy. Even if a person was suspected of being involved in criminal activity for example, this would be a matter for the Police. So why have the Police NEVER contacted this White Nationalist?

And what kind of way is this for a so-called “journalist” to operate anyway? If he were conducting research for a story of so-called “investigative journalism” why would he approach his target’s boss with lurid accusations rather than simply enquiring as to facts? This is all arse about face. It is clear Roberts believes he already HAS the “facts” to his story and is merely creating mischief by deliberately attempting to upset the employer-employee relationship.

There can BE no other logical explanation for his tactics. With this stunt alone Roberts as proven himself to be immoral and unethical scum without even taking into account his long and sordid history of smearing and muck raking. What a lowlife maggot.

This act, like all the similar ones that have gone before, is simply vicious and unforgivable. It is also, ironically, counterproductive to Henderson’s cause because it has simply strengthened the resolve of this White Nationalist and his comrades and vindicated their belief that he is on the right track.

Join the dots (again) folks

The developments of the two weeks since the Sydney Forum.

First, in regard to what Fight Dem Back had planned next, Darp promised the White Nationalists on the Sunday afternoon of the Sydney Forum “You'll find out over the next couple of weeks Jim.”

Next, after weeks of virtual inactivity and the recent disappearance of Darp, Andrew Mor(g)an aka @andy ‘Slackbastard’ suddenly grows a set and goes on the attack. He basically advertises P.C.’s employment details with several not so subtle links and references on his blog and attacks Darrin with more lies and slander. The latter move was possibly more in retaliation for Darrin’s exposure of his pathetic lies regarding his brother from Mitcham.

Then, Mark Copland, who has also been unsighted for many months now suddenly announces a new onslaught of Multicultural propaganda aimed at the people of Toowoomba designed with the intent to demonise White Nationalists in general and the Australia First Party in particular.

The reporter Kathleen Donaghey, Copland’s fawning, sycophantic acolyte, publishes a tissue of lies in the Toowoomba Chronicle, basically taking up where Jason Purdie left off when he moved to Tasmania.

Then today, one of the White Nationalists involved with the Victor Whitelaw project receives a *call on his employer’s mobile phone from none other than the well known Multiculturalism Industry agent and anti-White hater, Greg Roberts of The Australian newspaper. Roberts is a Zogbot of the highest order and his involvement speaks volumes for how effective the White Nationalists have been recently. They would not be hearing from Roberts if they had not struck a few nerves on the Zog monster.

He has obviously been given the brief to shut down Australia First, its allies and its supporters. Unlike the illiterate and inept Joe Hildebrand who has dabbled at Anti-Nationalist activism in his trashy Telegraph column, Roberts specialises in this line of work and it was his KKK bullshit tales in the late Nineties that basically spelt the end for One Nation and Pauline Hanson. The sheeple seem to lap his poison up like mother’s milk. Expect to see some more very lurid and entirely baseless accusations surface over the next few weeks

It is now clear what Darp was cryptically referring to in his phone conversation. The Fight Dem Back Criminals are obviously back to their cowardly and sneaky old tricks of using their media cronies in an attempt to intimidate White Nationalists and to smear their characters to their employers in the hope they will be dismissed purely on the grounds of their political views.

Make no mistake, Darp’s filthy fingerprints are all over this series of events.

*N.B: The White Nationalist hung up on Roberts IMMEDIATELY and entered into NO conversation with him. He said nothing and did not even acknowledge Roberts. He strongly advises ALL other White Nationalists do precisely the same.

The Battle of Toowoomba Phase Two, Part Two

Death sentence for White Australian Culture

White Australian Culture has been marked for destruction. It has come down from above that it must be sacrificed upon the altar of Globalism. The absolute erasure of National boundaries, territories and borders is the top priority. Once this prime directive is achieved all else will fall as does a house of cards. At every single level of the Government and the bureaucracies there are firmly entrenched Internationalists and One Worlders dedicated to this goal.

The standard of living, the quality of life, the opportunities for advancement and development, the entire spectrum of Human potential for White people is being wound inexorably back to Year Zero. It is the equivalent of recreating the Earth, except this time rather than the laws of nature determining who does what and who goes where this will all be organised by the power elite of a handful of Global Corporations and the ultimate irony is that they are being assisted in this by the International Socialist Movement.

Anyone who is brave or foolish enough to challenge this grand plan is targeted with extreme prejudice. The authorities will look into their life with a microscope, their entire personal and family history, their employment records, their Social Security files will be opened and scrutinised to find any misdemeanours, any transgressions, any weaknesses, however small to be exploited and utilised against them.

Then, more importantly, this information will be shared with their political enemies on the extreme Left so that at least one or two degrees of separation are at all times maintained between the puppet-masters and the perpetrators. The politicians, the political lobbyists, the legislators, the corrupt legal system that comprise the servants of the New World Order must not be caught with blood on their hands. Trails will be swept clean of any traces leading back to the top. The ‘useful idiots’ will be encouraged to believe they are acting of their own volition and are receiving no assistance.

How do the White Nationalists know all this? Because it has already happened to several of their people and as each day passes, more and more scraps of information and evidence are gathered to support their claims and to expose the conspirators and to build a case against them. Every day the jigsaw puzzle reveals more of the bigger picture.

Toowoomba is critical to the process because it is a very large regional town, a mini city that is, despite the recent ludicrous claims of Dr. Mark Copland et al, and has always been overwhelmingly White European. Therefore it is one of the last large regional centres in Australia where remnants of the old White Australia may still be observed thriving happily. That homogeneity and happiness is anathema to the Globalists. It is seen as an affront to the Multiculturalism Industry and that is why all stops are being pulled out, why every effort to the point of desperation is being applied to crush White dissent and resistance to the establishment of the One World regime.

None of the wantonly destructive changes in social policy such as Multiculturalism ever come about as a result of popular sentiment. They are not achieved through Voting in Referendums or Plebiscites but rather through the constant pressure applied by ethnically based lobby groups and the power elites of professional Academics and Big Business working behind the scenes on Career Politicians who are weak and greedy enough to be bribed or bullied.

Your children’s futures are being sold off for a handful of shekels and in the corrupt indulgence of political expediency by people who, in a just and noble World, would be fit only for digging latrine pits or carrying garbage.

Multiculturalism is quite simply a defence strategy for the Jews. The more Racial diversity, social disruption, misery and despair caused through the subsequently inevitable growth of crime the better, for certain minority groups, particularly the Jews, who traditionally despise the White European domination of the key infrastructures of Australian society. They naturally also feel safer and not so easy to identify when they walk among the Racial mélange in the chaotic maelstrom the streets of Australia’s major cities have become.

The electric cattle prod of Political Correctness will be ruthlessly applied to any dissenters and terms such as “Racist”, “Hater”, “Fascist” or “Neo-Nazi” will be used to describe those who ask even the most polite and innocuous questions about the Multicultural scam.

THIS is already the reality for most Working Class White Australians and will soon also become reality for the sleepwalking masses of the, up ‘til now, insulated and privileged Middle Classes.

All matters pertaining to Australian autonomy, independence and sovereignty are theoretically subordinate to international covenants. Think about that for just one second, Nationhood is now a plastic concept open for debate and challenge. How did it ever reach this point?

For proof of this, one need simply look at the response from so-called ‘minority groups’ (including Indigenous Australians) who don’t get their way. Having pursued any given matter through all the various levels of the Australian legal system, all the way to the High Court, they will then appeal to Globalist organisations such as the United Nations!

But the White Nationalists will not be turned into refugees in their own land, in the nation they and their forefathers built. They will not be bullied by the Multi-Cult thugs.

There can, and will be, no retreat and no surrender!