Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bash the Fash

On the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum is a thread entitled “Brisbane Bonehead Bashed By Me” A person calling themselves “BenBasher” relays what is most probably a fantasy about bashing several “Nazis” in or around a shopping centre.

The well known North Shore gay bar loiterer “LaConcierge”, often spotted around the Hornsby area scoping out the vehicles of people who actually work for a living, then posts his comments:

Joined: 19 Sep 2005
Posts: 85 Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 8:17 pm Post subject:
“Ben whilst most of us won't shed many tears when we hear of a nazi being bashed, it really should only be a last last last resort...."

This is FDB code for: “Although we applaud and encourage your brutality (we’re actually masturbating furiously over it right now) please don’t talk about this stuff openly on the Internet.”

You can also bet your bottom Dollar that “LaConcierge” and other FDB’ers are frantically private messaging and/or E-Mailing him and suppling the details on some other “Nazis” they want “fixed”.

"Most of the rank and file of neo nazi orgs in Aust are nothing more then weak gullable (sic) lost little boys."

This old chestnut is, of course, utter bullshit but HE would know all about “Lost little boys”, wouldn’t he? Perhaps he is cranky because he believes he might be missing out?

"They are looking for meaning in their lives and are sucked in by the likes of evil manipulators like Jim Saleam who exploit this weakness to do their dirty work."

Yeah! That’s right. Evil manipulators…that’s what it is…(insert sarcastic tone as required)

"If anything they are often just as much the victims of their own facism (sic) then (?) many of the unfortunate targets of their attacks. Try and make them see the reality of their ways in the hope they will see that a life spent being a racist is a dead end one. These guys can't get laid, they can't keep jobs and more often then not even their own parents can't stand them."

Is this perhaps LaConcierge giving us an insight into his OWN life? This writer has seen VERY little evidence of these types in the ranks of the White Nationalists but MANY on the opposing side. At the recent Sydney Forum for example 99% of the attendees under 30 who this writer spoke to were fully employed and several had wives and/or children of their own. So this nasty little urban myth should be put to bed.

"There is only a few of them who would put up any sort of a fight, and thats (sic) only if they had enough liquor in their system to give them some balls..."

Oh dear! Again, this writer can only go by what he has seen and experienced and, believe me folks, “LaConcierge” is SO far off the mark on this claim it’s not funny. Perhaps one day he will find out the truth first hand. For a nice little example of how “hardcore” these FDB’ers are see the posts on this site regarding their non-appearance at the Sydney Forum.

"If these guys were roaming the streets bashing people, then by all means we should fight back, but by world standards the nazi (sic) scene in Australia is pathetic, all they really do is hold the odd pathetic bbq,"

At least he’s a little bit closer on this claim. It is certainly true that the White Nationalist (NOT “Nazi”) scene in Australia is very small and most of their activities are confined to Comradeship and peer support. But the movement is growing steadily below the radar.

"and their idea of a major operation for is some pathetic graffiti on an old folks home... "

This one will never die, will it?

"On the odd occasion it does go any further then this the police are all over them like one of Saleam's bad prison rashes anyhow!”

Hurr, hurr, hurr…


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