Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Battle of Toowoomba Phase Two, Part Two

Death sentence for White Australian Culture

White Australian Culture has been marked for destruction. It has come down from above that it must be sacrificed upon the altar of Globalism. The absolute erasure of National boundaries, territories and borders is the top priority. Once this prime directive is achieved all else will fall as does a house of cards. At every single level of the Government and the bureaucracies there are firmly entrenched Internationalists and One Worlders dedicated to this goal.

The standard of living, the quality of life, the opportunities for advancement and development, the entire spectrum of Human potential for White people is being wound inexorably back to Year Zero. It is the equivalent of recreating the Earth, except this time rather than the laws of nature determining who does what and who goes where this will all be organised by the power elite of a handful of Global Corporations and the ultimate irony is that they are being assisted in this by the International Socialist Movement.

Anyone who is brave or foolish enough to challenge this grand plan is targeted with extreme prejudice. The authorities will look into their life with a microscope, their entire personal and family history, their employment records, their Social Security files will be opened and scrutinised to find any misdemeanours, any transgressions, any weaknesses, however small to be exploited and utilised against them.

Then, more importantly, this information will be shared with their political enemies on the extreme Left so that at least one or two degrees of separation are at all times maintained between the puppet-masters and the perpetrators. The politicians, the political lobbyists, the legislators, the corrupt legal system that comprise the servants of the New World Order must not be caught with blood on their hands. Trails will be swept clean of any traces leading back to the top. The ‘useful idiots’ will be encouraged to believe they are acting of their own volition and are receiving no assistance.

How do the White Nationalists know all this? Because it has already happened to several of their people and as each day passes, more and more scraps of information and evidence are gathered to support their claims and to expose the conspirators and to build a case against them. Every day the jigsaw puzzle reveals more of the bigger picture.

Toowoomba is critical to the process because it is a very large regional town, a mini city that is, despite the recent ludicrous claims of Dr. Mark Copland et al, and has always been overwhelmingly White European. Therefore it is one of the last large regional centres in Australia where remnants of the old White Australia may still be observed thriving happily. That homogeneity and happiness is anathema to the Globalists. It is seen as an affront to the Multiculturalism Industry and that is why all stops are being pulled out, why every effort to the point of desperation is being applied to crush White dissent and resistance to the establishment of the One World regime.

None of the wantonly destructive changes in social policy such as Multiculturalism ever come about as a result of popular sentiment. They are not achieved through Voting in Referendums or Plebiscites but rather through the constant pressure applied by ethnically based lobby groups and the power elites of professional Academics and Big Business working behind the scenes on Career Politicians who are weak and greedy enough to be bribed or bullied.

Your children’s futures are being sold off for a handful of shekels and in the corrupt indulgence of political expediency by people who, in a just and noble World, would be fit only for digging latrine pits or carrying garbage.

Multiculturalism is quite simply a defence strategy for the Jews. The more Racial diversity, social disruption, misery and despair caused through the subsequently inevitable growth of crime the better, for certain minority groups, particularly the Jews, who traditionally despise the White European domination of the key infrastructures of Australian society. They naturally also feel safer and not so easy to identify when they walk among the Racial mélange in the chaotic maelstrom the streets of Australia’s major cities have become.

The electric cattle prod of Political Correctness will be ruthlessly applied to any dissenters and terms such as “Racist”, “Hater”, “Fascist” or “Neo-Nazi” will be used to describe those who ask even the most polite and innocuous questions about the Multicultural scam.

THIS is already the reality for most Working Class White Australians and will soon also become reality for the sleepwalking masses of the, up ‘til now, insulated and privileged Middle Classes.

All matters pertaining to Australian autonomy, independence and sovereignty are theoretically subordinate to international covenants. Think about that for just one second, Nationhood is now a plastic concept open for debate and challenge. How did it ever reach this point?

For proof of this, one need simply look at the response from so-called ‘minority groups’ (including Indigenous Australians) who don’t get their way. Having pursued any given matter through all the various levels of the Australian legal system, all the way to the High Court, they will then appeal to Globalist organisations such as the United Nations!

But the White Nationalists will not be turned into refugees in their own land, in the nation they and their forefathers built. They will not be bullied by the Multi-Cult thugs.

There can, and will be, no retreat and no surrender!


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