Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Battle of Toowoomba Phase Two

The following article appeared late last week in the South East Queensland scandal sheet and chip wrapper the Toowoomba Chronicle Newspaper:

We’re not rednecks, just look at who lives here

The first thing you notice when you move to Toowoomba is the higher-than-average number of people wearing blue button-up shirts, RM Williams boots and dusty, worn Akubras. You then become acutely aware of churches on nearly every street corner – from grand cathedrals to the smaller obscure denominations – and billboards screaming love quotes to pedestrians.

It soon becomes painfully apparent that most people is this conservative city are either old world, Old Testament or, as one political commentator noted when describing the majority of the State outside the south-east coast, “old Queensland”. The perception, particularly after national reporting on Sudanese families hounded by white supremacists, of the growth of the protectionist Australia First Party in our midst and of our failed water referendum, is that we in Toowoomba are ignorant, racist and Bible-bashers.

Then one might assume new people would find it hard to fit in, while those wanting to make their homes in this community after fleeing war-torn countries could feel they weren’t wanted. With this in mind, the Catholic Social Justice Commission, prodded by The Chronicle’s regular columnist Dr Mark Copland, felt it was time to showcase Toowoomba’s diversity and dispel the notion that we are all white, Christian fundamentalists and racist.

“Sometimes people think we’re a monocultural community,” Dr Copland says. “But we’re not. We have a diversity to be proud of.” The times, as Bob Dylan once sang, are achanging. Living next door to us now are Indians Bimal Josan and her husband Dr Jogindar, both of whom call themselves Australian and have lived in the city, their home, for 26 years.

They have interesting stories to share and a richness to add to Australian life (anyone lucky enough to sample Bimal’s home Indian cooking will attest to that). Theirs was an arranged marriage, but after 45 years they are more in love than ever. When looking back on their transition to Australian life they laugh at their attempts to roast “boiling” chickens and scour the land for spices not available in Australia in earlier days.

Bimal and Jogindar are among seven Australians photographed for a series of multicultural postcards soon to hit letterboxes, cafes and shops to remind us we are not a uniform community. The photographs were taken by The Chrocicles’ Bev Lacey and Kevin Farmer and the project, funded by a range of community organizations, hopes to highlight that we are a mixed bag.

Whether you realized or not, your teenager probably attends school with Deena Selimich’s daughter or your sons play sport with her soccer-mad boys. The Bosnian family is Muslim and prays five times a day, but live normal lives like the rest of us. As Muslim woman, Deena wears the Islamic headscarf as a sign of modesty, but remains passionately independent, as promoted in the Koranic teaching.

You have probably stopped at traffic lights next to Jok Keer on this way to his teacher aide job at Anthony’s School. It was 17 years before Jok was reunited with his parents after wandering between refugee camp in Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. Today he walks with a limp from a broken hip that never properly healed because of the poverty and war in his country. But he has dreams for this new life in Australia and now shares a warm home with his parents and new siblings. All these people, and more, live among us and make this community a more colourful place. You can meet them if you open your eyes, minds and hearts. The Chronicle will next week bring you their stories.

This article appeared under “Opinions and Ideas” page 9 The Chronicle Friday September 8 2006. By Kathleen Donaghey on religion, culture, politics and anything else that gets caught in the crossfire.

It is no exaggeration whatsoever to state that the likes of Dr. Mark Copland of the Catholic Social Justice Commission (so-called) and his associates such as the academic and Police advisor Dr. John Casey and the drug abusing sexual deviant Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ are traitorous criminals guilty of nothing less than Treason.

They sneer at the very concept of Australian National Sovereignty and regard the traditional White European, Racially and Culturally homogenous Australian society with utter contempt. Their entire agenda is one of “open borders”, “no such thing as an illegal immigrant” and the flooding of Australia with Third World primitives, particularly African Negroids, in a deliberate and insidious program of what the Globalists refer to as ‘Genetic Leveling’.

They are aided and abetted in this by an unholy alliance of the extreme Left Wing Socialists and Big Business. This coalition is not as strange as it might at first appear. Both groups seek Globalisation, albeit for slightly different reasons. The Left Wing Internationalists and Socialists want a Utopian “Global Village”, the “Rainbow Melting Pot” where “all the colours bleed into one”, because they naively believe everyone can and will be equal and live happily ever after.

Big Business also want a Global Village with a One World market place where they can draw upon the cheap labour pool of a dumbed down, genetically levelled Slave Caste. With all nations dismantled and cultures destroyed, the serfs in this Neo-Feudal World will be the beige coloured drones created through the mongrelisation process of forced miscegenation.

White people are generally troublesome to the One Worlders due to their inherent individualism and creativeness, they simply have too much spirit and attitude. They need to be broken by diluting their genetic matrix with retrogressive genetic material. In effect this is simply another way of achieving the “Ethnic Cleansing” of White Australians.

Anaesthetised by the electronic entertainment industry and kept alive by the drip feed of social security should he lose his job, the average Joe has no desire or interest in rebelling against the system. The weather is good, the beach is close by, the nanny state tells him what to do and what to think so minimal effort is required from him. The T.V. and the radio tell him he’s free so it must be true.

The Media’s complicity in this general conspiracy against White Australian Nationalists is totally beyond doubt. It has been proven many times in the past twelve months or so. People should ask themselves why? Why would the Media, who are supposed to objectively report the facts and inform reasoned debate on any given subject, deemed to be in the public interest, take such a partisan stance on the subject of the invasion of Toowoomba and the exploitation of its workers? Also, why would they, after being informed, over and over again, of the errors in their previous reports, still persist in peddling outright lies about certain people and events and utterly refuse to correct or retract their erroneous claims?

If you are happy to pass harsh judgment on the White Nationalists with nothing but a few lurid headlines and a handful of half baked stories to go by then so be it and we hope you can look yourselves in the mirror and be happy that you are so “well informed”. Go back to the television, the poker machine or go back to sleep.

But if you are even a little curious about what is going on in your own back yard then perhaps you should write to, phone, fax or E-Mail them and ask the Media why they are not telling the truth and why, to put it bluntly, the Media, the Queensland Media in particular, appear to be nothing but filthy liars. The White Nationalists are merely working to get the truth, the plain and simple facts, about what is happening to Toowoomba and Australia out into the public domain.

Wake up Toowoomba!

Wake up Australia!

No retreat, no surrender!


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