Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cuisine driven Immigration and “Refugee” Policy?

The spurious, and quite frankly, utterly preposterous argument that “progress and variety” in cuisine is, or should be, considered as a factor in the many “features and benefits” of Multiculturalism reared its hideous head again recently in the Controlled Media.

The (your?) ABC aired a radio program discussing the NSW TAFE system’s latest taxpayer funded program to teach so-called “Refugees” the fine art of modern food handling techniques so they might find employment in the rapidly expanding Hospitality Industry which unfortunately for our youth is increasingly becoming one of their few options for employment.

Immediately following the piece, the ABC host made the comment “If it wasn’t for immigrants there’d be nothing to eat!” It’s all too easy and intellectually lazy to let empty headed comments like this go unchallenged because they are deemed as simply “someone’s opinion”. The Controlled Media does not simply “reflect” public opinion. It creates and manipulates it as much as any marketing corporation.

But that is how these slogans are allowed to become firmly embedded in modern folklore and through the constant promoting of this cultural cringe this nonsense has become a “truism” that the British peoples who established this nation had little to offer culturally in general and in particular were bereft of imagination when it came to cooking.

Now obviously this stupid comment refers mainly to the later and more exotic arrivals such as those from the Middle East, Asia and Africa so what does this say about all those various White Europeans who came immediately following the British? Are we to believe there were no French, Italian, Greek, German or other European cooks who varied the legendarily boring and stodgy British cuisine?

Also, what does this say about the indigenous inhabitants of Australia? And I thought foraging for nuts and berries and throwing the odd ‘roo or Wombat on the barbie was considered quaint, rootsy and “in touch with the land”.

So, are we to believe that because the trendy, yuppy, black suited metrosexuals eschew the (legendary and quite frankly imaginary) meat, potatoes & two veg, bacon & eggs and fish & chips staple “Aussie” diet in favour of peculiar culinary fetishes ranging from Vietnamese to Afghan to Timorese to Kenyan to New Guinean that we are compelled to ship in “Reffos” by the container load? What’s next, Eskimo sushi? It’s never quite “exotic” enough for the trendoid fashion victims, is it? Most of these brain dead idiots would happily munch shit on a stick if they were told it was “traditional”, “ethnological” and “all the fashion, daahling!”

Now I don’t know about you but the very thought of some primitive Negroid fresh from the badlands of deepest, darkest Africa handling and preparing my food fills me with genuine dread and revulsion. And it is not only the food of Africa that is “exotic” but also the quite bewildering range of deadly diseases that are often “carried” by its inhabitants. Will these people be tested for Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis, Amoebic Dysentery? How long before something really nasty like hemorrhagic fever (Ebola Virus) sneaks in? Australia’s so-called “Border Protection” has been demonstrated to be a sad joke at best and if the Multi-Cult criminals get their way it will be completely erased with “open borders”.

Australia used to have some of the World’s strictest quarantine and health regulations but successive Governments, buckling under sustained pressure from the Left Wing Multi-Cult Industry, have systematically dismantled the mechanisms and terrorised dissenters with the Race card. But despite the organised and ruthless suppression of the facts about the African invasion and the crime wave that has followed it, along with the terrorising effects of P.C. so-called “Anti-Racism”, even the dullest of the average punters is beginning to wake up and smell the pungent stench of bullshit.

The Toowoomba affair is an absolutely classic example of the modus operandi of the Multi-Cult criminals, with the Catholic Church’s Social Justice Commissioner Dr. Mark Copland cynically conspiring with the Controlled Media’s Jason Purdie, employing the disgusting, drug abusing pervert Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA “Darp” as an “expert consultant” on “Racism”, to construct a “straw man” (or Boogeyman) that consists of a non existent KKK or Neo-Nazi gang.

Why? Quite simple really, any person, Nationalist or otherwise, brave enough to pop their head up subsequent to this stunt and criticise the Multi-Cult Industry and/or the African invasion it advocates is accused of being part of this mythical group or an apologist for so-called “Racial violence”. In today’s World, run as it is by the Multi-Cult criminals, the smear of “Racism” carries a stigma comparable to that of paedophilia.

But serving rank and file Police Officers are, for example, ordinary working people who occasionally talk to their friends and family about the frontline, street level crime they are dealing with on a daily basis and the truth is slowly slipping out. They are as bewildered as any that the many so-called “petty” but violent crimes, such as muggings, rapes and bashings, committed by the African primitives are never published. The facts are collected at the Courts by the newspaper reporters and the stories are submitted but they are simply suppressed at Editorial level to maintain the grand illusion of Multi-Cult bliss.

If there was one clear message to emerge from the Cronulla protests and the disgusting so-called “revenge attacks” it was that people power will not be tolerated in Morris Iemma’s Police State and that White Australians who stand up for their neighbourhood, their flag, their culture, their Women and children will be harassed by the Police, vilified by the Controlled Media and Globally demonised. In other words the victim will be punished and have his nose rubbed in his own humiliation.

I mean, let’s cut the crap boys and girls. Has it really been worth the gang rapes, bashings, muggings, car rebirthing rackets and terrorist cells just to get our hands on home-made Kebabs, Tabouli and Turkish delight?

And a final word on this subject of imported food recipes, a somewhat less charitable White Nationalist than me once remarked:

“Yeah, it’s good tucker mate, but now we’ve got the recipe you can fuck off!

Thanks for coming.”


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