Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FDB in denial mode… again …

When in doubt DENY EVERYTHING!

The Fight Dem back Criminals are in total disarray and are blundering about with no sign of focus or discipline since the disappearance (abducted by aliens? Let’s hope…) of their fearless (*snicker*) leader Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW. Without the shining beacon of his highly polished gonads to guide them through the shitstorm he created, they are floundering on the rocks of ineptitude.

It is utter bullshit to suggest that Greg Roberts, who resides in Queensland, and who specialises in stories about so-called “Extreme Right Wing” politics, would take any interest whatsoever in a minor industrial dispute in Melbourne. Politics is his speciality, not industrial action.

Also, why would Roberts first attempt to contact the White Nationalist himself, on his work’s mobile phone, unless he already knew he was working at the company in question? It beggars belief. It should be patently obvious, even to the drooling idiots at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Organisation, that he was first supplied with the White Nationalist’s employment details.
Granted, it just MIGHT be possible, if one suspends their disbelief to the point of high fantasy, that the lead was picked up through reading Anarchist @andy’s recent posts on his ‘Slackbastard’ Blog with their ‘helpful’ links to articles on the White Nationalist in question. Seriously, how many "investigative journalists" read the Blogs of snotty nosed little dweebs like Andy Mor(g)an?

However, this is not true, we happen to know FOR A FACT that the Fight Dem Back Criminals, Darp in particular, have been corresponding with Greg Roberts for quite some time. Roberts was heavily involved in the smear campaign against Stug in QLD, along with other “journalists” such as Jason Purdie and Joe Hildebrand. Working closely with Mark Copland, John Casey and some politicians from Labor, The Greens and The Democrats, they are all implicated in the vicious program of Anti-White Racism currently being perpetrated in South East Queensland.

The question must also be asked, how would the Fight Dem Back Criminals even know to whom Victor was referring when he put the post up about the unnamed ‘White Nationalist’ who had been contacted on his mobile phone by Greg Roberts? Unless they were already informed by Roberts about what he was about to do and who he was about to call.


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