Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Join the dots (again) folks

The developments of the two weeks since the Sydney Forum.

First, in regard to what Fight Dem Back had planned next, Darp promised the White Nationalists on the Sunday afternoon of the Sydney Forum “You'll find out over the next couple of weeks Jim.”

Next, after weeks of virtual inactivity and the recent disappearance of Darp, Andrew Mor(g)an aka @andy ‘Slackbastard’ suddenly grows a set and goes on the attack. He basically advertises P.C.’s employment details with several not so subtle links and references on his blog and attacks Darrin with more lies and slander. The latter move was possibly more in retaliation for Darrin’s exposure of his pathetic lies regarding his brother from Mitcham.

Then, Mark Copland, who has also been unsighted for many months now suddenly announces a new onslaught of Multicultural propaganda aimed at the people of Toowoomba designed with the intent to demonise White Nationalists in general and the Australia First Party in particular.

The reporter Kathleen Donaghey, Copland’s fawning, sycophantic acolyte, publishes a tissue of lies in the Toowoomba Chronicle, basically taking up where Jason Purdie left off when he moved to Tasmania.

Then today, one of the White Nationalists involved with the Victor Whitelaw project receives a *call on his employer’s mobile phone from none other than the well known Multiculturalism Industry agent and anti-White hater, Greg Roberts of The Australian newspaper. Roberts is a Zogbot of the highest order and his involvement speaks volumes for how effective the White Nationalists have been recently. They would not be hearing from Roberts if they had not struck a few nerves on the Zog monster.

He has obviously been given the brief to shut down Australia First, its allies and its supporters. Unlike the illiterate and inept Joe Hildebrand who has dabbled at Anti-Nationalist activism in his trashy Telegraph column, Roberts specialises in this line of work and it was his KKK bullshit tales in the late Nineties that basically spelt the end for One Nation and Pauline Hanson. The sheeple seem to lap his poison up like mother’s milk. Expect to see some more very lurid and entirely baseless accusations surface over the next few weeks

It is now clear what Darp was cryptically referring to in his phone conversation. The Fight Dem Back Criminals are obviously back to their cowardly and sneaky old tricks of using their media cronies in an attempt to intimidate White Nationalists and to smear their characters to their employers in the hope they will be dismissed purely on the grounds of their political views.

Make no mistake, Darp’s filthy fingerprints are all over this series of events.

*N.B: The White Nationalist hung up on Roberts IMMEDIATELY and entered into NO conversation with him. He said nothing and did not even acknowledge Roberts. He strongly advises ALL other White Nationalists do precisely the same.


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