Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kasino Klowns?

Regarding the thread ‘KKK in Casino’ on the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

Yet AGAIN the FDB criminals and their allies in the 'Red Fash' Media deliberately misrepresent traditional Country Town parochialism, good old fashioned pig shit ignorance and bigotry as so-called ‘Racism’!!! What a lot of toss.

They milk stories like these for all they’re worth, and beyond, just like they milk their tossles over their own lies which they quite obviously now fully believe. Their wanky mates in the Controlled Media whip this hysteria up and they reference it like it’s all gospel truth.

Old Victor has no way of proving it but he suspects that these self promoted ‘good ol’ boys’ in ‘Kasino’ probably have never even heard the term White Nationalism and wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what Cultural and Racial Loyalty, Genetic Integrity or National Sovereignty meant! As far as the sad sack ‘journos’ go, anyone in a flannelette shirt and a sensible haircut qualifies as a “Redneck”.

Helped along with lurid lies about some local fools in bed-sheets and pointy hats as “proof” that there is a KKK Klavern in Casino, it is all pure drunken pantomime. It’s simply another case of Morons validating Idiots, it means NOTHING. Yet it will run and run and run…

On the other hand… if there ARE any truly Racially conscious White Folk from Casino reading this, I apologise if I have misjudged you, but if you’re simply into running about in Halloween costumes frightenin’ the darkies then I suggest you get your shit wired together properly… and fast.

A good start is keeping it legal and legitimate and joining the REAL White Australian Nationalist network that is growing at an exponential rate.


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