Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Laws of Physics, Left Wing style

Kick Darp in the balls and Greg Roberts spews!

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp was totally discredited and utterly humiliated at the Sydney Forum so his disciples felt the need to retaliate on his behalf. You see, the poor little dear has been hiding under his bed since the Forum and the little pet Red could not be allowed to be treated in this fashion. Remember, he NEVER loses…

Following Darp’s instructions, Greg Roberts, smear monger, scandal merchant and pathological liar extraordinaire, has gone into action today by contacting a prominent White Nationalist’s employer accusing him of “harbouring a Neo-Nazi”. With absolutely no apparent benefit to anyone and no evidence that it is in any way “in the public interest” he nevertheless went ahead with his appointed mission to disrupt the good working relationship between the White Nationalist and his employer.

One must ask oneself why, apart from sheer spite, anyone would feel they had the need, let alone the right, to involve the employer of a political enemy. Even if a person was suspected of being involved in criminal activity for example, this would be a matter for the Police. So why have the Police NEVER contacted this White Nationalist?

And what kind of way is this for a so-called “journalist” to operate anyway? If he were conducting research for a story of so-called “investigative journalism” why would he approach his target’s boss with lurid accusations rather than simply enquiring as to facts? This is all arse about face. It is clear Roberts believes he already HAS the “facts” to his story and is merely creating mischief by deliberately attempting to upset the employer-employee relationship.

There can BE no other logical explanation for his tactics. With this stunt alone Roberts as proven himself to be immoral and unethical scum without even taking into account his long and sordid history of smearing and muck raking. What a lowlife maggot.

This act, like all the similar ones that have gone before, is simply vicious and unforgivable. It is also, ironically, counterproductive to Henderson’s cause because it has simply strengthened the resolve of this White Nationalist and his comrades and vindicated their belief that he is on the right track.


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