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Mensi the moron ctd...

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Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:45 am Post subject:
“I was turned away at the last ZOG meeting for having incorrect footwear.
Kromlek of Asgard is still going off!

As is typical with all the Fight Dem Back Criminals, the micro-cephalic ‘Mensi’ is assiduously avoiding the really important points that old Victor was making.

What are these important points? Whilst I'm not that in the loop with what FDB does, it seems Kromlek's main axe to grind concerns a well known journalist with anti-racist credentials ringing his employer and asking some questions about him. If I were a nutjob Nazi, that would probably make me a bit worried too. Legally speaking - is there anything wrong with a journalist making enquiries?

No “Questions”, no “Enquiries” you (useful?) idiot, but ACCUSATIONS. Get it right shit head.

Credentials? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

As far as the absurd challenge for Victor to deny that he and Kromlek are one and the same person, this is simply a pathetically desperate attempt to divert the argument away from the real point, the Fight Dem Back/Greg Roberts connection. In fact Victor in turn challenges the mouth breathing, knuckle dragger ‘Mensi’ to prove who ANY of the contributors to the Victor Whitelaw project are. All the staff at Whitelaw Towers are supremely confident that not a single shred of conclusive evidence can or will be produced.

No, Victor Whitelaw only manages to reproduce emails direct from Kromlek's inbox and writes with the exact same writing style, same phrasing,

Oh, you mean like Darp reproduced Kromlek’s private and confidential E-Mails to Marnie O’Neill? So, by YOUR twisted criteria Darp is, in reality, either Kromlek or Marnie O’Neill? WTF? Mensi, you are SERIUOSLY a total fucking idiot.

same "look at me I didn't go to uni and I can string a sentence together too" type kitsch.

Kitsch? So it is now “kitsch” to be Working Class?

Also, whenever a mosquito farts near Kromlek, Victor seems to know about it.
On FDB Darp would claim that as proof of an efficient intelligence network. What? White Nationalists don’t use mobile phones or the Internet to instantly share information?

There is a post a while back concerning someone ringing Kromlek's work and asking for him. Shit eh - imagine people ringing you at work of all things.

NOBODY ever calls a sales rep IN THE OFFICE you dick wad!

Of course - in Kromlek's world such actions arouse suspicions of ZOG surveillance and whaddya (sic) know, Victor blogged about it!

Hey, and in future when we want shit from you Mensi, we’ll come over, step on you and squeeze your pointed little head!

I consider that a threat, Peter.

Go to the Police.
PLEASE go to the Police!!!
Do it NOW!!!

That certainly wouldn't be the first time you've threatened to come over to people's houses and enact (?) physical retribution is it?

Here is one of my favourite Kromlek threats, a legal one. (from Weerheym's blog I think):

Darp! You better PRAY to your brown rainbow gods that everything just goes swimmingly and smooth as silk at my NEW JOB. Because if it DON'T I will sue your khaki arse!!!!!

Watch for the New Year Darp.

There's a storm a'comin'!!!!!

This was in December 05.

Well, it's September 06' now. This storm is taking a long time to brew.

What? You never look out the window?

Rainbow gods?

Is Kromlek of ASGARD aware that Asgard, the home of the Norse Gods was connected to the world of men by ...a RAINBOW BRIDGE?

Yeah! Like any White Nationalist needs lessons in Mythology or History from a Left Wing puller like you. Pffft! Go back to reading The Female Eunuch or The Talmud you sad fool.

So I guess Darp should pray to Odin, Thor and all those guys right?

Hopefully, they would send him a thunderbolt.


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